Ford Flatbed Tow Truck Reviews

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Ford is popularly known for manufacturing heavy trucks such as tractors, distribution trucks, and even construction trucks, weighing up to sixteen tons.

Over the years, Ford Trucks have proven reliability and produces quality performance, nothing short of the best.

Popular Models

F-MAX, a truck with a distinctive design

The exterior of this amazing flatbedder vehicle has a design entirely different from other models with its strikingly sleek headlights.

In contrast, other models use round lights that do not look flashy and dull and are not sporty.

Still, the design of the Ford front grille, if you notice some similarities with pickup trucks, F-MAX chooses to use a large grille as a truck style with black color that looks perfect to look sporty, but still fierce.

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The F-max is attractive because of two main features:

  • Powerful engine power

The F-MAX comes with an ECOTORQ engine, which can produce a maximum power of 500 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2500 Nm. The engine has been developed with modern technology, making it a fuel-efficient engine.

  • Road safety system

Ford has a truck warning technology. It is a lane change warning sensor when the truck has a sudden lane deviation due to dozing. Finally, helping to start when encountering steep slopes, etc.

In addition, the F-max also comes with transportation management technology, such as fleet management for transportation management. A vehicle tracking system that sends data through the cloud to analyze usage, which Ford calls CONNECTRUCK.

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Ford Ranger

Ford newly unveiled Ranger Pickup is a stronger and smarter pickup designed to set a new standard for the pickup market with a combination of performance, exquisite and modern technology together.

Ford will continue to launch the new Ranger in more than 180 countries around the world this year.

The new Ford Ranger builds on the reputation of the high-performance Ranger pickup truck family.

Along with innovation and convenience, the Ford Ranger stands out from its competitors in pickup trucks.

It is also fitted with the latest technology that allows the driver to access control quickly and safely.

The changes in the new Ford Ranger start with a robust and powerful exterior. The hood has more aggressive lines.

With the trapezoidal grille, Projector-style headlights are another unique feature that makes the car look even more solid.

The instrument panel controls a dual-screen TFT (Dual TFT) that displays the information of the car and the status of various functions. including entertainment system, navigation system, and air conditioning system

Ford Ranger is one of the rigid trucks. It can wade through water at a depth of 800 millimeters, which is considered the deepest in this type of car.

The floor height is 230 millimeters, designed to cope with off-road tracks.

With a cutting angle of 28 degrees and an angle from 25 degrees, the new Ford Ranger can drive up and down steep slopes.

With the electronically-controlled all-wheel-drive system in the new Ford Ranger, it can select both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive modes with high gear by turning a knob in the center console.

When high torque is required at low speeds or brake while going downhill.

The driver can also switch to a low gear four-wheel-drive mode, which enhances the car’s traction in difficult driving conditions.

Also, the new Ford Ranger can tow a maximum weight of 3,500 kg and a payload of 1,175 kg.

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Electric Power Steering System (EPAS) in the new Ford Ranger adjusts the steering to be lighter while driving at low speeds, such as when entering a parking space.

Before changing to focus on accuracy when driving at high speeds.

Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Aid work together to prevent drivers from accidentally deviating from the lane.

While driving at high speed, If the car’s front camera sees that the vehicle is heading out of the driving lane.

The system will alert by vibrating the steering wheel to warn the driver.

And if the driver does not turn his head back into the original road, The Lane-Keeping System uses torque from the steering wheel to direct the car back to the correct route.

With a 6-speed automatic and manual transmission. The engine is available in these versions:

The latest 3.2-liter, 5-cylinder Duratorq TDCI diesel engine is equipped with a new exhaust gas re-circulation system. To develop the ability to save fuel 18 percent, maximum power 147 kW, torque 470 Nm for those who want performance and maximum torque in towing.

The 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder Duratorq diesel engine is available in different markets.

Some countries will opt for a high-performance version with a power of 118 kW, 385 Nm of torque, or a maximum capacity of 96 kW that consumes 20 percent less fuel.

The 2.5-liter Duratec petrol engine with a maximum power of 122 kW and a torque of 225 Nm.

Ford Ranger is equipped with an automatic Start/Stop system, which turns the engine off stationary.

For example, while waiting for the green light to save fuel, the rear differential ratio has been adjusted to be longer.

It helps to improve fuel economy when driving at high speeds.

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How Much Can A Ford Superduty Tow?

Ford F550

Twin tires, reinforced ladder frame, springs, and axles designed for more significant weight are the features that distinguish the F-550 models from the lighter pickups of the F-series in terms of their design.

Thanks to the changed construction platform and the range of special technical equipment to cope with higher trailer and loading loads, Ford expanded further the scope of applications for the F 550.

This strategy also included not offering the F550 ex-works as a pickup with an open loading area.

Instead, the manufacturer launched its top model from the Super Duty series in a construction known as a chassis cab with a passenger cabin and chassis.

The advantage here: the F 550 could be combined with differently sized cabs and at the same time equipped with individual superstructures.

In the basic version, Ford offered the F-550 in the XL version, which was delivered as a standard 3-seater with a two-door regular cab.

In addition, an extended Super Cab and a Crew Cab were available as options for the entry-level variant of the F 550 and the XLT versions, with which the trucks could be configured as 5-seater or 6-seater.

The top model of the 550 series from Ford was the equipment variant called Lariat, which at the same time performed the highest work performance.

It was accordingly only available with the diesel engine offered for the series.

The different F 550s also differed visually.

While the XLT models of the more recent construction had the high radiator grille typical of the Super Duty with chrome-plated cross struts and robust chrome bumpers, the radiator surrounds on the F 550 XL was given a matt black finish.

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How much does a Ford F550 cost?

The F-550 starts at $39,135 MSRP but is only offered as a chassis cab. It’s available in three configurations: XL, XLT, and LARIAT

How much can a Ford Superduty tow?

Ford F 250 Super Duty (2022) facelift for Ford’s heavy pickup. The rich Super Duty range from Ford gets new options and a completely new interior. The big brother of the F-150 can tow up to 16.8 tons.

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What can you tow with an f350 flatbed?

The f350 flatbed can tow up to 24,000 pounds.

What’s the difference between F650 and f750?

The F 750 has GS with 77 horsepower at 7,500 revolutions, a decisive performance advantage compared to the F 650 GS 50 hp at 0 U / min.

The maximum torque of the F 750 GS of 83 Newton meters at 6,000 tours provides a much more potent punch than the 0 Nm torque at 0 revolutions on the F 650 GS.

How much does an F650 rollback weight

What’s The Difference Between F650 And F750?Diesel F650 Pro Loader weighs about 13200 Ibs

Where can I get a 1978 ford towing truck with great mileage?

You can obtain advice and a tailor-made offer for all Ford Bank Leasing products directly from your Ford partner.

This process will save you additional trips and stress.

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There is a lot of truck brands today. However, Ford can be found in every list of trusted, highly effective, and high-quality trucks.

With its variety of models and pocket-friendly prices, the appeal of owning one is high.

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