Can You Take CDL Classes Online Legally?

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If you dream of driving big rigs across the United States then you are in the right place. Because in this article you will discover whether you can get your trucking license online. Everybody is busy nowadays so it is naturally understandable if you want to take your CDL test online.

And while there are parts of the CDL test that you can take online, there are important parts of the test that you cannot take online. Read to learn more about the CDL test and how it is taken as well how big of a dump truck can I drive without a cdl

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So, Can You Legally Take a CDL Test Online?

Yes, you can legally take a part of a CDL test online.  However, in all states such as Texas, California, Florida states, you need to be physically present to take a part or an entire CDL test online.

Why do you need to be physically present to take a part or an entire CDL test online? Because states want to ensure that there is no cheating. Online tests done at home are very difficult to monitor.

Because of this, many people who take online tests cheat or are tempted to cheat.  Now imagine American roads with hundreds or thousands of truckers who are licensed but are not really knowledgeable about trucking.

Won’t this make the roads extremely dangerous? It is because of this that states require everyone training to be a truck driver to take a physical test.

A physical test ensures that everyone being tested is closely monitored making it virtually impossible for one to cheat without getting caught.

While you may think it is very inconvenient that you cannot take your entire CDL test online, you probably agree with us that it is for the better.

Would you be comfortable on the road knowing that truck drivers are not really qualified? Of course you wouldn’t be. It is for the better that you and everyone else wanting to be a trucker is examined or tested in a center where they are closely monitored.

This significantly reduces the likelihood of someone who is not knowledgeable getting a CDL. In same vein, learn our response if you can reinstate CDL after downgrade in any states and what it entails from the legal perspectives!

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How Do I Legally Get a CDL?

While you cannot get a CDL doing the test entirely online, you can get a CDL by following a simple process in most states across the country.

The first step is to get a valid driver’s license. So if you happen not to have one you should join a driving school and get a license. Your valid license will allow you to drive any car and to apply for a CDL permit.

The second step is to apply for a CDL permit. In many states, you need a permit to train as a commercial truck driver. Therefore, apply for the permit. Instead of applying for the permit you can enroll in a trucking school. 

Enrolling in a trucking school first can make it easier for you to get a CDL permit. After getting the permit you should attend all your classes and learn all the theory and practical skills taught. The third and last step is to apply for a CDL test.

If you are enrolled in a trucking school, you will be advised when you will be ready for the test. Generally, CDL tests have two parts – the writing part and the driving part. When you pass both parts, you get your brand new CDL license. The license allows you to drive a commercial truck. 

Most licenses have conditions. Be sure to follow the conditions. If you don’t you could be suspended or terminated. PRO TIPS: Are there any heavy duty and really big trucks you can drive without CDL requirements? Find out what is needed to own or drive a large rig!

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Where do I take my CDL permit test?

You apply for it at your DMV office. The office will tell you the designated center where you will take the test.

How long does a CDL permit last in Texas?

A CDL permit in Texas lasts for 180 days. The license itself lasts for five years.

Can you take the permit test online if you are over 18?

You cannot take a permit test online. You need to take it in person at a designated center.

Are Florida CDL permit tests online?

No, they are not. They are in-person tests.

Do you have to make an appointment for a CDL permit test?

Yes, you have. You can do this easily via phone or online in many states across the country.

Can you take CDL classes online?

Yes, you can take your CDL classes online. But you will have to attend your skills classes in-person.

What is a CDL permit test appointment?

This is an appointment to get tested to get a CDL permit. You cannot get tested if you do not get an appointment.

How many questions are on the CDL test in VA?

The Virginia CDL test has fifty questions. You need to answer forty of them correctly to pass the exam.


You cannot do an entire CDL test online. While some states allow you to do a part of their CDL test online, you must present yourself at a designated center to do a portion or the entire written part of your test.

You must also present yourself after getting an appointment to get your skills tested. So if you expected to do your entire physical test online, forget about it. Prepare to practice and do a part or your entire CDL test in a designated center.


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