Ferrari Rental Guide: Tips About Top Models, Benefits and Cost in USA and Europe

All About Ferrari Rental

Ferraris are perhaps the most renowned expensive luxury cars.

They are fast, they are powerful, and they are the ultimate exhibition of wealth and power.

Rich guys buy Ferraris to feel even richer and maximally powerful.

It is an exhilarating experience to be behind the steering wheel of a Ferrari.

In this post, I will share all you need to know about renting a Ferrari car.

Renting a Ferrari is certainly an opportunity to drive a Ferrari without having to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy one.

You will learn why people rent Ferraris, the best models to rent, and the average costs of renting one in the United States, UK, and Canada.

Why Ferrari Rental?

  1. Feel the Power

Ferraris cars are very expensive. They can only be afforded by the rich and wealthy.

Being seen in one immediately shouts that you are rich.

Many people, therefore, rent these supreme automobiles to feel and appear rich!

This may sound shallow to you but it is what rocks their boats. Ferrari is a symbol of power and many people rent this brand (and few of its truly exotic models) to feel and appear special.

  1. Have Great Fun

All Ferraris have powerful engines and, therefore, they are very fast cars.

They also handle very well – so you want to rent one to enjoy the speeds and handling on highways and lonely streets.

It is great fun to drive a Ferrari even at moderate speeds because of the kind of attention it will attract and the speed and sounds its engine will be capable of.

  1. Business

Many business executives travel a lot to check on businesses and do deals.

When they are traveling away from home, they often rent (or somebody rents for them) luxury or exotic Ferraris to use.

  1. For the Prom Night

Everybody wants their prom night to turn out great. And everybody knows that the best way to start the night is to arrive in a luxury car. For this reason, many parents often rent a Ferrari to take their kids to prom.

  1. Oh My Wedding

After a wedding, it is a tradition for the bride and the groom to drive out in a luxury car or a classic car in many places in the Western World.

Because of this, wedding planners usually rent a Ferrari for a day to ensure the groom and the bride drive into the sunset in a cool and enviable car.

As you can see above, there are many reasons why people look for Ferraris for rental and hire them for a day or more.

ferrari rental

Cost to Rent A Ferrari in USA, UK, Canada

  1. Average Cost in USA

The United States is a massive country. The cost of renting a Ferrari differs a bit across the country and among companies.

The Ferrari rental price frequently depends on two factors – the Ferrari model you are renting and the duration you are renting it for.

The cost of a Ferrari rental in Las Vegas, Nevada is about $500 every four hours, while the cost of a Ferrari rental in Los Angeles is a bit expensive at about $600 every four hours.

A Ferrari rental in NYC costs about $700 every four hours. New York City is kind of the most expensive city to rent a Ferrari in the United States.

  1. Average Cost in UK

If you are reading this then you probably were asking yourself, “How much is it to rent a Ferrari for a day in UK?”

If this is your question, then I have the answer you are looking for. Ferrari rental in UK costs between £750 and £1,100 for one to three days depending on the duration and the Ferrari model.

More expensive or exotic Ferraris attract more rental fees.

  1. Average Cost in Canada

Hiring a Ferrari for a day in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, and other major cities across Canada will set you back about $1000 Canadian dollars.

Top 3 Ferrari Models to Rent 

The best three Ferrari models to rent are the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder SWB, the Ferrari 125 S, and the Ferrari 488 rental.

They are the best to rent because they are considered to be among the top five Ferraris ever made!

Some Ferraris are considered exotic while others are considered luxury models. The exotic ones are often more expensive to rent.

Ferrari Rental – Summary

Ferraris are powerful cars. It is quite enjoyable to drive a Ferrari.

You can rent a Ferrari in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NYC, and many other cities across the country if you are in the United States.