How To Get Loads Without a Broker and With Your Own Trucking Authority As Owner Operator?

how do i get loads with my own authority

Over the last few years, the trucking industry has transformed vastly by integrating ELD and fleet management software technologies.

However, the transformation has not changed the need for truckers to haul loads.

As an owner-operator, you must find loads to haul, but it’s not an easy task. Getting loads is a critical decision, which can directly impact your earnings.

You can, however, take the help of technology to simplify this task. In this article, you’ll find the best possible options.

What Does It Mean If You Have Your Own Trucking Authority?

Before getting loads, you must take a second to think about your freight, financial responsibilities, and business goals.

We have discussed some of the best ways to get loads with your own authority through this post.

In addition, we have also talked about what running under your authority means and which carrier does not require authorization. Keep reading to get the required information.

Which Carrier Doesn’t Require Authority?

What Does It Mean If You Have Your Own Trucking Authority?

If you own trucking authority, you have legal permission to haul freight and get paid.

The trucking authority is issued by FMCSA, i.e., Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as an MC number.

Depending on the cargo you carry, you are eligible to get different motor carrier authority. In some rare cases, truck operators require several authorities for the types of cargo that they carry.

If you are moving loads within the state, you might need Intrastate Authority.

No matter where you are running your business operations, you must apply for operating authority for the smooth working of your business.

What Are the Benefits of Running Under Your Own Authority?

What Are the Benefits of Running Under Your Own Authority?

Many truck operators try to have their authority after getting trucking experience working as a company driver or owner-operator.

Getting your authority can increase your chances of having better career growth, which inspires truckers to do so.

If you get your authority, you can expect a significant increase in your pay, increasing your work responsibility. Over time, you will be required to hire the best drivers and find loads.

How do I find reliable freight broker?

Which Carrier Doesn’t Require Authority?

Below are a few categories of carriers that do not need authority.

  • Any carrier that operates within a federally-designated commercial zone doesn’t require authority
  • Private carriers.
  • For hire carriers.

How To Get Truck Loads for Owner Operators?

If you want to survive in the transportation industry, you must know the right way of finding loads. Finding owner operator loads is important for small fleets or self-employed owner-operators.

While the process can be time-consuming, it can help you reach new heights of success.

You can even master this skill using the right methods and skills. Below are five tips to help you find loads as an owner-operator.

Can I get loads by negotiating with shippers?

#1 Find Owner Operator Freight Brokers

If you want to easily and quickly connect with shippers, you must find the right owner operator freight brokers. Many owner-operators choose freight brokers because they work similarly.

That means owner-operators are free from investing a lot of effort. But the service of freight brokers does not come free.

An owner-operator needs to pay the price and be ready to pay any additional charges, however is a mutually beneficial partnership as there dozens of freight brokers looking for owner operators to equally work with.

Also, you need to understand whether or not the load is profitable, as freight brokers negotiate the rate with shippers to earn more money.

Are there box truck load boards in my area?

#2 Owner Operator Directly Negotiating Contract With Shipper

If you do not want to involve a freight broker, you can work directly with the shippers. Now, as truck owner operator looking for loads and directly contacting the shippers, you are ready to do some extra work.

When you are contacting the shippers, the first thing you are required to do is introduce yourself in the right way. After that, you need to find out if the shipper is offering a personal contact or not.

Newbie operators get turned down most of the time, but don’t get disheartened because rejection in this business is normal.

If you want to increase your chances of finding the right shipper, you need to do your homework. Then you must find local shippers who need exclusive truck drivers.

How To Get Loads As Owner Operators?

If you find such a shipper, you can smoothly earn a good amount of money by negotiating the rates.  However, it’s important to remember that the shippers will only lock the load deal in their best interest.

If they are not satisfied with your rates, they will contact other truck drivers to find the best deal. In this case, you can also contact multiple shippers, so you get a shipper to ensure steady business.

In a nutshell, as an owner-operator, you can look for local shippers and check whether they are interested in hauling their goods or not.

If you can successfully find shippers, it can become one of the best ways to get a smooth income. In addition, you also get to establish a long-term relationship, which can be beneficial.

What are steps to start your own trucking authority

#3 You Can Pay For A Dispatching Service. 

If you choose the dispatch route, you will have two possible options. The first one is finding a trucking dispatch service, or you can hire a personal dispatcher yourself.

An important thing to note here is that the dispatchers will help you connect with reputable shippers.

Furthermore, they will also help you with paperwork to complete everything smoothly.

If you are working with a good dispatcher service, you can also expect them to help you manage the flow of your flight and do the accounting work.

But you need to pay a good price to get this service. Usually, the dispatcher charges somewhere around 5-10% per load.

How long does it take to get my own authority?

#4 Depending on a Load Board

One of the best things you can do is find a load board, as they offer multiple freight options for owner-operators.

Not to mention, owner operator load boards are usually free. But you must be alert because they are unpredictable and can offer low-paying loads.

If you are interested in working with load boards, you can easily find them on the internet. You will come across multiple load board options, but you must only choose one that promise you the best truck loads for owner operators offers.

Can I broker my own loads without 3rd party?

#5 You can Become a Government Contractor 

Did you know that federal, local, and state governments also have transportation needs? So, if you are interested in receiving regular load work, you can contact government contractors.

If you want to work with the government, you need to register yourself as a government contractor to haul the loads.

An alternate way of working with the government is partnering with a company working under a government contract. You can fulfill the government trucking contracts by contacting the city or state governments.

How do I get loads for my truck without authority?

FAQ About Loads Getting With Own Authority!

How Much Does The Owner-Operator Make Per Load?

Compared to a company driver, an owner-operator can make more money. On average, the owner-operator makes about 70% of the load.

What Load Pays The Most In Trucking?

Some of the highest paying loads in trucking include tanker haulers, ice road truck drivers, oversized load haulers, and owner-operators.


If you decide to run under your own company, you do not get fuel discounts, weekly paychecks, and insurance rates. However, you get an opportunity to make more money and make your business more successful.

Once you get your authority, you must look for ways to help you get loads. You can follow one of the few ways mentioned in this post to get loads and get a stable income quickly.

How To Get My Own Authority In Trucking and Get Loads?