What Are F550 Bucket Truck Towing Capacity? (Ford f450 vs f550 Boom and 2 Tons Bucket trucks Weight)

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Are you looking to buy or rent super duty trucks and really desire to have ample information about Ford model tonnage and weight capacity for towing and hauling? So is a f550 boom truck a 2 ton or 1/5 tons?

In this super guide (read time is: 2 minutes), you will discover complete information about tons F455, ford F550, their specs / dimensions, f450 vs f550 boom equipment comparison, and every vital details to help your decision as you search for the right equipment for your project.

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Is a F550 a 2 Ton Truck?

How many tons is a Ford f550? The F-550 has an empty weight of 6,642 pounds. This empty weight translates to 3.321 US tons.

It is a relatively light vehicle compared to its GVWR of 17,500 pounds. Its payload capacity is 12,750 pounds or 6.375 tons.

The Ford f550 in tonnage, is considered the traditional 2-ton truck. It is a fantastic work for two things – work and hauling RVs and comes in two transmission: either manual or auto transmission.

You will find the overall Ford f550 ton rating very ideal for work because it can carry heavy equipment or materials at once. It is perfect for towing trucks because it has a serious towing capacity of tens of thousands of pounds.

F450 vs F550?

What is the difference between a Ford F450 and Ford f550 truck? There are several differences between the F450 and the F550.

While both are powerful and reliable trucks, the F550 is a more powerful truck and it is more capable than the F450.

They have many similarities including the same engine and the same payload (12,750 pounds).

The main difference between the two trucks is that the standard hitch of the F550 can tow 18,500 pounds will the standard hitch of the F450 can only tow 17,500 pounds – about 1,000 pounds more than the F450.

Another big difference is the fact that the Ford f550 only comes in chassis cab builds, while the F450 comes in chassis and pickup builds.

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Is a F450 a 1 ton Truck?

So, is an F450 a one ton or more? This truck is a F450 a 1.5 ton truck, very powerful and capable of towing heavy trailers or carrying heavy loads.

The 2020 version of the truck has a Turbo-diesel V8 engine that is extremely powerful. It is absolutely perfect for towing.

Its cabin is also quite spacious and luxurious. It has the latest driving and safety technologies. Like most modern Ford vehicles, this one is very easy to drive and manoeuvre. It is also quite comfortable unlike older trucks.

F550 Bucket Trucks Weight?

How much does a f550 weigh? The Ford f550 weight about 7,000 pounds. This plus the additional weight of the bucket machine can push its weight to about 15,000.

The payload limit of this medium sized truck boom exceeds 12,000 pounds, and it can tow more than 30,000 pounds with diesel—but these are merely the most visible ways in which the F-550 distinguishes itself. 

The Ford f550 bucket truck has a 6.7 Lt diesel has a starting weight of 7,390 pounds. 

The F-550 has an actual curb weight of 6,641 pounds with a 7.3L gas engine. This weight can increase depending on how you equip and arrange it. The payload capacity of the Ford F-550 may reach up to 12,750 pounds.

However, your exact capabilities can vary depending on how you set your vehicle. Choose a 42 model with rear-wheel drive, a 169-inch wheelbase, and the high-end cargo option to attain this top limit.

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F550 Towing Capacity?

How many tons can a Ford f550 haul? The 2022 F-550 Ford truck has a towing capacity of 9.24 tons (18,500 pounds) when fitted with a conventional hitch.

The towing capacity of this truck when fitted with a gooseneck hitch is (15.8 tons (31,600 pounds) for its diesel engine version and 19.2 tons (20,400 pounds) for its gasoline engine version. 

What is F550 Boom Truck Specs + Cab?

The 2022 Ford f550 specifications would vary based on how you design your car.

Although the list below does not even begin to discuss the possibilities available for customizing your bucket trucks, every prospective buyer should be aware of the standard options:

  • F-550 (Regular cabin).
  • F-550 (SuperCab).
  • F-550 (CrewCab).

The table below shows the different Ford F550 truck specs and their unique dimensions.

Ford-550 Truck Specs

Truck Dimensions

F-550 (Regular)
  • 145-inch wheelbase; 60 inches,
  • 169- inch wheelbase; 84 inches, 
  • 193- inch wheelbase; 108 inches, 
  • 205- inch wheelbase; 120 inches, 
F-550 (SuperCab)
  • 167.5- inch wheelbase; 60 inches,
  • 191.5- inch wheelbase; 84 inches,
F-550 (CrewCab)
  • 179.4- inch wheelbase; 60 inches, 
  • 203.4- inch wheelbase; 84 inches, 

What is Ford F450 Bucket Truck Weight?

How much does a 1999 Ford F450 weigh? It weighs 4,500lbs. Other specs include a V10 gasoline engine, a 10,000-pound towing capacity, and a 15,000-pound GVW. 

The Ford F-450 truck is a medium duty truck that is perfect for work due its loading power and towing power.

The 2022 F-450 pickup truck has a curb weight of 7,712 to 8,587 pounds, while the 2022 F-450 Chassis has a curb weight of 6,956 to 8,222 pounds. Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings remain constant as well.

The axles of the F-450 Pickup can take 14,000 pounds, whereas the axles on the F-450 Chassis cabin can carry 16,500 pounds.

Gross Combined Weight Ratings remain similar, with the pickup weighing up to 45,300 pounds and the Chassis weighing up to 43,000 pounds.

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Average Ford F550 Rental Fees and How to Get Discounts?

The average rental fee for a Ford F550 truck is $750 per week and $2,300 per month. So if you want an F-550 truck for short term use, you should rent it for a week. And if you want one for mid-term use, you should rent it monthly because it will be cheaper.

To get a discount when renting an F-550, instead of renting it daily when you need it for a few days, you should pay the weekly rental fee. This will save you money.

Also, when you need the truck for a few weeks, instead of renting it weekly, you should pay the monthly rental rate. It will most likely be significantly cheaper than paying for the truck weekly.

F550 Bucket Service Truck for Sale: To Buy or Rent?

Both buying and renting of bucket truck have pros and cons. Because a Ford f550 boom equipment is a very expensive truck, many people will opt to rent one rather than buy.

This is very understandable because renting a service truck only means paying a small amount of money to use something for a day, a week, or a month. The cost is often multiple times cheaper than the cost of purchasing the same equipment.

So if you do not have a lot of money, you should simply rent a Ford F-550 truck rather than stressing about where to find money to buy a new one.

If you have plenty of money lying around or you have good credit rating, you should simply purchase the bucket trucks from top companies such as Altec.

While purchasing will cost you a lot of money whether you decide to pay monthly or 100% at once, it will mean you never have to worry about paying anything ever again to use a bucket truck.

This is really nice for those who want a bucket truck for long term use. Because renting a bucket for long term use makes very little sense.

Because you may end up paying more to the rental company just to use their bucket trucks than the amount you may have had to pay if you decided to purchase the same truck.

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Used ford f-550 Vs New – When is Either Is Better?

It depends. If money is not an issue for you, then go for a new Ford truck. This is because a new truck will have all the latest features and accessories. It will also have a long warranty in place. It will also likely be more fuel efficient.

Moreover, the fact that a truck is new means it will last longer because it will only have run a few dozen miles. If you do not have an endless amount of money, it is always best to go for a used truck.

This is because by going for a used truck, you will pay much less than you will pay for a new truck. While used trucks are used trucks, if you do good research and you are careful enough, you can purchase a used truck in excellent condition that can serve you for a very long time.


2020 Ford f350 vs f450 specs

Both automobiles share a lot in common, from maximum towing capacity to engine selections, trim levels, height and length, and safety features. However, there are still some distinctions. The F-450 has a larger petrol tank, 48 gallons, than the F-350, which has 34, while the F-350 has more creature amenities, but the F-450 is catching up with each passing year.

The F-350 offers two truck bed configurations—6.75- or 8-foot bed—while the F-450 has just the long bed with standard and crew cabin selection.

While the towing capacities are comparable, the F-450 has a better hauling capability due to its size and breadth.

If you have a job that requires a truck to move hefty weights, the F-450 can do it. However, both variants can tow almost anything. The 2020 F-350 is between 19 and 21 feet long, whereas the F-450 is the same length.

Their height is likewise comparable (about 6 12 feet). The main difference between the two is their breadth, with the F-450 measuring up to 16 inches bigger than its smaller sister.

We have the misconception that bigger always implies bigger in every dimension, yet if an F-350 can fit in that parking garage, so can an F-450.

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f350 vs f550 towing capacity

keeping their distinction as best-in-class hauling. When correctly outfitted with 5th-wheel/gooseneck towing, the F-350 and F-450 can tow a maximum of 37,000 pounds. The distinction is that the F-450 comes equipped with towing capabilities and equipment while you must tick a few boxes to attain the proper towing capacity with the F-350.

What is f450 towing capacity?

How much can a 2020 F450 tow? The 2020 Ford F-450 truck is an extremely powerful one and a half ton truck capable of towing a maximum of 37,000 pounds when properly configured. This maximum towing capacity in US tons 18.5 tons. This massive towing capacity means this truck can tow is a massive RV trailer.

What is Ford f550 GVWR?

The 2022 F-550 has a GVWR of 17,500 pounds. Its empty weight is 6,642 pounds and its payload capacity is 12,750 pounds, which is very impressive.

It is a great vehicle for work because it can carry so much weight. Its towing capacity with a conventional hitch is 18,500 pounds or about 20,500 with a gooseneck hitch.

What truck can tow 20000 lbs?

Are there truck that can tow 20000 lbs? There are several trucks that can tow trailers or RVs weighing over 20,000 pounds. A good example is the 2022 Ford 550 truck. 

It can tow 20,400 pounds when fitted with a gooseneck hitch. Other trucks that can safely tow 20,000 pounds include the Chevy Silverado 3500 diesel model.

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What is F550 engine?

The 2022 Ford f550 has two V8 engine options – a gasoline V8 engine and a diesel V8 engine. The gasoline V8 engine has a 350 horsepower capacity and a torque of 468 lb-ft, while the diesel V8 engine has a 330 horsepower capacity and a torque of 825 lb-ft. 

Its standard towing setup can pull loads as heavy as 18,500 pounds, which is insane.

Finally, is a F550 a 2 ton truck?

No doubt the F-550 bucket trucks is a powerful truck and at least 2 tons heavy. It can be used to carry heavy equipment, machinery, or construction materials. Among the heavy equipment that the truck can carry are bucket lifts.

Also discover more details in our f450 vs Ford f550 comparison to help decide to either purchase a new or used stock? Or, simply rent one for your next short term projects.


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