How Much Is A CDL License In Florida?

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To drive a commercial vehicle in Florida, you need a CDL. There are several classes of CDLs with each of these having a different category of vehicles that you can drive.

To get a CDL in Florida, there are several requirements. Failure to meet these requirements will lead to disqualification.  Let us look at the requirements and the cost of getting a CDL in Florida.

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Classes of CDLs in Florida

If you intend to be driving a truck that weighs over 26 tons in Florida, you should get a Commercial Driver License (CDL). See what non cdl trucks guide here!

This license is also required for drivers who operate hazardous materials or for buses carrying at least 26 people.  There are also a few exceptions when a commercial license is not needed. Also, see details hat happen when you voluntary surrender CDL in Florida.

Drivers don’t need a CDL when operating farm machinery such as large tractors or when driving military vehicles. They also don’t need it when operating a heavy vehicle for personal use. For commercial vehicles, there are 3 classes of CDL:

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Class A

This is the first class of CDLs you will encounter. This license is for trucks that weigh more than 26 tonnes in combined weight. This is also for trailers that weigh more than 10 tonnes.

Class B

This is almost similar to Class A regarding the weight requirements.

Class C

This CDL is required for drivers of commercial vehicles that weigh less than 26 tons. On top of the above classes, certain endorsements dictate the type of vehicle a driver can operate and the cargo they can carry.

For instance, a hazmat endorsement is necessary for carrying hazardous waste materials.  To get these endorsements, there are certain rules that drivers must follow. They are also required to pass the tests needed to get the special endorsements.

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How To Get CDL In Florida

To qualify to get a CDL in Florida, you must have the following qualifications:

  • Have an  operator license
  • Pass the vision requirements
  • Be at least the age of 18. If under 21, you will be limited to intrastate.

Conditional Learners Permit

Before you can go ahead and get the CDL, you need to get the Conditional Learner’s permit. This permit allows you to drive on public roads with a person who has CDL driving with you.

Here are the requirements for getting one.

  • Have a Florida driver’s license
  • Pass the right knowledge exams
  • Pass the vision test
  • Give proof of identity as well as residency. This could be your driver’s license. But you can get clarification on exactly what is needed with the Division of Driver License
  • Pass medical exam
  • Submit to a driving record review
  • Pay the necessary fees.

Once you have completed the entire CLPP requirement, you should wait for 14 days before taking the vehicle driving skill test that will enable you to get the CDL. This consists of:

  • Vehicle inspection test
  • Commercial driving road test
  • Basic control test.

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Cost of Getting One

The cost charged by the Division of Driver Licenses in Florida is as follows:

  • Commercial Driver’s license(Renewal or original) $81
  • Endorsement:$7 each
  • A retest of the knowledge exam:$10
  • A retest of the Skill  exam:$20
  • Hazardous material CDL is $91

The process of renewing the license is simple and requires retaking the hearing and vision test as well as an updated medical examination certificate and form.

Popular Questions / Answer

What does Class B license Florida cost?

It costs $75 to get a Class B license in Florida.

Where to get CDL in Florida?

You can apply for your CDL at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation.

When Do You Need A CDL In Florida?

You need a CDL in Florida if you will be driving a heavy commercial vehicle or a vehicle that will be carrying more than 26 people or a vehicle that will be carrying hazardous materials.

How long is a CDL permit good for in Florida?

A CDL permit in Florida will last for 180 days from the date it was issued.

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How fast can I get my CDL license?

It takes about 7 weeks to get a CDL if you are attending a full driver training program. 

Is Class C license in Florida difficult?

This license is required for vehicles carrying hazardous materials. It’s not difficult to get as long as follow the necessary procedure.

What is the Florida CDL permit test?

The Florida CDL test consists of 50 questions.  To pass, you need to pass at least 40 of them.

What is the CDL Class A license cost in Florida?

To get an original or renewal CDL in Florida, you will pay $81.


So, how hard is it to get a CDL license in Florida? What is the cost? As long as you have met the necessary qualification and has paid the necessary fees, it should not be hard to get a CDL in Florida.

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