What are The Benefits of ETI Aerial Bucket Trucks and Different Models?

What is ETI bucket trucks?

ETI bucket trucks are aerial lift trucks manufactured by PALFINGER. They are considered the most innovative and reliable bucket trucks in the USA.

The trucks are manufactured utilizing superior technologies to ensure they are efficient and safe for crews. Each ETI bucket truck made by PALFINGER is designed to be as low maintenance as possible to make it cheap to service and maintain.

Both insulated and non-insulated ETI bucket trucks are available on the market. We equally provide detailed answers to popular query: where can i rent a bucket truck here!

Who makes the ETI bucket truck brand?

ETI bucket trucks are made by PALFINGER – an international mechanical engineering firm that is listed in the Austrian stock exchange.

The company has manufacturing operations in the United States and Canada and makes a variety of high-quality bucket trucks.

The company is best known for making superior quality trucks and machines that are innovative, reliable, and extremely safe.

How many ETI aerial bucket trucks models?

There are fifteen ETI bucket truck models including insulated and non-insulated models such as the ETA 29-33-37 and the ETO 30-33-37.

What is average height ETI non-insulated trucks?

The height to the bottom the bucket of a non-insulated ETI truck is 35’. The working height is 40’.

What are the heights of insulated series?

The height to the bottom of the bucket in the insulated series is 30’ for ETO 30, 33’ for ETO 33, and 37’ for ETO 37.

Who makes the ETI bucket truck brand?
Credit: palfinger.com

When should you rent ETI aerial lift truck?

ETI trucks have many uses. They are most commonly used for electrical and telephone line maintenance. Utility companies use them frequently to install and maintain power lines.

Telephone companies also use them to install, upgrade, and/or maintain telephone lines and equipment.

They are also used for harvesting fruits, washing windows, tree trimming and maintenance, and for animal rescue.

Literally, whatever job you have that requires a really long ladder, is a job for an ETI aerial lift truck. So you should hire one if you want to safely access a high hard-to-reach spot.

What does ETI Rent-to-Own entails?

ETI Rent-To-Own allows you to rent a bucket truck (or any other qualifying product) for a period while paying a certain amount that counts towards the purchase price. Eventually, there is the option for you to own the bucket truck or the product.

How much to rent ETI aerial overcenter and non-overcenter?

An overcenter ETI bucket truck is rented for approximately $450 a day, while a non-overcenter ETI bucket truck is rented for about $400.

Is the ETI bucket truck manual free or paid for?

The manual is free of charge. Various websites also have ETI manuals online that you can download free of charge.

How much it cost to hire ETI bucket van?

It costs approximately $500 to rent an ETI bucket van for a day.

What is the biggest ETI bucket van model?

It is the ETT 29 Sprinter chassis van.

Can I rent F450 extended cab from Palfinger?

No, you cannot. You will have to rent it elsewhere.

Can ETI bucket series be same as service trucks?

Yes, they can be used as tree service trucks.

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