What are Rates for Home Depot Rental Truck Size as Well Moving Truck Rental to Haul Home Items?

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Are you planning to engage a reputable, reliable moving company and zeroed on one of people choice – Home Depot, but unsure what Home Depot truck rental size you’d need for your project?

You are not alone in this dilemma; HD parades different types of box trucks, cargo van and pickup trucks as well various home improvement and real estate services.

To help enlighten you about the best suitable moving truck or equipment to rent for your next moving, we carefully highlighted, not only truck and dolly trailer sizes, also Home-Depot auto dimensions as well the popular 515 cubic feet-truck and T250 flatbed all design for different moving options!

Now go read this super guide from our site (read time is: 3 minutes), and armed yourself with exact pro standard information you need for your move from this super home improvement and a top 6 moving companies.

home depot truck rental size

What are Home Depot Company Truck Rental Size for Moving?

Can you rent a truck from Home Depot store and what sizes? Though one the top moving companies, however their renting truck sizes are generally few, so you can rent three kinds of moving trucks from this company – a pickup truck, a cargo van, and a box-truck sizes

The average cost for moving truck depend on size and varies between $19 and $29 for the first one hour and fifteen minutes. 

After this period, the company will charge you $5 for every additional fifteen minutes you stay with the automobile. We advice you check to be sure of vehicle availability before booking.

Note that renting home improvement equipment do not fall under the trucking divisions. RELATED: Discover how much does it cost to rent a semitruck for a week or more?

What are Home Depot Box Truck Dimensions

The Home Depot box-truck size are Penske trucks moving fleet. There are four different size of box trucks- the 12-foot-truck, the 16-foot, the 21-foot, and the 26-foot.

So what are the company box truck dimensions (including length, width and height) of these 4 box vans? The 12-foot measures 12’ by 6’ 6” by 6’ 1”. The 16-foot measures 12’ by 7’ 7” by 6’ 6”.

The 21-foot measures 21’ 11” by 8’ 1” by 8’ 1”. Lastly, the biggest HD moving model is a huge 26 foot truck measures 25’ 11” by 8’ 1” by 8’ 1”.

How big is home depot moving vehicle in general? Here are the multiple options by Penske trucks you can find at Home D.:

Moving Size

12 foot 16 foot 22 foot 26 foot
Interior dimensions 12’x 6’6” x 6’1” 16’x 7’7”x 6’6” 21’11”x 8’1”x 8’1” 25’11”x 8’1”x 8’1”
Maximum load 3,100 lbs 4,300 lbs 4,300 lbs 10,000 lbs
Miles per gallon 12 12 13 13
Interior space 450 cu ft 800 cu ft 1,200 cu ft 1,700 cu ft

Why is 515 Cubic Feet Truck Dimensions Important?

How big is 515 cubic feet truck for moving? Its cargo area has a capacity of 515 cubic feet. This means it is perfect for moving a small studio, a dorm, or a tiny apartment. It is also perfect for moving an office or small company of 4. Its maximum weight is 3,850 pounds.

  • Cargo area: 12′ Lx 6′ W 6’ H
  • Load capacity: 3,800 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 25 gallons
  • Mileage: 12 miles per gallon

Home Depot’s 515 cu ft truck dimensions are important for determining the size of your load and how many items you can fit in during moving process.

Knowing the dimensions allows customers to plan your moving project better and save them time, money, and extra resources because they can accurately calculate the number of items they need to move or ship.

Additionally, having an approximate idea of dimensions can help customers check whether their load will fit in without needing to make extra moving trips or switch vehicles.

Finally, locating and understanding 515 cu ft truck length is important for avoiding damage and ensuring a safe ride by evenly distributing the weight of the load. This reduces the chances of overloading or shifting, which can lead to accidents, injury, and further damage while moving on highways.

Home Depot loading terminal

What are T250 Flatbed Truck Dimensions?

What are dimensions and capacity of T250 flatbed truck? The dimensions of the Home Depot T250 flatbed moving truck are 6.75 feet long (80.2 inches) or 8 feet long (96.4 inches).

It has a cargo volume of 200 cubic feet, a GCWR of 12,125 lbs, and a load floor height of 29.2 inches to accommodate flatbed requirements.

The size of its cargo bed is undoubtedly one of its most crucial features to provide the best support for your cargo while moving, and ensure that the added weight or size doesn’t damage the vehicle while moving.

The company has a range of flatbed and size, with lighter carriers for transporting small items and bigger vehicles for heavy loads. 

How Much Is Home Depot Rental Truck Cost?

How much is home depot rental truck cost for various moving trucks? The company has two home rental systems (Load N Go and Penske truck) have different pricing options.

A partnership with another company – Penske truck is designed for one-way rentals, much larger loads and large purchase hauling and moving.

The rates for Load N Go comes with unlimited mileage (Home Depot’s local truck rental option) vary from $19 to $29. A quick breakdown is given as follows:

Cost factor   Pickup (flatbed) Cargo van Box-truck
 Weight (lbs) 3000 3000 3,850
Distance local local local
Truck volume (cu. ft.) 77.3 277.7 515
Rate (for the 75 minutes) $19 $19 $29
Extra time cost (every 15 minutes) $5 $5   $5
Required deposit $150 $150 $150

Note: The deposit you’re required to deposit is refundable as long as you bring the truck back in good condition. Rates are exclusive of add-on or additional services like moving coverage or extra equipment rentals

What is Home Depot Truck Renting Rates After 75 Minutes?

This means that the total number of hours required to rent a Home Depot moving truck will be increased after 75 minutes. A Home Depot pickup or van rental will cost you $19 for 75 minutes and $129 per day.

Extra hours after 75 minutes of moving are typically charged at $35 to $80 per hour, with a weekly fee of $903. If you rent a Home Depot for 75 minutes, you should complete all your tasks within that time because there is a flat rate for 75 minutes, and moving charges begin accruing at a rate of $15 per 15 minutes after that.

Home Depot Dolly / Car Trailer Rental for Moving?

The dolly and utility trailer at Home Depot is a great way to transport furniture, appliances, supplies, and more moving options. The trailer rental service makes it easy to rent a trailer for your next move or project.

With renting trailer from H.D service, you can choose from single-axle and dual-axle trailers, flatbed trailers, enclosed cargo trailers, open utility trailers, and more.

The moving trailer renting cost is based on the trailer rental size, availability, and type of trailer you choose for your big haul moving needs.

So, before rushing into the decision, here are the prices of different types of moving car shipping / trailer rental you should know about!

Truck Type

Rent Rates Per Day Rent Price Per Week
Load ‘N Go Cargo Van $129 $903
Load ‘N Go F-250 and T-250 Flatbed $129 $903
Load ‘N Go HD Box Truck $139 $973
Penske Bo Truck Varies by distance and location Varies by distance and location

What are Home Depot Cargo Van Dimensions?

The van dimensions are as follows:

  • Interior cargo width: 70.2 inches
  • Interior cargo volume: 277.7 cu ft
  • GCWR: 10,800 lbs

Moving vans one way or two-way rentals are available in many sizes, such as compact cargo vans that typically hold up to 3,000 lbs.

Moreover, it can fit small furniture or box truck rentals which can carry up to 10,000 lbs and are ideal for moving large loads of furniture or appliances. Thus, from small to large cargo van sizes, Home Depot moving offers various vans to choose from that are set to meet your moving and hauling needs.

Few Home Depot Delivery Queries!

Home Depot truck rental cost factors

Three factors generally determine a vehicle costs, and they are:

  • Truck sizes you want:  Bigger trucks generally cost more than smaller ones. For instance, the base rate for 77.3 cu. Ft. pickup-truck is $19, while 515 cu. ft. HD moving box truck goes for $29.
  • Duration you want to use the truck:  Home-Depot offers unlimited miles but charge you based on the time spent. The longer you spend moving, the more money you pay.
  • Amount of gas you need for the moving distance:  It follows that the longer the distance you travel, the more gas you will need, which will cost more money. Also, as part of your renting terms, you must fill the moving truck’s tank before returning to Home Depot.

Depot trucks for rent

How Does Home Depot Truck Rental Work in Locations?

The Home Depot Renting operates two truck rental systems, and the one you use depends on whether you’re going local or moving across state lines. In any event, they’re both pretty simple.

If you’re looking to move locally quickly and need to rent a small vehicle without the need to spend a lot of time loading and unloading, you’ll want to settle for any of the Home Depot’s branded vans or trucks (Load ‘N’ Go).

As mentioned already in this text, they can’t be reserved beforehand, may only be rented hourly, and must be returned to the same place you picked it.

However, if you are looking for much larger moving trucks to conduct your long-distance move for days on end and  one way rentals, the Home Depot’s Penske truck renting option is what you should go for.

These rental vehicles can be booked online on their website beforehand and pay daily. You can get a quote without giving anything more than your name, phone number, and email address. Same procedure may apply if you are interested in home improvement services.

You can return the renting trucks to any Home Depot shop in North America. There are about 2,200 such rental store. Whichever one you go with, you’ve got the added benefit of picking them up from a walk-in hardware store.

This leaves you with the opportunity to buy some last-minute packing tape for your numerous boxes or any other supplies such as straps, moving blankets, other vital moving materials, as well rent moving dolly.

Do I qualify?

For you to be able to pick up a rental truck at the Home Depot, you must be at least 21 years old. Also, you must bear the up-to-date United States or Canadian driver’s license.

Do I need insurance?

Generally, no. You don’t need insurance. But for Home Depot Load ‘N’ Go rentals, proof of automobile insurance is required. To learn more about the company’s insurance plan, check their website.

How do I pay?

You must use a valid credit card to make rental payments.

Should I refuel? 

You must fully refuel all rental vehicles before they are returned.

Average rental cost for a day, week, and month?

Trying to figure out how much you will have to pay to rent a truck is probably the most tasking aspect of most moving truck rent experience. As luck would have it, Home Depot truck rental pricing is pretty simple and straightforward.

The renting pickup and cargo vans will cost $19 for the first 75 minutes, while the regular movers will go for $29 for the first 75 minutes. For all, it will cost $5 for every 15 minutes after that. Also, a required deposit of $150 will have to be made.

They also do quote per day and per week prices which are available on their website. If you plan to do it later, bookmark the links of your interests for easy access.

It goes for up to $129 per day for pickup and cargo vans and $903 per week. While for the box van, you will be charged up to $139 per day and $973 per week.

Home moving trailer trucks

How much is Home Depot dump truck rental?

You can get a dump truck, even bucket or boom trucks from Home Depot for an average price of as low as $34 per day. While this price does vary with location and the prevailing realities, the dump truck rental rates are straightforward. The rental contract takes care of everything that has to do with the rental itself, setup, and installation.

How much is one way box truck rental?

Home Depot is not in the business of renting trucks for long distance trips. The company typically focuses on renting trucks for short trips. It costs about $20 to rent a Home-Depot pickup for 75 minutes. The same truck costs about $130 to rent for a day and $900 to rent for a week.

Do Home Depot trucks have ramps?

Yes, the regular HD box van comes with loading ramps. Also, the larger models have truck ramps secure enough to handle up to 1,000 lbs of weight. Otherwise, you will have to rent ramps along with your rental trucks.

So with HD rentals, you are guaranteed to have your moving easier, and you don’t have to worry about breaking your back to put stuff in the truck. However, be informed that all the flatbed rental trucks at Home Depot don’t come with ramps.

Delivery vans for rent

Are there Home Depot truck for sale?

Home Depot does not sell its rental trucks. This is because Home Depot does not own its trucks. Its trucks are leased trucks.

Therefore, it has no permission to sell them. Home Depot can only return the trucks it owns to the leasing company or renew truck lease contracts.

However, they offer a wide variety of used equipment for sale. You have nothing to worry about as the equipment is well maintained. You can start by searching for used equipment at any of the store closest to you.

How much does it cost to rent a HD van?

The cost of a Home Depot van depends on how long you want it. If you want a Home depot van for slightly over an hour, you will pay $20. If you want it for a day, you will pay $130.

And if you want it for a week, you will pay about $1,000. The cost of a Home Depot rental van varies significantly depending on when you pick it up and how far you intend to drive it.

Can you rent a truck from home depot with liftgate?

No, there are no Home Depot truck rental liftgate and none of their HD branded trucks have lift gates. However, you can rent Penske truck with lift gates at major Home Depot locations across the United States.

The lift gate on 26-foot Penske truck can safely lift items weighing up to 10,000 lbs.

Small sized trailer

How much 12 inch wood chipper rental?

In Home Depot locations in the midwest, it costs $67 to rent a 2” chipper for four hours and $96 a day to rent it for the whole day. In H.D locations in Orange County, it costs $69 to rent a 2” chipper for four hours and $98 a day to rent it for the whole day. 

Does HD truck rental offer 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive pickup?

Yes, it does. The main truck available for rent at HD (Home Depot) truck rental locations is the 3/4 ton Ford F-250 flatbed truck. This truck is powerful, 4WD, and can carry a heavy load. It is perfect for landscaping jobs, construction jobs, repair jobs, and so on.

Can I rent a forklift Does Home Depot?

Home Depot rents forklifts and a variety of other tools and equipment. To rent a forklift from Home Depot, you should expect to pay about $25 for the first 90 minutes.

If you want to rent it for four hours, you should expect to pay approximately $75 for it. And if you want to rent it for a day, you should expect to pay $100 for it.

Do HF offer overnight truck rental to special people?

Can you rent a home depot truck overnight? You can rent a Home Depot truck overnight if you find one of their locations that is still open (some of them close early), and have the vehicle picked up by 6 am.

The return time can be extended depending on your agreement with the Home Depot location. Moreover, you obviously cannot rent a truck from a closed Home Depot offices, so check the hours and locations in advance to prevent disappointment.

Are people allowed to return home depot truck to any store?

No, you can’t. Home Depot trucks are for short distance transportation only. You have to return your Home Depot truck where you picked it from. However, it should be noted that you can rent a Penske truck at various Home Depot offices across the country. Such a truck would not need to be returned to the store where it was borrowed.

Can I rent a truck for a few hours?

When renting a tool for a day it means 24 hours. If you do not want to rent a Home Depot tool for as many as 24 hours, you can rent it for just four hours. You can also rent a tool for a week or a month from Home Depot. 

Conclusion about home depot dolly, truck size, dimensions & costs!

Finally, you now understand different home depot truck rental size as well cost, vans and flatbeds models and we keyed in a complete home depot box truck dimensions to help you better prepared to make best informed decisions like the popular 515 cubic feet truck loved by many people, as you deal with one of the best rental companies in USA. 

For more related articles about rental companies, check out here.

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