How To Make Money With A Box Truck and As Driver!

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Do you know that you could earn extra cash by using a box truck in your business?

It’s an excellent way of increasing your profit. It can boost your sales and drive better revenue. 

How To Make Money With A Box Truck in USA?

This post discussed the 10 best ways to make money with a box truck.

So, read this post till the end to learn about the best box truck business opportunities and how you can become successful in this business. 

Can I use my box truck sell old items and goods?

How to Make Money with a Box Truck in the USA?

You can make extra money using box trucks simply by knowing the right targeted market.

Once you have found the market, you need to understand what you can offer them, and you are done. It’s that simple! 

Below are 10 interesting ways to start making extra money with a box truck. Keep reading! 

Box Truck Business Opportunities for New Drivers

10 Box Truck Business Opportunities for New Drivers 

#1 Junk Removal Services 

If you don’t mind transporting other people’s garbage, you can offer junk removal services.

Before starting the work, you can set a few conditions for your target customers to avoid unfavorable circumstances.  

If you are willing to offer a junk removal service, you can ask the targeted customers to make necessary preparations before tossing the dirty garbage bag in the box truck.

How To Make Money With A Box Truck in USA?

For instance, you can ask them to filter the garbage into biodegradable, recyclable, and non-biodegradable sections. 

In addition, ask them to store biodegradable waste in safe cellophane, so dogs do not scatter the waste on the road when you are just about to pick them up.

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If non-biodegradable waste includes broken glass or other sharp objects, it must be stirred in a box full of papers.

Setting instructions will help you execute the job without getting injured. 

You need to coordinate with the government’s garbage control to offer a junk removal service.

It will help you properly dispose of the garbage in the bins. Offering a junk removal service will help you earn extra money, keeping the community clean. 

How to make money with a 26ft box truck Vs 24ft truck?

#2 Moving Service 

Another way you can earn a good amount of money with box trucks is by offering moving services.

Many companies do not have any in-house trucking department for moving items. They hire the moving service from time to time. 

Moving can surely be a hectic process. But if you have the right equipment, you can become profitable in making money with a box truck by offering moving services. 

Can I make more profit as independent contractor?Along with commercial moving, you can also offer residential moving services. Providing this service will widen your service as a logistic.

You can list your moving services online so people can easily reach you. 

In addition, you must learn to work with different equipment to offer smooth moving services.

Try to set a realistic price by considering the distance of the track and other essential factors. 

How to make money with a 26ft box truck

#3 Towing 

If you have the required equipment, you can offer towing service. It is one of the best ways to make money with your box truck. You can find many clients who require towing services. 

When providing towing service, you need to be good at managing communications with the customer.

You also need to analyze whether you want to offer tow hitch service or heavy towing. 

Offering towing services can scale your extra income because this service is in demand.

Many people require towing services for moving boats, trailers, or other large objects. There are plenty of opportunities where you can offer your towing services. So, do good research! 

Is box truck courier service very lucrative?

#4 Courier Service 

Offering courier service is a great way of earning extra cash. Here, you can drop off and pick up packages directly from the client’s door or office.

You can offer courier service under the same condition as a courier, but the charges may differ. 

As you offer courier service individually, you can charge a higher amount than courier companies.

You can scale your business by delivering the packages on time, as time is of the essence for high-profile clients. 

If you deliver the parcel on time or before time, the clients might pay you better. Moreover, you get to work on your hour. 

Where can I make most profit as box trucking food delivery?

#5 Food Delivery

If you do not want to lift household weight or offer a commercial moving service, you can offer a food delivery service.

For instance, you can work with pizza chains. You can offer them grocery delivery services. 

The food chain might also ask you to deliver bulk orders for huge gatherings or events in certain situations.

They can even contact you for constant deliveries for their other branches. 

Besides pizza chains, you can contact big restaurants to offer them safe and speedy grocery delivery services. If you are hardworking and consistent, you can make considerable cash. 

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#6 Mobile Billboard 

Local and established advertisers are always searching for better mobiles that they can use to promote their outlets.

Many businesses still consider traditional marketing as a game-changer as it works for them. 

If your box truck does not have any branding, you can make money by letting the marketers and advertisers use your box truck’s cargo for their branding.

It does not require you to do much, yet it is the perfect way to earn money. 

Depending on the size of the advertisement, you can fix charges, which you can ask the marketers to pay weekly or monthly.

It’s a win-win option as you can advertise different brands by continuing your errands and other hustles. 

Your truck will get paid for driving and begging visible to different people.

Before you let the marketers use your vehicle as a mobile billboard, you must ask them whether the posters and wraps they are using are paint safe or not. It will help you maintain the condition of your truck. 

owner operator box truck salary

#7 Hauling Services 

You can get the required equipment and offer hauling services to the clients in your area.

Many box truck drivers like offering this service as it helps them make extra cash while fulfilling the hauling needs of different customers. 

If you know where to pitch your ideas, you can make a great amount of money by offering hauling services.

It’s an in-demand service for companies willing to dispose of outdated electronics, old office file cabinets, old investors, broken furniture, etc. 

Getting rid of the old things helps the companies smoothly perform their operations. You can make your box truck the right transportation mobile for moving such items properly. 

Your good client prospects can be small companies related to construction and building niches.

They require box truck services for hauling as their existing cargo mobile can no longer accommodate them. 

If you wish to increase your extra income, you can offer your services until the cleaning process.

But you must only provide your services until the cleaning process if you know how to handle the work properly. Otherwise, you can avoid doing so. 

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#8 Become an Independent Contractor 

You can become an independent contractor by working within a specific business.

You can work online and can have your own business. As a contractor, you are not required to invest your money upfront.

You must take care of your truck. Try to keep it in the best possible shape and clean. It will help you attract potential candidates who will hire your services. 

#9 Transportation Company 

You might be able to start your own transportation company if you can get your hands on a truck.

A transportation company can turn out to be very profitable in the future.

Finding clients can take some time, but you will come across good clients over time. In addition, if you are good at customer service, your transportation company will grow. 

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#10 Mobile Wedding Service with Box Trucks

Are you still looking for ways to earn extra money using a box truck? Well, in that case, you can offer mobile wedding services.

Your services can be of great help for people who want extra hands on their big day. 

You can help transport food, decorations, chairs, and other important items.

Establishing a good reputation as a mobile wedding service provider can help you get better clients. 

Box Truck Business Opportunities for New Drivers

Box Truck Business Opportunities for New Drivers

A box truck driver with an existing job can earn some extra income through an extra job.

For most of the box truck drivers, doing a second job is possible because of fewer work hours of their existing job. 

A second job seems to be a great opportunity for truck drivers who are approaching retirement and do not have enough savings.

Or a truck driver who is finding it difficult to take care of his family through his first job. 

If you are interested in doing a second job, you can consider affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, become a driver with eBay, social media marketing, start a YouTube channel or write an ebook.

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FAQ About Box Trucking Opportunities for Old & New Drivers:

How to make money with a 26ft box truck vs. a 24ft box truck?

If you have a 26ft box truck, you can make extra money by providing delivery service using your truck.

You can also become an independent contractor or offer towing services in your area.

Similarly, if you have a 24ft box truck, you can offer residential or commercial moving services.


If you are willing to see different angles of how you can offer services, you can use your box truck to make extra money.

We believe you might be interested in earning extra income, so we have listed some of the best options to earn money.

While the listed ideas are great, they are worth nothing until you don’t take action. 

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