Are Hi Ranger Telescopic Bucket Truck and Devices The Best on The Market?

Hi Ranger Telescopic

Who makes Hi Ranger bucket trucks?

Hi Ranger Bucket Trucks are made by the Terex Corporation.

This is a massive American corporation that manufactures bucket trucks, auger drills, and Digger Derricks. It supplies businesses across North America with these and other equipment.

The corporation is committed to listening to its customers and has been continually improving its Hi Ranger bucket trucks and other products to make them more customer-friendly.

In this post, you will discover everything important you need to know about Hi Ranger bucket trucks including the models and where to buy them.

What are the Terex Hi-Ranger truck specs?

The Terex Corporation builds several Terex Hi-Ranger Truck models. The different models have different specs.

For example, the Terex TM100 Hi-Ranger Truck or aerial device has a working height of 100 feet, a working outreach of 51 feet, and a bucket that can carry 1,500 pounds of weight.

In contrast, the Terex Hi-Ranger HR37 has a working height of 42 feet, a working outreach of 34 feet, and a bucket that can carry 1,000 pounds of weight.

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Where Can I Rent One Today?

Nesco Specialty Rentals, Custom Trucks, and Commercial truck and equipment. It costs about $400 a day to rent a Hi Ranger aerial device.

The Hi Ranger Buckets Range

Below are the Hi Ranger trucks currently available on the market.

While some of them look the same, the main difference between them is the working height and side reach.

  1. Hi Ranger LT40

This Terex bucket truck is compact making it quite easy to manoeuvre especially in tight spaces.

It is built on a powerful Class 5 Ford truck chassis and it comes with a platform with a pretty decent maximum capacity of 400 pounds.

The only issue with this bucket truck is that it is not material handling.

  • Boom height – 45.6 feet
  • Side reach – 29.4 feet
  1. Hi Ranger LTM40

Unlike the bucket truck above, this bucket truck is material handling. It comes with a telescopic and articulating boom on a Class 5 Ford truck.

The maximum capacity of its platform is 800 pounds, so you can carry quite a bit of material on it.

  • Boom height – 44.5 feet
  • Side reach – 30.7 feet

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  1. The TL Series

The trucks in this series include the TL112, TL100, TL80, TL60, TL55, TL45, and TL37.

The one with the tallest working height is the TL112 model with a boom height of 112 feet. It is very tall.

Hi Ranger TL Series trucks are best known for their reliability and how efficient they are.

Compared to the other two Hi Ranger trucks above, TL Series Hi Ranger trucks come on lower cost and lightweight chassis.

All TL series bucket trucks are material handling. The biggest one is the TL112 with a platform that can handle 1,500 pounds of weight.

Below are its other specs.

  • Boom height – 112 feet
  • Side reach – 63.3 feet.

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  1. The Tl17 Swing Arm

This bucket truck has a special articulating boom design.

Its design makes it easy to change the position of the platform without needing to re-position the truck itself.

  • Boom height – 56.8 feet
  • Side reach – 42.3 feet
  1. The L13i Model

This particular Hi-Ranger bucket truck or aerial device come with a genius telescopic and articulating boom.

It is perfect for small businesses as it can reach a height of 41.5 feet and as a side reach of 20 feet.

It is wonderful for small tasks or jobs e.g. landscaping, residential home painting, CCTV installation, and so on.

  • Boom height – 41.5 feet
  • Side reach – 20.0 feet
  1. The OPTIMA Series

Hi-Ranger OPTIMA Series aerial devices are known for their boom speed, low travel height, significant payload capacity, and reliability.

They are among the very best overcenter bucket trucks on the market.

The OPTIMA Series include the HRX60, HRX55, HRX50, HR55, and HR50. The HR50 is perhaps the best known model.

It comes with a massive 2,000-pound payload platform.

Below are its other specs

  • Boom height – 55.0 feet
  • Side reach – 43.2 feet
  1. The HR Series

Hi Ranger HR bucket trucks feature a compact truck design for easy manoeuvrability. HR bucket trucks can come with a side mount boom tip.

Popular HR Series trucks include HR46, HR40, and HR37. Probably the most famous truck among these three trucks is the HR37 model.

It has a material handling capacity of 1,000 pounds. Below are its other specs

  • Boom height – 42.8 feet
  • Side reach – 34.3 feet
  1. The SCM55

With a material handling capacity of 2,000 pounds, this is one of the best aerial devices in the US.

You can use it to hoist work equipment or tools and other materials.

The best features of this machine include a design that makes it easy to maintain and increase durability.

Below are its specs

  • Boom height – 60.0 feet
  • Side reach – 43.1 feet
  1. The SC Series

This is a powerful all-terrain aerial device that can go anywhere with open space as long as it can fit through.

It does not fear mud, tree branches, or small trees and branches.

This is because it can easily roll over such things.

The only thing not so cool about this aerial device is that it does not come with a material-handling platform.

Its specs include

  • Boom height – 47.6 feet
  • Side reach – 34.8 feet
  1. The XT PRO Series

According to Terex, this is one of the most technologically advanced bucket trucks in the world.

It is also one of the most capable bucket trucks.

This is because it has a significant side reach of 45 feet and a significant working height of 60 feet.

  • Boom height – 61.0 feet
  • Side reach – 45.6 feet

Hi Ranger Aerial Truck for Sale

There are many places where you can purchase Hi-Ranger aerial trucks.

They include Custom Truck, Commercial Truck and Equipment, Scott Powerline and Utility Equipment, and International.

These are probably the best places to purchase trucks in the USA because they have both new and old trucks at affordable prices.

The average price for used Hi-Ranger trucks is between $30,000 and $70,000 depending on size.

While the average price for new Hi-Ranger trucks is between $70,000 and $150,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made the first bucket truck?

According to many bucket truck industry analysts, bucket trucks were invented by Jay Eitel in 1944.

The man developed the bucket truck concept after spending a lot of hours picking cherries utilizing just a ladder.

What are the Terex Hi-Ranger truck specs?


He was frustrated and he imagined he could make something to make picking cherries easier.

He eventually came up with the design of a bucket truck and he went on to make one.

Less than ten years after making his first bucket truck, Eitel founded the Telsta Corporation to start manufacturing bucket trucks on a large scale.

While these special utility vehicles were initially used for picking cherries, they quickly found other uses.

They are now commonly used by power line crews, municipal workers, firemen, and forest management crews for various aerial jobs.

What is the tallest bucket truck?

The current tallest bucket truck is a 300 feet tall bucket truck. This massive truck can hoist your crew to more than 90 meters.

It is perfect working even on very tall buildings. This massive vehicle is owned by Alpha Platforms in Brooklyn, New York.

How much do bucket trucks cost?

It really depends on the truck and how high it is designed to go, as those reaching a working height of just 40 feet cost about $25,000.

Bucket trucks that reach between 40 to 60 or 70 feet cost about $45,000. The big models that reach a working height of more than 80 feet often cost more than $100,000.

There are even models and specs reaching more than 150 feet in height. Some even reach as high as 300 feet. These often cost more than $200,000.

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Are Terex Hi Ranger telescopic aerial devices the best on the market?

They are regarded as among the best aerial working platforms on the market.

This is because they are made by an American company to very high standards. It is also because they are extremely safe and feature innovations that make work easier.

What is a Hi Ranger?

The Hi Ranger truck is a special truck made by the famous Terex Corporation. The company calls it the trouble truck because it is a bucket truck that is often used to go and fix or maintain communication cables, electric cables, street lights, and so on.

Hi Ranger XT55 vs Hi Ranger TL50?

The Hi-Range XT55 is a brilliant truck built on the Freightliner M2 2015 chassis.

It is essentially a forestry truck with a powerful 6.7L Cummins engine and a big cab. It can reach a working height of 60 feet. The TL50 is also a great truck and has a working height of 54 feet.

While the XT55 has a taller working height, the TL50 is the more modern truck between the two.

What is Hi ranger hydraulic schematic?

The Hi Ranger hydraulic schematic is a schematic or a drawing of a bucket truck’s hydraulic system. This is the system that lifts the truck’s work platform up so that workers can work safely at an elevated level.

The drawing shows the important components of the truck’s work system and how they work.

Hi Ranger LT40 Vs Hi Ranger HR40M?

The Hi-Ranger LT40 is a brilliant bucket truck. It has a side reach of 30 feet and a working height of 45 feet. The HR40M also has a working height of 45 feet.

Therefore, the two are not much different in terms of working height. However, in terms of design, the Hi Ranger LT40 is a better and more modern truck.

Hi Ranger XT55 vs Hi Ranger TL50?


Overcenter aerial devices Vs Non-Overcenter?

Overcenter aerial devices are more flexible than non-overcenter aerial devices.

They have much more side reach than non-overcenter bucket trucks. Therefore, if you want great flexibility or side reach, go for an overcenter aerial device.

However, if you have a simple or straightforward job, you should go for a non-overcenter aerial device as it will likely be cheaper to rent.

What are main features of TM100 bucket truck?

The Terex TM100 Hi-Ranger Truck is a special Terex bucket truck. Its working height is 100 feet. This means it can lift its work platform to a lofty height of one hundred feet.

This is very impressive. Its platform capacity is 1,500 pounds. This is also quite impressive.

Do Terex Utilities operates outside USA?

Yes, they do. The company operates outside the USA but only in North America. You will find Terex in Canada and also in Mexico.

Of course the company’s headquarters and most of its operations are in the United States. The company’s headquarters is at Westport, Connecticut.

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There are many Hi-Ranger devices on the market. They differ in terms of working height and side reach.

They also differ in terms of the vehicle they are built on.

You discovered some of the latest one in the post above. You also discovered where to purchase new and used Hi-Ranger and also where to rent them. Get the truck you need today for fast and safe aerial work.