What is Uhaul Trailer Speed Limit and What is Max Towing Speed for Trailers?

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Are you the type that gets an adrenaline rush from driving fast? We hope not, or you may just be disappointed with what I will share. Driving a Uhaul trailer isn’t about speed but, instead, functionality.

And just like for regular or exotic cars, there’s a Uhaul max speed limit for towing Uhaul trailers, especially with load. The limit is particularly vital as these trailers don’t have standard brakes. 

Not just your safety must be safe-guided, but also your passengers (s), the content of the trailer, and other motorists.

If you plan to rent a Uhaul trailer for a DIY move, you should get familiar with their recommended limit and learn from our in-house expert’s complete answer to your queries.

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Questions about Uhaul Trailers Max Speed Limit?

What is the speed limit for U-haul? The maximum speed limit for towing U-haul’s trailers is 55 mph, irrespective of size or whether it’s a vehicle towing with a Uhaul truck or your vehicle. 

When towing trailers or other similar vehicles, it is imperative to strictly adhere to the following posted U-haul speed limit rules by legislation. 

  • The maximum U haul permitted speed within the town is 30 mph.
  • The limit on expressways, departmental, or national roads is 50 mph.
  • On motorways, Uhaul speed can reach but never exceed 55 mph. 
  • You may check the sidewalls of the tire for speed rating.

Note that these Uhaul trailer max speed rules apply only when the total trailer weight does not exceed 26,000 lbs. If it does, the recommended speed limit is 40 mph on expressways. 

The legal Highway speed limits for these trailers in the US range from 30 mph to 85 mph. If you are towing a vehicle or a trailer on a highway, you still have to stay within 55 mph, even if the maximum speed limit of the highway is higher than 55 mph.

How Fast Can You Drive With A Uhaul Trailer?

How fast can you go with a Uhaul trailer – either a 4×8, 5×8, or 6×12 Uhaul trailer? All U-Haul trailers have a permitted speed of 55 mph (miles per hour).  

It does not matter if you are towing with your private vehicle or a U-haul truck; the maximum speed you can run at is 55 mph. The size of the towing vehicle does not affect this restriction too. 

55 Speed limit road sign

Can You Go Faster Than 55 MPH With a U-Haul Trailer?

The simple answer is no. With a UHaul trailer, you cannot and should always be at most 55 mph. Because U-Haul trailers use surge brakes, they can only travel 55 miles per hour. Stopping a much-weight trailer would be more difficult if you go trailer faster than 55 mph. Here are more tips about U-haul with liftgate rental and lift gate tips!

Why You’re Advised Not to Exceed U-haul-Trailer Max Speeding?

Why are U haul trailers limited to 55, and what reasons not to exceed the maximum U Haul max speed and something of that range? Uhaul sets a maximum speed limit for its trailers to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, belongings, and other road users while towing.

Since Uhaul trailers are not fitted with brakes, stopping them, especially when they weigh a lot, will be difficult and unsafe if drivers go faster than 55 mph. 

Likewise, it is important not to go faster than the U haul max speed because trailers can start to sway at certain speeds due to crosswinds.

This may eventually cause whipping (a violent, uncontrollable sway) at higher speeds and can result in an accident if the driver is not experienced. Also, maneuvering curves bends, or descending hills will be dangerous at speeds higher than 55 mph. 

Is U-haul 6×12 Trailer Limit Different?

Like the 5 x 8, the Uhaul 6 x 12 cargo trailer’s maximum speed is 55 MPH. U-haul advice you abide by the limits set to avoid accidents and drive defensively.

U Haul trailer truck yard

What is U haul Auto Transport Speed-Limit?

Auto transport trailers are also known as car trailers. They are bulkier and designed for long-distance trips, with a max load towing capacity of 5,290 pounds.

So, what is U haul Auto Transport speed limit? The car trailer limit is also set at a maximum of 55 miles per hour, which is more important when towing items.

FAQ about How fast to drive U-haul!

How fast can you drive in 4 high?

The speed limit for 4 high drives ranges between 50-55 mph. Although going beyond the permitted speed does not necessarily mean you’ll get into trouble. But since 4 high drives like U haul trailers do not have standard brakes, keeping the speed within the limit is best.

What is the Single axle trailer speed limit?

The limit for single-axle trailers ranges from 55-60 mph because they are more stable than double-axle trailers so they can handle higher speeds without any issues. 

However, the speed may vary depending on US state and local laws. It is advised to research the local speed-limit laws before exceeding the top speed for single-axle trailers in your area.

How fast can you go with a 5×8 U haul trailer?

The speed limit for a 5×8 Uhaul trailer is usually 50-55 MPH and applies to all trailers, regardless of size. It is important to note that going over this top speed can be dangerous and is not recommended. Therefore, best to stick with the designated speed limits when driving a Uhaul trailer.

How fast can you drive with an empty trailer?

The speed limit for driving with an empty trailer is 55 mph or less, and it applies to all types of trailers, regardless if they are single or double axle and whatever size they may be. 

Driving an empty auto beyond the permitted speed can cause it to sway or even become unstable and cause an accident. Hence, when driving it, one should remain cautious.

What are U haul-trailer rental prices per day?

The prices for U haul-trailers per day vary depending on the trailer’s size, type, state law, and rental period. For example, a 5×8 cargo trailer costs around $14.95 daily plus taxes and fees, but it may vary according to different laws.

Is it hard to drive with a trailer?

Driving with a Uhaul trailer is relatively easy but requires some practice. Remember to drive slowly and cautiously, especially in tight spaces or uneven roads. 

Additionally, it would help if you were sure to use the right gear and properly secure any items you transport before heading out.

Do trailers have brakes?

Most U-haul-trailers, including 5×8, 6×12, and 5×9 cargo trailers, do not have standard brakes. They come with surge brakes activated when you slow down or stop. 

These brakes allow for controlled stopping and help prevent swaying and skidding, especially when going downhill.

What are utility trailer highway speeds?

The speed limit for highway utility trailers is usually 65-75 mph, depending on the size and load. 

Going beyond the limit with an empty or fully loaded utility trailer can be dangerous as it can cause the trailer to sway or become unstable. 

Drivers of utility trailers need to observe local laws and never exceed the posted speed limits.

What are trailer towing speed limits by the State?

Here is a table showing the towing top limits for these states – Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, and California:

US-State Tow Speed Trailer Length Trailer Width Trailer Height Overall Length Wt. Req. Trlr Brakes
Alabama 70 mph 40 inches 8 inches 13 1/2′ 57 inches 3000 pounds
Alaska 55 mph 40 inches 8 1/2′ 14 inches 75 inches 5000 pounds
Arizona 55 mph 40 inches 8 inches 13 1/2′ 65 inches 3000 pounds
Arkansas 65 mph N/A 8 1/2′ 13 1/2′ N/A 3000 pounds
California 55 mph 40 inches 8 1/2′ 14 inches 65 inches  1500 pounds

Summary of U haul trailer speed max limit!

Knowing the maximum U-haul permitted trailer speed for driving a Uhaul trailer is important before setting out on the move. As a driver, you should not exceed 55 mph to prevent being fined and to ensure your safety and that of your passengers and everyone else on the road.



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