Flatbed Truck Rental

In this post, you will discover every important detail you need to know before you rent a flatbed tow truck.

You will particularly find the information on what to consider when hiring a flatbed truck rental to be very useful.

Why Flatbed Truck Rental?

Every truck has a bed behind it. Different truck styles are differentiated by the design of their beds.

By definition, a flatbed truck is one that has a solid and flat bed but whose bed does not have fixed sides or a roof.

Flatbed trucks are popular for carrying construction equipment such as steel rods, construction blocks, and timber.

To make sure whatever is being carried on its open flatbed does not fall off during transport, the goods being carried on a flatbed are usually secured using flat webbing straps or ropes.

To make it easy to secure or tie down things on flatbed trucks, most of them usually have tie-down hooks on the sides of their open beds.

Because flatbed trucks have no cover on top, a tarpaulin is often used to protect whatever is being hauled on their open and flatbeds.

Rent Flatbed Truck (2 Major Types)

There are only two major types of flatbed trucks for rental. They are flatbed trucks and tow trucks.

  1. Flatbed Trucks – Huge Payload Capacity

Flatbed trucks are big. They are used to carry various types of loads including steel rods, timber beams, cement, and so on.

These boast of high payload capacity ranging from 1,000 lbs, 5,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs and more.

Standard flatbed trucks are also used to carry goods secured in shipping containers.

  1. Tow Trucks – Solid Horsepower Towing Capacity

Tow trucks are flatbed trucks. They are smaller in size and they are usually made by modifying powerful trucks such as the Ford F-650.

As their name suggests, tow trucks have various range horsepower of towing capacity even up to 26,000 lbs.

They are used to tow vehicles because they have powerful engines. They are also used to carry smaller vehicles.

Flatbed trucks that can carry other vehicles usually have ramps that enable the driving of vehicles onto their beds.

What to Consider Before You Rent A Flatbed Tow Truck

  1. Flatbed Trailer Rental Cost

Flatbed trailer rental cost is the number one thing to consider before renting a trailer. There are many flatbed truck rental companies out there.

Some of them are expensive, while others are not, however rental time determines prices you get.

When renting a flatbed truck, you will obviously want to rent the cheapest flatbed truck available. Therefore, compare rental costs from as many companies as possible.

After doing this, compare the rates with what is on offer and then rent from the company that offers the best in terms of costs, flatbed trucks, and extra options such as security straps.

  1. Rent Or Lease

Flatbed Truck (Hitchhiker)Many people assume that renting trucks is always the cheapest option but it is not. Sometimes leasing is cheaper than renting.

If you have a quick project that is going to take you hours or days to complete, then renting a flatbed truck will probably be the cheapest way for you to acquire and use one.

However, if you have a big or long-term project that is going to take weeks or months to complete, leasing will most likely be the cheapest way for you to acquire and use a flatbed truck.

So based on the length of your project, decide what will be wise between renting and leasing a truck.

  1. Flatbed Truck Size

If you are considering renting a flatbed truck, then you obviously want to haul something with it.

That thing you want to haul on the flatbed truck has a size (length and width).

You need to know the size of that thing and then to rent a flatbed trailer with a bed that will perfectly accommodate it.

Flatbed trucks come in different sizes. Some are huge, while others are small.

So make sure you do not hire one that is too small or too big for that thing which you want to carry.

  1. Latches and Security Straps

Due to the open design of flatbed trailers, there is a need to secure whatever is placed on onto them for hauling.

Some flatbed truck rental companies rent flatbed trucks without latches/ tie-down hooks and security straps. You have to somehow find a way to secure your load when using them.

Avoid such companies when considering truck rental businesses and focus only on those that offer complete flatbed trailers.

  1. Ramps

Some flatbed trailer rental businesses offer trailers complete with a liftgate, a winch, or a ramp. The majority do not do this.

Therefore, when renting a flatbed trailer, only consider the businesses that are going to offer you the means to load whatever you want to haul onto them. This will make work easier for you and/ or your workmen.

The Biggest Flatbed Truck Rental in USA

Below are some of the biggest truck rental companies in the USA. Many of these businesses offer flatbed truck rental with a forklift or other extra options such as ramps and liftgates.

So looking for where you can rent a flatbed truck should be easy as these companies offer their services across USA cities, Toronto, London etc,

  • Enterprise Trucks –

Enterprise Trucks is one of the biggest flatbed trailer rental companies in the world!

The company has branches in nearly all big cities in the United States. Enterprise truck rental rates are also some of the most competitive truck rental rates in America.

  • Ryder –

Ryder rents different types of construction vehicles. Its trucks are some of the best quality and have additional options such as winches and ramps.

  • Rental Yard –

Rental Yard is kind of like the Craigslist of construction vehicles. You can buy or hire vehicles from different businesses easily through the website.

  • Penske Truck Rental –

Flatbed pickup truck rental from Penske is as easy as ABC. This is because the company has easy truck rental policies and has branches nearly all over the country.

Their pickup truck good for local jobs, or home improvement projects.

The company also has a partnership with Home Depot. This partnership enables flatbed truck rental from Home Depot and drop-off to any Penske or Home Depot branch countrywide.


A flatbed truck is a truck with an open and flatbed. Also known as a flatbed trailer, a flatbed truck can easily be used to haul cars, timber, steel rods, shipping containers, and so on from one point to the next.

Some flatbeds come with additional options such as ramps and winches while others do not. Therefore, before you rent a flatbed tow truck consider such things in addition to the cost.

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