Dump Truck Rental

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What is A Dump Truck?

Also known as a tipper or a tipper truck, a dump truck is a truck designed with an open bed for easy carrying and dumping of materials such as gravel, sand, construction waste, demolition waste, and coal.

A typical dump truck will have an open-box bed.

And beneath the bed, there will be a hydraulic system that you can use to tip one side of the bed to dump whatever it is carrying.

Dump trucks are popularly used by construction companies for carrying construction material and for evacuating construction waste.

While dump trucks are probably used in every country, they are not known by the same name in every country. In some countries, they are known as tippers while in others they are known as tip-trailers.

Because of their usefulness in carrying loose construction material, they are frequently rented by small construction companies that cannot afford to purchase or lease their own.

Dump Truck Rental – Consider These First…

The dump truck rental cost is but one of the many things to consider when renting a dump truck. Below are the most important things to consider.

  1. The Equipment

The many dump trucks available on the market vary significantly. Some are big, others are not.

Some are powerful, others are not. Some are strong, others are not. Some are long-lasting others are not.

The best dump trucks are those that have the right equipment for the job you have in mind.

If your job requires a massive 5-cubic yard open bed dump truck, then this is exactly what you should go for because this is the right equipment for your job.

If your job requires a backup camera, then you should go for a dump truck with a backup camera because a camera is a necessary equipment for your job.

  1. The Cubic Yards

big dump trailerWhen you start reading up about dump trucks, one of the things you will notice is that they are differentiated in terms of cubic yards.

A cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet.

On average, a dump truck can carry between ten and fourteen cubic yards of sand, dirt, or gravel.

Popular dump truck rental styles include the 3-yard dump truck rental, the 8-yard dump truck rental, the 6-yard dump truck rental, the 5-yard dump truck rental, the 40-yard dump truck rental, the 30-yard dump truck rental, the 25-yard dump truck rental, the 20-yard dump truck rental, the 10-yard dump truck rental, and the 18-yard dump truck rental.

  1. The Tri-Axle

A tri-axle dump truck is the best in terms of weight. Since it has three axles, it can handle a good maximum weight of 15 tons per trip as per federal regulations.

Only a super dump can legally handle more weight per trip.

The maximum weight a single axle dump truck can hold is 10 tons and the maximum weight a double axle dump truck (tandem axle) can legally hold is 17 tons.

Therefore, when choosing a dump truck, you should choose the one with the right number of axles to complete your project fast, efficiently, and safely.

  1. Articulated Dump Trucks

An articulated dump truck is a heavy-duty dump truck. Articulated dump trucks are designed to handle extremely heavy loads on rough terrain. For this reason, they are often used for open-pit mining.

Most articulated dump trucks are all-wheel drive vehicles and this makes them move very efficiently on all types of terrain.

If you have a massive construction project and you need a dump truck that can handle massive weight each trip, you should strongly consider getting an articulated dump truck.

  1. The Dump Truck Rental Cost

You should obviously consider the cost when renting a dump truck.

Most dump truck rental companies charge an hourly rate for their dump trucks. Some charge daily, while others charge weekly.

In many major cities, there are usually three or more dump truck rental companies within the close proximity of each other.

Therefore, it is usually better to ask all dump truck rental companies near you for quotes to compare and decide which one will work best for you.

In addition to the cost of renting a dump truck, other costs you will have to consider include the operator cost, and the insurance cost.

  1. Renting Versus Leasing

When getting a dump truck for a project, you should always ask yourself what between renting and leasing makes the best sense for you.

Generally, if you are going to do a major long term project, you are better off leasing than renting because leasing will be cheaper in this instance. If you regularly handle significant projects throughout the year, leasing is also better than renting.

However, if you are a small scale contractor or builder and you are just starting or your projects are often small, renting is better than leasing for you. This is because renting will almost always be cheaper for short-term projects.

Major Dump Truck Hiring And Leasing Companies In USA

  1. U-Haul – Everybody knows about U-Haul. It is probably the most popular moving company in the USA. It also rents many types of vehicles including dump trucks. To rent a U-Haul truck, enter the phrase “rent a truck U-Haul” into the search box of your favorite search engine.
  • Herc Rentals – Herc Rentals is a massive equipment rental company with a national presence in the USA and Canada. One can rent all types of home improvement and construction tools and equipment from them. Herc dump truck rental rates are very competitive.
  • United Rentals – This is the largest building and construction equipment rental company in the world. It has over half a million equipment for rent and makes billions of dollars in revenue every year.
  • Home Depot – Home Depot dump truck rental rates are some of the most affordable in the country. Most people know Home Depot for being a home improvement tools and equipment store. Most do not know that the company also rents vehicles including different types of dump trucks for both short term and long term projects. It does this through a partnership with Penske Dump Truck Rental.
  • Rental Yard – This is more of a marketplace like eBay for all sorts of construction equipment.

Dump Trailer Truck

Some Hiring Firms In The UK

  • Ridgway Rentals – This company rents different types of construction equipment and vehicles. It is one of the most popular ones in the UK.
  • Gorrel – This is the leading plant rental company in the UK and it has been around for over three decades.
  • Ardent Hire – This firm has eleven plant yards across the United Kingdom where it hires dump trucks and other equipment.


A dump truck is a truck with an open-box bed that can be tipped automatically. Dump trucks are used to carry gravel, sand, dirt, and the likes.

They are important in the construction industry. When choosing one, you have to consider the costs, the axles, the equipment and so on.

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