Getting To Know Our Writers

Dedicated to providing vehicle rental information to customers and businesses alike, Auto Renting Tutors doesn’t just publish articles for the sake of publishing.

Professional Experience

We have a team of writers with experience working in the commercial vehicle rental and leasing industry. Every member of the team is passionate not only about vehicles but also everything and anything about the automotive industry. The best part is that each one has years of experience writing for different magazines.

With this mix of experience, researching and fact-checking become easier. As such, you can be sure Auto Renting Tutors only provides correct and useful information without compromising quality and readability.

Personal Experience With Vehicle Rental

The writers (and even other members) of the Auto Renting Tutors have their own share of struggles when it comes to renting or leasing vehicles, especially trucks. We also made several mistakes and impulsive decisions we didn’t want our loved ones to make or experience.

Dedicated and Passionate

Our own horror stories and gained knowledge through experience led us to dedicate our time to giving advice when a friend, a relative, a neighbor, or a co-worker planned on renting a truck. Some of us even made sure we were with them throughout the process.

From searching for companies and researching each of them to narrowing down the choices, we found fulfillment in lending a hand to someone we know. The smiles and appreciation are priceless.

Most importantly, we were pleased to know that fewer people are learning things the hard way when it comes to truck rental and anything related to it. With that, we felt more motivated to provide knowledge about the industry, whether to someone close to us, someone in a different city, county, state, or even country, or aspiring business owners.What better way for us to help more people than to combine it with one of our passions? Writing! We write and share what we know, what we’re learning, and what we’re still about to learn.

Meet Our Team

Auto Renting Tutors Co-founder

I’m Halim, the editor / field-finder of Auto Renting Tutors. I’ve had a passion for cars and writing since I was a kid and started blogging when I was a teenager.

Auto Renting Tutors Writer

I am Rebecca, a writer for Auto Renting Tutors. I joined Auto Renting Tutors in January 2022. I am a writer who has worked in several magazines.

Auto Renting Tutors Writer

I’m Tom, a writer for Auto Renting Tutors. I have been a fan of the automotive industry and I worked in a commercial vehicles leasing company for many years before joining the Auto Renting Tutors team.


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