How Long Is A CDL Good For?

CDL training enables you to work legally as a commercial driver. It also gives you the skills and knowhow to drive big rigs across the country.

Of course at the end of the training you get a CDL.

Without a CDL you cannot work officially as a commercial truck driver.

In this post, you will discover how long a CDL is good for.

How Long Is A CDL Good For | How To Renew CDL License?

How long is a CDL permit good for?

Before you get a CDL, you need to get a CDL permit to learn and practice as a truck driver.

If you choose a good truck driving school, they will explain everything to you and make it very easy for you to obtain the permit.

When you obtain a CDL permit, you get the permission to get behind the wheel for many hours for proper training before you finally get your real CDL license.

The CDL permit is only good for six months.

If after six months you have not graduated and you still want to continue training, you will need to pay a fee to renew the permit for another six months. Read what is required here!

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How long is a CDL license good for?

A CDL license is good for five years.

In other words, when you get a CDL license, you should be able to use it to drive big trucks like semi trailers, large reefers, for about 5 years. After 5 years, your CDL license will expire and will need to be renewed.

In Arizona, California, and in many other states, you can easily renew your CDL. In some states, you can even do it online.

In most cases, to renew your license, you have to show proof you are fit and healthy.

The proof usually required is a Medical Examiner Certificate.

Therefore, before you plan to go and have your CDL renewed, you should start exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet.

Apart from showing proof that you are fit and healthy, you will have to carry your work documents to get your CDL license renewed.

Frequently Asked Queries!

Does a CDL expire and what if expired without my notice?

Yes, all CDL licenses expire after 5 years.

When your CDL license is close to expiring, you are supposed to start the process of renewing it. View what to do if you are late to renew it!

If you do not renew your CDL on time and you end up being pulled over with an expired license, you could lose the license forever.

In other words, you could be banned from driving CDL trucks (big trucks specs like 53 footer trailers) again.

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How long does CDL training remain valid?

The CDL training permit is valid for six months. If after six months you still need to train behind the wheels, you can renew it.

Once you complete training you will get the CDL license which is valid for 5 years. The license can be renewed when close to expiry.

How do you renew your CDL license?

You can renew it online.

How often do you need to renew a CDL?

In most states across the country, like Florida, California, Texas, a CDL is valid for 5 years.

Therefore, if you want to continue working as a CDL driver you have to renew yours every five years.

Do you have to retest if your CDL expires?

You only have to retest if your CDL license has been expired for a while.

If your CDL is just about to expire or has only expired for a few days or weeks, you simply need a medical examiner certificate to show you’re healthy to get a new CDL.

How long is a Texas CDL good for?

The Texas CDL is valid for five years. However, to maintain it, you need to take an annual physical exam to ensure you are fit and healthy to continue working as a CDL driver.

How Long Does CDL Training Remain Valid?

How long can my CDL be inactive?

It is an offense to drive with an inactive or expired CDL. So never do it. Renew your CDL a few weeks or days to its expiry to avoid inactive CDL questions and scrutiny.

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What happens if my CDL license expires while I am on the road?

You should try and renew your CDL license online if yours expires while you are on the road.

If you can’t, you should call your employer to arrange for a different driver to complete the journey.

How long is a cdl learner’s permit good for?

A CDL learner’s permit is good for six months only.


A CDL license is good for five years. When a license expires, it can be renewed for another five years.