Hertz Van Rental

Why Hertz Van Rental?

Hertz is one of the leading automobile rental companies in the world.

I say this because it has nearly 4,000 locations in the United States alone including multiple locations in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco.

The company also has locations in many countries around the world. Hertz also does truck and car rentals.

Hertz Rental options

Hertz has a massive fleet of multiple types of vehicles available for rent. They include different types of campers, lorries, bus, trucks, and cars. Please note that Hertz truck rental is a partnership with Penske for moving truck rentals!

The company’s fleet includes Ford Chassis, Ford Transit Jumbo, and Fiat Doblo. These vehicles are regarded to be perfect for transporting goods.

The company also has fridge van and a models designed to transport the disabled, and all come with radio and air conditioning. And they can include a trolley if you want one on the pick up date.

Hertz Car Rental Locations and Price

As mentioned earlier, Hertz has thousands of car rental locations in the United States, and thousands more elsewhere around the world.

They company’s car rental locations include several locations in Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, New York, and New Jersey.

It is not very expensive to rent a Hertz van, car, or truck. However, it is not very cheap either.

To get the best price when renting a van from Hertz, you should go for their weekly price and not their daily price. Their weekly price is somewhat cheap, while their daily price is somewhat expensive.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program

Hertz has a reward program by the name Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program. This program gives you points for every time you rent a car, camper, or truck from Hertz. It also allows you to earn points for optional services such as fuel purchases, GPS, and Sirius radio.

Gold Plus Rewards program does not cost a penny to join. Therefore, the no single reason why you should not join it unless if you do not like freebies.

Because being a member of the Gold Plus Rewards program comes with many freebies/ benefits.

For example, as a member of the program, you will not get charged for an additional driver. You also do not need to go to the regular line when getting your motor vehicle on the pick up date; you go to the Gold counter and get VIP treatment.

Hertz FAQs

  • How much does it cost to rent a van from Hertz?

It depends on the type or model and specification and the number of days you want to rent it for.

However, on average, it costs about $220 to rent a Hertz van for a week. And there are other charges on top of the weekly price that can apply.

Hertz Van Rental

  • What types of vans does Hertz Rent?

Hertz rents various types and models including goods transport and a refrigerated van. in terms of models, Hertz rents Ford Chassis, Ford Transit Jumbo, and Fiat Doblo vans.

  • How many miles can you put on a Hertz rental?

Hertz offers unlimited mileage on some rentals and restricts the mileage on some rentals. It all depends on the specifics /models you want to book from the company.

Moreover, Hertz restricts some rentals to the same state they were hired. Please note that in most cases you will be asked to pay an additional fee per mile is you exceeded a maximum mileage limit.

  • What is Hertz drop fee?

Most rentals attract no drop off fee at Hertz.

  • How big is Hertz truck rental for moving?

Really hertz truck rental isn’t a big division as car and van rentals. As we discussed earlier in this guide, Hertz currently partner with Penske truck division to take acre of moving truck rental in United States.

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