How Much Does Box Truck Wrap Cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Box Truck Vs. Wrap Bus Van?

Many companies prefer wrapping vehicles for advertising their products, services, or brand.

Truck drivers also find it boring to drive a truck with factory paint jobs.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Box Truck

Thus, they let the company wrap the truck so they can earn extra money. 

Vehicle wrapping makes a lasting impression, so it has become so popular. We have explained how much it costs to wrap a box truck vs. a bus van for those interested in getting this service. 

Keep reading to know trailer wrap costs for a full wrap, vehicle graphics, large format graphics, ballpark figures, spot graphics, etc. 

Full Vehicle Wrap vs. Partial Wrap

How Much Does Box Truck Wrap Cost?

A simple vehicle wrap of a small truck is around $1,500. But if you want the vehicle wrap to be full and in multiple layers, you must be ready to spend $5,000. 

If you know how the quality vehicle wrap is applied, you can develop a brief understanding of how much the vehicle wrap costs. 

But it’s important to remember that the price of different vehicle wraps can vary.  For example, if you want to make partial wrap on a simple truck, the price will be affordable.

How to Apply Truck Wrap successfully?

But a full vehicle wrap for the same truck with lots of complicated elements can increase the price to a greater extent. 

Among the several determining factors, one is the complexity of the application.

The complexity increases if the truck’s bumper covers are difficult to remove or the vehicle wrap kit has several pieces. 

How Much Does Box Truck Wrap Cost?

Professional installers account for both of these factors as it increases the labor. 

If you want vehicle wrap of a four-door vehicle, it will cost more (because it requires more labor and complexity). 

On the other hand, wrapping a two-door vehicle is not that complex. Thus, the labor will be less, and the price will be lower. 

You can get an accurate estimate by contacting a reputed company that offers good truck wrap service. 

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How Much Does it cost to wrap a big bus?

How Much Does Bus Wrap Cost?

Box truck wrap and bus wrap are similar, but their price varies. Different bus types have different charges to wrap for work vans, cars, and more. 

The price is influenced by different factors, including extra features and design. 

If you are interested in getting a full coach bus wrap (including doors and windows), you must be ready to pay somewhere around $6000 to $7000. But if you want a simple bus vehicle wrap service, the price can be as low as $1000. 

How to Prepare for Vehicle Wraps like a pro?

Full Vehicle Wrap vs. Partial Wrap

Different vehicles have different constructions. For instance, some vehicles are made using a single piece, while others use several pieces. 

Under full vehicle wrap, the vehicle’s overall structure gets covered in the advertisement wrap.

How do you main a truck wrap for months and years?

On the other hand, partial wraps cover only a portion of the vehicle. 

Partial wraps are commonly done around the tailgate or rear. 

As full vehicle wrap covers the entire vehicle, it requires more material and labor. Thus, the cost is more. Partial wrapping pricing is affordable compared to complete wrap. 

Can You Wrap Any Kind of Bus?

How to Apply Truck/Bus Wrap?

Before the professionals apply the wrap to the vehicle, they prepare it for the process so the wrap can have a neat and clean look. 

This process includes a complete detailing service. It’s done to ensure that the wrap has adhered properly to the truck and that nothing on the vehicle’s surface makes the wrap look bad. 

Depending on the vehicle and wrap style, the truck components might also be required to remove. 

Removing the vehicle’s part ensures proper application wrap. In most cases, bumpers and lights are temporarily removed to get proper access for installing the wrap. 

While applying vehicle wrap, one needs to be carefully positioned on each panel.

How Much Does Express Van Vehicle Wrap Cost?

It ensures smooth application without any creases or air bubbles. This perfection is usually achieved using a heat gun. 

Multiple layers can also be applied to create the final product depending on the requirement. Multiple layers also help in creating appealing and complex existing graphics. 

How Long Does A Trailer Wrap Last On A Truck?

How to Prepare for Vehicle Wraps?

If you want the wrapping to be done perfectly, you must prepare for the vehicle wrap. Here’s how you can do it. 

Before wrapping a vehicle, wash it properly so all the dust and dirt particles can be removed. Vinyl decals on vehicle wraps will stick perfectly on a cleaned vehicle than on a dirty one. 

If you contact a reputable company, you will get the vehicle washing service as a common courtesy. 

Is it cheaper to get your truck painted or wrapped?

Washing vehicles make sure the wrapping work is done without fail. You must also choose a good wrap design. 

Besides wrapping, another important thing to consider is the condition of the vehicle’s paint. If the vehicle’s paint is chipped and has dents, the final wrapping work might not come out as desired. Imperfect paint spots of the vehicle will be visible underneath the vehicle wrap. 

Similarly, if your vehicle has rust, its condition will be further degraded even if covered with a vehicle wrap. 

Thus, many installers refuse to wrap a rusted vehicle as it comes between the longevity and finishing of vehicle wraps. 

How long does it take to wrap a box truck?

How to Maintain Vehicle Wrap?

Did you know that if you properly maintain a vehicle, it can last for several years? 

But if you want your vehicle wrap to last for a long time, you must protect the wrap from environmental hazards, including extreme cold and hot sweltering conditions.

Climate can make the vinyl wrap stressed, causing it to develop cracks. 

How long does it take to wrap a small bus?

The best thing you can do is park your wrapped vehicle under shade or in the garage so it can stay away from the harsh sunlight. 

If you live in colder regions, you must regularly wash your track wrap because the road salt can damage the wrap. 

The best thing about getting vehicle wrap is that the vinyl wrap protects the actual paint surface of the vehicle. 

If you want to get the wrap replaced, it can be done at a similar price. But you have to pay an additional price for removing the old wrap. 

How long do vinyl wraps last?


Can You Wrap Any Kind of Bus?

Any bus, whether a school bus or a commercial vehicle, can be wrapped, but these buses are difficult to wrap as they have many hindrances. You can consider a coach bus if you want a sleek wrap service as it’s easier to wrap.


How Much Does Express Van Vehicle Wrap Cost?

If you want to wrap an express van, you must pay $3,500 to $5000. But if you want to get a partial wrap service, the price will be halved. 

How much does it cost to paint a box truck?

How Long Does A Trailer Wrap Last On A Truck?

On average, vinyl wrap on a truck lasts for 5 years. But if the wrap is not installed properly, it can get damaged in just a few years. You can increase the lifespan of the full wrap by offering your truck proper maintenance. 


Wrapping a vehicle is one of the best forms of advertising, but one should always consider the cost.

Truck and bus van wrap is popular among vehicle wraps, but both are done at different prices. Different trucks and buses also have different wrap charges. You must choose a good wrap design. 

How much does it cost to wrap a truck matte black?

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