U Haul Trailer Speed Limit – Max Speed You Can Go!

How Fast Can You Go With A Uhaul Trailer?

Are you the type that gets an adrenaline rush from driving fast? Well, we hope not, or you may just be disappointed with what we’re about to share with you. 

Driving a Uhaul trailer isn’t about speed, but instead, functionality. And just like for regular or exotic cars, there’s a Uhaul speed limit for towing Uhaul trailers. This is to ensure your safety as the driver, and that of your passenger(s), the content of the trailer, and other motorists. 

If you plan to rent a Uhaul trailer for a DIY move, then you should get familiar with their recommended speed limit. 

Speed Limit for Uhaul Trailers

The maximum speed limit for towing Uhaul trailers is 55 mph, irrespective of size or whether you’re towing with a Uhaul truck or your vehicle.

When towing a Uhaul trailer, it is imperative to strictly adhere to the following speed limit rules by the trailer legislation. 

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  • The maximum speed limit within the town is 30 mph.
  • The speed limit on expressways, departmental roads, or national roads is 50 mph.
  • On motorways, Uhaul trailer speed can reach, but never exceed 55 mph. 

Note that these rules apply only when the total trailer weight doesn’t exceed 26,000 lbs. If it does, the recommended speed limit is 40 mph on expressways.

Highway speed limits in the US range from 30 mph to 85 mph. If you’re towing a trailer on a highway, you still have to stay within 55 mph, even if the maximum speed limit of the highway is higher than 55 mph.

Why You Shouldn’t Exceed the Maximum U Haul Trailer Max Speed 

A lot of times, renters ask if they can go faster than the maximum Uhaul trailer speed, and the answer is “No”.

Renters cannot go faster than the maximum Uhaul trailer speed, and are advised not to. Uhaul set a maximum speed limit for its trailers to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, belongings, and other road users while towing. 

Since Uhaul trailers don’t have brakes, stopping them, especially when they weigh a lot, will be difficult and unsafe if drivers go faster than 55 mph.

Likewise, it is important not to go faster than the maximum speed, because Uhaul trailers can start to sway at certain speeds due to crosswinds.

This may eventually cause whipping (a violent, uncontrollable sway) at higher speeds and can result in an accident if the driver is not experienced. Also, maneuvering curves or bends, or descending hills will be dangerous at speeds higher than 55 mph. 

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Fines for Offenders

Failure to comply with the recommended uhaul speed limit will attract the following fines in form of penalty point(s).

  • Exceeding the maximum speed limit by up to 12 mph will lead to 1 penalty point.
  • Towing at 12 mph to 18 mph above the maximum speed limit will attract 2 penalty points.
  • 3 penalty points for speeds 18-25 mph above the maximum speed limit.
  • Traveling at a speed of 25-30 mph above the recommended speed limit will cost 4 penalty points.  

When the towing speed exceeds 30 mph above the max speed, your driver’s license will be suspended. To obey trailer regulations and ensure your safety while towing a Uhaul trailer, you should observe the following.

  • Slow down on narrow roads.
  • When descending a hill, slow down and shift the transmission to lower gear.
  • Don’t overtake at high speeds, and when overtaking leave enough lateral distance between your vehicle and the one next to you.
  • Reduce speed when combination disturbances such as swaying or whipping happen.

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How Fast Can You Go With A Uhaul Trailer?

FAQ about Uhaul Speed and Penalties!

What is the maximum legal speed when towing a trailer in United States?

This varies according to each state. The maximum legal speed for towing a trailer in the United States ranges from 55-65 mph. 15 states in the U.S. allow up to 55 mph, 3 states allow up to 60 mph, while 33 states allow up to 65 mph.

You can find out the maximum towing speed limit of your state or the states you’ll be driving through by contacting the Department of Transportation. 

How fast can you drive with a motorcycle trailer?

You can go as fast as 55 mph while driving a motorcycle trailer, but it’s advisable to drive at 45 mph to prevent the trailer bearings from overheating or the motorcycle from jostling.

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What speed can you drive with a trailer?

The recommended speed while driving with a trailer is 55 mph but you can speed up to 65 mph, depending on your state regulation. However, it’s easier to avoid a road accident at 55 mph than at higher speeds. 

What is the 85 towing rule?

The 85 towing rule suggests that the fully laden weight of a caravan shouldn’t be heavier than 85% of the tow car’s curb weight. This rule is more of a towing safety guide, especially for inexperienced drivers, and is not enforced legally.  

How fast can you go hauling a trailer?

You can go as fast as 55 mph when hauling a trailer. Some states in the U.S. allow you to go as fast as 60-65 mph. Make sure to confirm which driving speed applies to you before moving.

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How fast can you drive in a moving truck?

You can drive a moving truck at speeds ranging from 55-65 mph, depending on your state’s transportation laws. However, if driving a heavily loaded moving truck, you’re advised to drive at slower speeds. 

What happens if you drive faster than 55 with a UHaul trailer?

How Fast Can You Drive With A Motorcycle Trailer?If you drive a UHaul trailer faster than 55 mph, you risk losing control of the trailer if swaying or whipping happens.

Also, you will be breaking trailer regulations, and can be charged penalty points which can ultimately lead to your license being suspended. 

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Knowing the maximum Uhaul speed limit for driving a Uhaul trailer is important before setting out on a move.

As a driver, you shouldn’t exceed 55 mph to prevent being fined, and to ensure your safety, and that of your passengers and everyone else on the road.