Does Fedex Use Budget Delivery Trucks to Deliver Package to Customers?

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FedEx, everyone’s favorite multi-billion-dollar delivery company is known for its excellent services and its reach in various places in the country.

With so many people on their payroll, it’s hard to imagine if everything they use to render services (from their delivery boxes to the trucks they use) is as crisp and new as the packages they deliver.

If you’ve ever wondered whether FedEx uses budget trucks or any rental trucks, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find the answers to your questions about FedEx trucks.

Does FedEx Use Rental Trucks?

Imagine expecting your FedEx delivery, and a rental truck pulls up in your driveway. The first thing that might run through your mind is “Maybe they’ve got the wrong address.”

As troubling as this might seem, it’s quite normal for FedEx drivers to use rental trucks to make deliveries.

And although the reason for it might vary, it’s not as rare as people think it is. Depending on your location, you might notice them in trucks like Budget or even Penske.

Regardless of their popularity and the profit they might be making yearly, even multi-billion dollar companies need a little help now and then.

To handle the growing demand and meet up with deliveries, FedEx does procure the services of rental trucks.

That’s why it’s not unheard of to get your FedEx package delivered to you in a Penske medium autos or even a Budget truck.

fedex truck

What Kind of Truck Do FedEx Drivers Use?

To make deliveries into closed and narrow streets, a delivery truck should be maneuverable and at the same time have enough cargo space to accommodate all the numerous deliveries they’ll be making at a given time.

That’s why the Mercedes sprinter van is the ideal vehicle for the job.

The Mercedes sprinter van is a compact vehicle with a cargo space of almost 400 cubic feet making it perfect for making deliveries of various sizes.

Why Does FedEx use Budget Truck for Delivery?

Although FedEx have their fleet of delivery automobiles, with the signature FedEx logo crested on the cargo hold, it’s not uncommon for you to have witnessed your package being delivered to you by a FedEx employee, but in a very different van.

This happens for various reasons. They are:

  • Increased demand for services

With the increasing growth and popularity of online shopping, there has been an increase in demand for delivery services, and usually, even the best delivery companies can’t keep up.

That’s where rental vehicles come in. On some occasions, the deliveries might be more than the vehicles available.

This usually happens during the holidays or the festive season. That’s why you may notice FedEx using rental trucks to meet up with the multiple deliveries.

FedEx drivers end up having to rent from rental truck companies like Budget to keep up with the increase in demand for their services.

delivery truck vans

  • The vehicle is currently indisposed

A typical day in the life of a FedEx delivery involves having to make multiple deliveries.  So, it is not unusual for the vehicles used to break down.

As contract workers, they can’t afford to not work while the vehicle is being repaired. Instead, they opt for renting a truck to enable them to meet up with deliveries even while their service vehicles are in the repair shop.

  • The vehicle hasn’t been rebranded

Renting delivery trucks aside, FedEx is still very much a multi-billion dollar company and is more than capable of buying a Budget van for their company use.

The confusion arises when there’s a delay in getting their signature logo on the van and end up leaving the original logo for the time being.

fedex express van

Where are FedEx Budget trucks most likely common?

Like we’ve already established, FedEx drivers can occasionally use a rental truck to make deliveries and while this has been going on for a while, some people are still shocked at the sight of it.

This means in their region, they’re not used to seeing a Fed-Ex delivery being made with a rental truck.

So, where are FedEx Budget trucks most common? It depends on the region that has the most demand for package delivery.

Meaning, you’re more likely to notice a FedEx delivery being made in a rental truck in a large metropolitan area than in a more rural area.

What kind of trucks does Budget use?

Budget truck rental is a popular rental truck company. Meaning they have to pertain to various clienteles and their vehicles differ by make, dimensions such as height, weight or size etc.

Budget truck rentals usually have close contracts with Isuzu, Navistar, GMC and Ford models. These are the car makes you’ll most likely see with the budget logo.

These vehicles are large and provide enough space for cargo of various sizes.


Everybody needs some help now and then and that’s what rental trucks provide to FedEx drivers—some extra help.

Hopefully, the next time you see a Budget vehicle pull up in your driveway in place of a FedEx truck, you won’t be caught off guard.

26 ft budget


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