Ford 15 Passenger Van Reviews

In this review, I will share with you all the important details you need to know about the Ford 15 passenger van. Plus, its unique features and how it compares with other brands.

Let’s begin.

What is the Ford 15 Passenger Van?

The Ford 15 passenger van is actually known as the Ford Transit.

The van has been in production for ages. The Ford Motor Company is now producing the 2020 Ford Transit Passenger Van series.

By definition, this passenger van is built to transport families and groups comfortably and luxuriously.

The vehicle is spacious and has many comfort and advanced features.

So if you have a big family and you want to tour places or to move together between various locations, it a vehicle you should strongly consider renting.

It is also a van you should consider renting if you want to travel together with your friends or acquaintances in a single-vehicle.

Ford Transit Van Unique Features

If you decide for a ford rental, you will enjoy using it a lot.

It comes with some very impressive features, some described below

  1. A Powerful V6 Engine

This huge extended Ford passenger van is powered by a solid V6 engine and has a ten-speed automatic transmission.

You will, therefore, find it easier to drive than many similarly-sized vans with less impressive engines.

  1. All-Wheel Drive

This Ford van is an all-wheel-drive vehicle. You will enjoy driving it especially if you are intending to take it off-road or to travel during winter when roads are icy and snowy.

  1. Wi-Fi Hotspot

This vehicle has an interior 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot. You simply need to connect to a network and you will be able to share high-speed internet with everyone in the vehicle.

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking

All 2020 Ford 15 Passenger vans come with automatic emergency braking to prevent collisions. So they are safer vehicles to transport your family members in.

  1. Reclining Rear Seats

The seatbacks of the last row of seats in this passenger van can be easily reclined for maximum comfort.

  1. Heavy Towing Package

Ford Transit Wagon PassengerThis passenger van is a heavy-duty vehicle with a powerful V6 diesel engine. And it comes with a heavy towing passage.

These facts mean that you can use this vehicle as a towing vehicle for small cars and sedans.

  1. Safety Canopy

If you are traveling in this passenger van and you happen to get in a side collision, you and your passengers will be protected because it comes with front and side airbags that create a safety canopy.

  1. Lane Keeping Assistance

This Ford van has an automatic system that will warn you when you start drifting out of your lane. In short, in terms of safety, this Ford 15 passenger van is well-equipped with the latest safety features.

How Does Ford 15 Passenger van Compare With Similar Specs?

  • Ford Transit Vs Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Compared to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, this van is less luxurious and less complex.

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is available in many options in diesel and gasoline engines and has a luxurious interior. Nevertheless, it also costs more to rent and to purchase.

  • Ford Transit Vs Nissan NV VAN

When compared to the Nissan NV Passenger van, this van is better because unlike the Nissan, it is a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

It also has somewhat better features than the Nissan.

  • Ford Transit Vs Chevrolet Express VAN

While the Chevrolet Express passenger van is tough and durable, this Ford van is miles ahead in terms of technology and safety features.

Is Ford Rental Really Good?

Yes, it is. If you are looking for a van that can accommodate a large family or a large group comfortably, then you should strongly consider it.

If you are looking for a big passenger van with a good fuel economy, then you should also strongly consider it because it consumes less fuel per mile compared to similar vehicles.

Lastly, you should strongly consider it if you are looking for a super safe passenger van.


This Ford 15 passenger van is one of the greatest passenger vehicles ever made.

It is big, luxurious, can accommodate 15 people, and it has a good fuel economy. It is a great vehicle to rent for a big family or a large group of friends.

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