How Much It Cost To Rent A 53 Foot Dry Van Trailer As Well Trailer Leasing Prices?

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Wondering how much does it cost to rent a 53 foot trailer as well leasing options and deals? The term dry van trailer refers to a semi-trailer that is completely enclosed and provides full protection to the cargo against bad weather e.g. rain and snow, over the road, storage trailer and cartage options.

Dry van trailers are typically used to transport cargo that needs to be protected from the elements while in transit. Major suppliers offer both long term leases and short term 53 ft trailer rental opportunities.

There are many companies across the United States that offer dry van trailer for rent, of different sizes and specifications; from 40, 48 to more popular dry van trailer for rent

This page will give you the answers to all your questions about the right trailer for your shipping needs, including 53′ trailer rental prices and leasing options

How Much Does 53 Foot Trailer Rental Cost?

The cost of 53 foot trailer rental largely depends with the age of the trailer and the model. A relatively old 53 foot trailer will cost about $3,000, while a new model can cost as much as $10,000.

Remember, a trailer does not have an engine. So once you purchase one, you will have to combine it with a semi-truck to make a semi-trailer.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a 53 Foot Trailer Dry Van?

How much does it cost to rent a 53 foot dry van trailer? It cost an average $1,000 a month to rent an old dry van. A new trailer will cost about $1,500 to rent every month.

However prices and rates are cast in stone as it depends with the model of the trailer and its size. Newer model dry van trailer rental prices more to rent than older model trailers. Bigger size dry van trailer for rent also cost more to rent than standard or small trailers. Editor’s Tips: How much does it cost to rent a semi truck for a month!

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What Are Dry Van Trailer Rental Prices?

The dry van trailer rental prices vary depending on the size, make, and model of the trailer, as well as other factors such as the length of time you need the trailer and any additional services needed. 

The most common types of dry van trailers you can rent are:

Dry Van Trailers Rental Cost (per day)
28” Dry Van $300-$500
48” Dry Van $600-$750
53” Dry Van $1,000-$1,500
  • 28-foot Dry Van Trailer

A 28-foot dry van trailer typically rents for around $300 to $500 a day, depending on the company you rent from and the distance of your trip. Moreover, the condition of the dry van, model, location, and the length/duration of your rental contract can all factor into the cost.

  • 48-foot Dry Van Trailer 

This one rents for around $600 to $750 a day. The cost may depend on the make and model of the trailer, as well as any additional services you require, such as maintenance or storage. 

  • 53-foot Dry Van Trailer 

Now, how much is dry van trailer for rent for the bigger rig? A dry van trailer for rent averagely costs around $1000 to $1,500 a day depending on the trailer’s condition, the distance traveled, and other criteria. 

Overall, 53′ dry van rental prices vary greatly depending on many factors. Be sure to research companies in the US and shop around before settling on a rental. Some companies may offer discounts based on long-term rental agreements or regular business. If you plan to rent a 53ft dry van trailer regularly, negotiate a lower rate with your rental provider.

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What Are Semi Trailer Rental Prices?

The cost of a semi trailer for rent is averagely will depend on the size and type of trailer you need and duration. Moreover, it also varies from company to company, where a business of semi-trailer rentals in Kentucky for storage may charge you less than an enterprise operating in New York.

So how much does it cost to rent a semi trailer? Here is a quick breakdown of rates:

  • Reefer trailer: The average cost of a 28-foot reefer trailer is around $200 per day and can go up to $1,000 for a long-term rental.
  • Flatbed truck: The average cost of a 48ft flatbed is around $300 per day and can go up to $2,000 for a long-term rental.
  • Step deck/Drop deck: The average cost of a 53 ft semi trailer rental is around $400 per day and can go up to $2,500 for a long-term rental.

The semi-trailer rental rates will also depend on the additional services you need, such as loading/unloading assistance, insurance coverage, fuel surcharges, etc. So, make sure to do your homework by comparing the pricing of different rental companies in the US to get the best deal.

Semi-Trailer Van Type

Rental Cost (per day)

Reefer Trailer $200 – $1,000
Flatbed Truck $300 – 2,000
Step Deck/ Drop Deck $400 – $2,500


What Are Average Trailer Leasing Prices?

Is dry van for over the road leasing a better options then renting it? Leasing a trailer can be a great option for businesses that need frequent access to trailers or those who want long-term use of the same unit. So, what are average trailer leasing prices by popular companies, today?

  • Xtra Trailer Lease Price

The semi trailer lease cost at Xtra Lease starts from $700 per month and increases according to the size and condition of the trailer.

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  • Ryder

Whether you are looking for a 53ft dry van leasing plan or a smaller models, Ryder offers several plans to fit different needs. Prices start at $1,149 per month and can go up depending on the length of the lease and other factors.

  • KSM Carrier Group

KSM Carrier Group offers dry van trailer for lease plans starting at $1,300 per month. This company also offers a variety of options, such as short-term rentals and long-term leases.

Rental Company

Lease Cost (per month)
Xtra Lease Starting at $700
Ryder Starting at $1,149
KSM Starting at $1,300


Overall, the cost of leasing a dry van trailer can vary depending on the lease’s size, condition, and length. Be sure to shop around for the best prices and terms before making any decisions.

And remember leasing allows you pay a lower monthly rate than they would with a one-time purchase and rental agreement, but the overall cost depends on the length of the lease and other factors.

Questions about 28, 48 and 53 foot trailer rental!

What are 3 benefits of over the road trailer rentals?

Over the road rentals offer:

Flexibility: Over-the-road trailer rentals allow you to transport large or irregularly sized loads that may not fit in your regular vehicles. This allows you to quickly and easily adapt your transportation needs as they change without having to buy a new vehicle or incur extra costs.

Cost Savings: OTR trailer rentals are often much cheaper than buying a new vehicle for the same purpose. This can result in considerable cost savings over time, as you don’t have to worry about depreciation or maintenance costs.

Freedom of Choice: With OTR trailer rentals, you can choose the type of trailer that best suits your needs. Whether for a one-time delivery or a long-term contract, you can select from various trailers with different capacities and features. This allows you to customize your transportation solution to meet any specific requirements.

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What is local dry van trailer rental?

Local dry van trailer rental is a type of transportation service that allows customers to rent a dry van trailer for transporting goods and materials over short or long distances.

From small residential moves to large commercial shipments, local 53 foot trailer rental provide the flexibility and convenience needed to move items quickly and efficiently.

How different is open top trailer rental?

Open-top trailer rental differs from dry van trailer rental in several ways: it has a flat front where the driver sits to make transportation easier and many modern open-top trailers allow for an extra wide opening with multiple entry points.

Additionally, renting an open-top trailer is less expensive because it doesn’t shield the cargo from inclement weather since cars are the primary goods or properties it is used to transport.

What is unique about 53 ft dry van trailer rental swing door?

53 ft trailer swing door is a popular choice for businesses looking for reliable, secure, and cost-effective shipping. They are equipped with swing doors that open to the sides – making loading and unloading quick and easy.

The spacious interior and adjustable tie-down rails and bulkheads inside the trailer allow for efficient and secure cargo transportation.

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How Much Does A 53 ft Trailer Drybox Cost?

A standard 28 feet by 102 inches dry van trailer box trailer goes for about $22,000 in major cities across the United States.

This is the cost of a new dry van trailer box. A used one can cost about half of this and it is what you should go for if you want to save money.

53 foot trailer for sale Vs lease: Which is better and why?

It is sometimes difficult to decide whether you want 53 dry van trailer for sale – to buy or lease?

Generally, you should only opt to buy a dry van if you have plenty of money lying around and you don’t care about things like maintenance or upgrading.

This is because this big rig cost you a lot of money to acquire, and it will mean you have to take care of maintenance costs yourself (when you lease such costs are often taken care of by the leasing company).

It is much easier to upgrade a truck that you are leasing than one that you are buying, except you invest in a heap 53′ trailer for sale like fairly used models.

The main benefit of buying a 53 foot dry van trailer for sale is that you are free to modify it as you please. But this is not really a significant benefit. If you do not have a lot of money lying around you should opt to rent or lease a dry van.

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How much does a new dry van trailer cost?

The cost of a new dry van trailer varies widely, depending on size and features. Generally, you can expect to pay between $30,000 and $60,000 for a new commercial dry van trailer.

Which are top semi trailer leasing companies in NC?

There are many companies that offer dry van trailer rental in NC as well leasing programs. The best ones include Ryder, XTRA Lease, Premier Trailer Leasing, COOP, and Great Western Leasing. Several of these companies deserve a special mention, and also offer trailer air ride suspension types.

The Ryder Company, for instance, is one of the best trailer rentals companies in the United States. The company has dry van trailers for rent in many locations across North America, as well Xtra lease trailer rental cost is very fair.

What is XTRA trailer lease price?

How does XTRA lease trailer rental prices and cost work? XTRA Lease has an inventory of over 90,000 trailers for lease and for rent. The company has about fifty locations across the country.

To know how much it will cost you to rent or lease a trailer from XTRA Lease you simply have to enter your details and the trailer type you need to get a quote.

However it averagely cost about $700 per month. After the lease, you get a chance to own the trailer. They are one of the best place to get dry van trailer rental in USA.

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What is 53 foot reefer trailer rental price online?

how much does it cost to rent a 53 foot reefer trailer online? To rent a 53 foot reefer trailer over the internet, it would cost about $1,000 for an old one and about $1,500 for a new one – per month! 

The 53 ft reefer trailer for rent is generally between $300 and $400 a week. The exact cost will depend on your location, the company you are renting from, the travel distance, and the charge per hour.

53′ dry van trailer for sale by owner – Pros and Cons

A 53’ dry van trailer for sale has its merits and demerits. Some are listed below.


  • Cheaper price.
  • Can move all types of cargo.


  • Wooden floor requires high maintenance 
  • Costs of getting plates, insurance, etc.


Dry vans are perfect for transporting and delivering goods. They are enclosed so they protect goods from getting damaged.

The most popular type of dry van is the 53 foot trailer rental and the best way to get one to use is to lease it because leasing is more beneficial than buying.

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