Exotic Car Rentals in Las Vegas NV – These Facts May Help You

Exotic Car Rentals Las Vegas, Nevada – Short Intro.

LA or Vegas is one of the top cities in the United States.

It is best known as the entertainment capital of the world because of its many hotels, casinos, high end shopping stores, amazingly fancy clubs, and vibrant nightlife.

For many Americans and tourists outside USA, it is the city to visit to have fun, so exotic car rental Las Vegas Airport constantly resonates with tourists.

Vegas is surrounded by the hot Mojave Desert, and getting to see and learn about the great Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, in dream cars could provide experience of a life time!

It is part of the wider Vegas Valley metro area and it is the most important city in the state of NV many fancy to visit many times over.

Many people visiting this city to have fun often rent exotique cars to drive to their hotels, racing on wider roads and around the strip as the Vegas city center is known.

They rent them from any of the many exotic car rentals in Las Vegas, Nevada. All world renown models like European brands, Italian, French, Americas autos, etc.

One more thing you should know is that it is known as sin city, because it is home to many adult entertainment clubs and so on.

Again, many individuals visiting these clubs often sought for premium Las Vegas car hire rental companies to hire exotic automobiles to move round this great region.

Because of its infamous profile as the sin city, Vegas is a popular destination of music videos, movies, and TV shows.

So in addition to traditional luxuriously exotic motor cars, there are range of supercars, hypercars, old classic and even crazy autos such as Vanderhall rentals in Las Vegas NV!

And you guessed it, the people shooting the videos and the movies often hire exotic sedans, Convertibles or SUV cars for artists and actors to use. Even do hire the 5-speed, three-wheeled motor Polaris Slingshot.

Exotic Car Rentals Las Vegas NV: Why People Love it?

There are a million and one reasons why people in Vegas rent exotic luxury cars. The city is the entertainment capital of the world and driving in anything other than an exotic and luxury autos around it feels wrong.

Below are the main reasons why people rent exotic cars in Vegas.

  1. Get Some Good Fun off Airport

Most arriving at Vegas airport do so to have fun.

For this reason, most rich and upper class guys often hire exotic and luxury sports car, sedan or SUV models, to have the most fun moving around in sunny LA. There are many car hire companies at LA airport.

  1. Celebrities Car Hire

Vegas is visited by all sorts of people including celebrities and entrepreneurs. The handlers of celebrities and entrepreneurs often hire exotic or luxury cars for them to move around in the city.

  1. Social Distancing Fun

Right now many people are in search of socially distanced activities because of the pandemic.

And driving exquisite cars at high speeds away from others is turning out to be one of the best social distanced activities because of how fun and exhilarating it is.

  1. Cruising Like a Royalty in Dream Cars

Many Vegas people rent exotic cars to cruise around the city including the Vegas strip and the boulevard.

Many Vegas tourists also rent top luxury cars in Vegas to drive to their hotels or Airbnbs with the city like a royalty.

  1. Enjoy Exotique Wedding

Many weddings are held in Vegas every week. And many wedding organizers often hire exotic to make weddings memorable for both the lucky couple and their important guests.

  1. Fine Dining and Shopping

Las Vegas is home to great restaurants and multiple high-end stores. There is no better way to eat at its restaurants or shop at its stores than by arriving in an exotique car.

Types of Rentable Exotic Cars in Vegas

There are several types of glamorous cars you can rent in Vegas. They include

  1. Coupe Cars

A coupe is a two-door sporty car made by one of the high-end automakers. Coupes are exotic courtesy of how expensive and luxurious they are.

Examples of sport coupe cars include the Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Aventador S, the McLaren 720S, and Veyron Bugatti rentals Las Vegas.

It costs between $1000 and $1500 to rent a coupe car for half a day.

Top companies include Sixt, Enterprise exotic car rent in Las Vegas among others.

  1. Convertibles Supercar

If you are dreaming of driving in an exotic supercar with the top down and the desert sun on your skin, you are dreaming of driving a convertible.

Top sports car and exotic convertibles include the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, McLaren 720S Spider supercar, Maserati GranTurismo 4 Seater Convertible, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Veyron Bugatti roadster and Ferrari rental Las Vegas NV.

These vehicles can have their tops set down and you can enjoy some cool racing moments. It costs between $500 and $1000 to rent a convertible exotic car for half a day from local and national luxury car rentals.

exotic car rentals las vegas

  1. American Muscle Cars

There are many American cars made for the American market that are considered exotic.

They include the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the Nissan GT-R Fully Modded, and the Corvette Stingray. They cost between $350 and $800 to rent for half a day from LA luxury car rentals.

  1. Luxury Sedans

Luxury sedans that are considered exotic cars include the Rolls Royce Ghost and the Mercedes-AMG S63.

The average daily price of renting an exotic luxury sedan is between$350 and $999 a day.

  1. Exotic SUVs

Many SUVs are considered luxury exotic vehicles because they are not common SUVs. Examples include the Lamborghini Urus and the Mercedes G550.

It costs between $500 and $1300 to rent an exotic SUV for a day.

How to Get the Cheapest Vegas Exotic Rental

Glamorous cars are simply what they are – exotic!

They are very expensive and, therefore, cost a lot of money to rent. However, there are a few ways you can get vegas exotic rental a bit cheaper, while not compromising good customer service.

  1. Compare

There are many extravagant car rentals in Vegas. Some have high daily prices while others have affordable daily prices.

Compare the prices and choose the business whose cars and prices impress you the most.

  1. Deals

Many Vegas alluring auto rentals have deal/ promotion pages on their websites. Take advantage of the deals and promotions to get cheaper exotic rentals.

You may be lucky to find great deals even for top autos like the Aventador Lamborghini from best companies with real customer service reviews!

  1. Self-Drive

Many people rent to self-drive themselves, while some hire them with drivers.

If you hire a car with a driver, you will pay more for the driver. So if you are among the few that hire exotics with a driver, you should try self driving to reduce costs.

Requirements for Hiring

For national companies, the requirements for hiring exotic cars include:

  • Minimum age of 25 years old
  • Possession of a major credit card
  • A valid license
  • Transferable Insurance

Some Vegas car rental companies usually ask for a deposit before renting out their cars.

Summary of Best Exotic Car Rentals Las Vegas

Vegas is a great entertainment city. You can enjoy cruising its city center and entertainment venues with alluring vehicles thanks to its many exotic motorcar renting services.

Some of the best signature cars in Las Vegas are located at the Las Vegas Airport where you can easily hire one of the dream cars.

Or, even the Slingshot or Hypercar to satisfy your fantasy, like showing glamorously at Red Rock Canyon. And there are more crazy sights like Fast and Furious 7 Car Las Vegas casinos!

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