How Much Weight Does 26 Foot Moving Truck Rental Have?

How Much Does A 26 Foot Box Truck Weigh | Moving Rental Weight


A 26 box foot truck is usually described as the perfect size for moving.

This box truck 26ft size is manufactured by most of the popular truck brands.

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So, how big is a 26 foot moving truck? As long as your 26″ truck has a gross weight of 26,000 lbs. or less, you will not be required to have a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL license to drive it.

It is important to know the weight details of your truck as it will serve as a guide to help you avoid fines and damages risks. Making use of approved scale facilities for your rental motor truck, will definitely help.

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It is usually stamped on the engine plate. You can also check the owner’s manual.

Before we go into the specifics, you need to have an understanding of some weight-related terms commonly used in the truck world.

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How Big Is The Average 26 Foot Moving Trucks?

26-foot box trucks are produced by different manufacturers so even if their lengths are the same, they will be built differently which will cause a disparity in their weight.

So, we will have to discuss their weight in terms of averages. 

Here are the weight details of a 26-foot truck:

Average Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) = 26,000 lbs.

Average Curb Weight = 16,000 lbs.

Average Payload capacity = 26,000 lbs.

Truck Weight Terminology

Trucks have a lot of numeric details that you may find unnecessary if you don’t know what they mean.

When it comes to the weight of a truck, there are three terms you must understand. 

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum allowable weight of the motor truck.

This is the combination of the curb weight of the vehicle and its payload capacity.

It is determined by the manufacturers of the truck and must not be exceeded for safety reasons.

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What is GVWR on a Truck?

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

It is determined or established by the vehicle manufacturer and typically displayed on a sticker on the driver side door (the interior side).

It is a measure or a statement of the maximum safe weight of a vehicle.

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When a truck is weighed at a weigh station, its weight should never exceed its GVWR.

Truck GVWR has two major components – curb weight and cargo weight.

Curb weight is the weight of a truck or vehicle when empty, while cargo weight is the maximum cargo that can be carried.

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Curb weight plus cargo weight should never exceed truck GVWR.

Since the curb weight of a vehicle does not change (unless it is modified), you must always be careful not to carry excess cargo weight in your truck as this will make it unsafe.

Moreover, it is illegal for a truck to weigh more than its GVWR.

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Truck Curb Weight

What does curb weight mean? As the name implies, it is the weight of the truck at the curb.

This means that it is the weight of the vehicle including the weight of fuel and other liquids but excluding the weight of the driver, passengers and cargo.

It is also described as the “empty weight” of the truck.

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Payload Capacity

What is truck payload definition? The payload is the carrying capacity of the truck.

It is the maximum allowable weight you can add to the curb weight of the truck.

This includes the weight of the load, passengers, and driver but excludes the towing capacity of the truck. The formula connecting all these terms is written below:

Payload capacity = GVWR – Curb weight

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FAQ About 26′ ft Box Truck Weight!

Now look below for series of questions and answers about 26 ft box truck weigh, below:

Explain GVW truck in details

GVW stands for Gross Vehicle Weight. Many people think that GVW means the same thing as GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

This is incorrect. GVW is the total weight of a truck (curb weight plus payload) at a specific time.

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It changes based on how much weight is put on a truck. In contrast, the GVWR is constant.

It is established by the truck manufacturer and it indicates the maximum weight a truck can safely weigh.

Truck GVWR is typically stated on the manufacturer’s sticker on the left side door (the interior side).

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When a truck is weighed at a weigh station, its GVW must never exceed its GVWR. If it does, the vehicle is deemed overweight and a fine is usually imposed.

What is freightliner box truck weight?

The famous M2 106 box truck is among the most popular medium-duty box trucks in the USA.

It has a GVWR of up to 66,000 pounds. This means it can carry plenty of weight making it perfect for business.

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What are International box truck weight for different sizes?

It depends on the model. For example, a 20ft 2014 International 4400 truck has a GVWR of 33,000 pounds, while a 26-foot box trucks 2013 International 4400 tandem truck has a GVWR of 52,000 pounds.

The GVWR of the second truck is much higher because it’s a tandem axle truck.

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What are the different International 4700 weight classes?

International 4700 weight classes are Class 6 and Class 7.

Class 6 trucks are medium duty trucks with a GVWR between 19,501 and 26,000 pounds.

Class 6 trucks do not require a CDL to drive. However, Class 7 trucks (trucks with a GVWR between 26,001 and 33,000 pounds) do require a commercial driver’s licenses to drive.

The most popular International 4700 trucks are used as commercial trucks.

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What are DOT weight limits for pickup trucks?

Pickup trucks that have a GVWR equal to or less than 10,000 pounds, do not need a DOT number.

They can operate just like a normal vehicle. Of course, even pickup trucks must not be loaded beyond their GVWR.

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How to find 26ft box truck loads successfully?

There are several online platforms where you can sign up to find loads for your 26 foot box truck.

A good example is This website is a platform where many people and businesses post loads or goods that they want shipped.

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What you need to do to find loads on the platform is to sign up and find who you want to work with.

There is no way you won’t find individuals and businesses willing to work with on the platform.

If you are the real deal, you will soon be transporting dozens or hundreds of loads every month through the connections or deals you make on the platform.

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How much does a pickup truck weigh?

It depends on the pickup truck classification. Half ton (1/2 ton) pickup trucks weigh between 4,000 and 8,000 pounds.

Three-quarter ton (3/4 ton) pickup trucks weigh between 8,500 and 10,000 pounds.

Lastly, 1 ton pickup trucks typically weigh more than 10.000 pounds. So the weight of a pickup truck typically depends on its weight class.

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How do I know how much weight my truck can carry?

It is very easy. Every truck has a GVWR. The GVWR is usually indicated clearly on the driver side door (the interior side).

Because GVWR is computed by adding maximum cargo weight plus curb weight, you can find out how much weight your truck can carry by subtracting its curb weight from its GVWR.

So if your truck’s GVWR is 10,000 pounds and its curb weight is 6,000 pounds, the maximum weight it can carry will be 4,000 pounds.

If you do not want to calculate your truck’s maximum cargo capacity or payload capacity, you can try to find it online.

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What are truck size and weight?

Truck size is usually used to describe the length of the box on a box truck. Most box trucks on the market are 14 feet, 20 feet, 24 feet, or 26 feet long.

When someone asks about the weight of a truck, they are most likely trying to find out its GVWR.

The GVWR of a truck is the total safe weight of the vehicle. It is indicated on the manufacturer’s sticker in virtually every American truck.

Under no circumstance should a truck weigh more than its GVWR. This is very unsafe and often illegal.

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What is weight of a Freightliner Cascadia?

The four-engine options produce 350 to 605 horsepower and up to 2,050 pound-feet of torque. The maximum gross combination weight (GCW) of the tractor and a loaded trailer is 80,000 pounds, while the 2020 Freightliner Cascadia’s GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) is 60,600 pounds.

How much does a Freightliner M2 weight?

The Freightliner M2 106 is a multi-functional medium-duty truck that can handle any job. This truck has a GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating) of up to 66,000 pounds and can support different bodies and chassis-mounted equipment for any vocation, from dry vans to a concrete pump.

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Straight truck load capacity for different sizes?

Almost all straight trucks fall into the Federal Highway Administration’s truck classes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8a (FHWA). Depending on the straight truck class, they have different empty and gross vehicle weights.

The type of truck (standard vans, heavy-duty straight trucks) or the truck’s size (24 ft., 26ft) will significantly affect the payload. That is, the bigger the truck size the bigger its payload.

For example, many 24 feet straight trucks have a load capacity of 10,000 pounds, while bigger 26 feet straight trucks have a slightly larger payload capacity.


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The international 26 box truck specs?

The specs depend on the exact model.

For example, the 2020 International MV607 with a 26-foot box has a 26,000-pound GVW, a 240 horsepower Cummins engine, automatic transmission, a driver’s seat, air conditioning, a two-person bench seat, a 100-gallon fuel tank, a liftgate, power locks, and LED headlights.

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How to find curb weight of vehicle?

There are several ways you can find the curb weight of a vehicle.

First, you can check the manufacturer’s sticker on the interior of the driver side door. In many modern vehicles, the curb weight is usually clearly indicated or stated.

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Second, you can find the curb weight by directly asking the manufacturer.

Contact them on social media or via email to get a response. If you want a more immediate response, you should call them.

Lastly, you can find out the curb weight of a vehicle by weighing it. Of course, it should not have any cargo or bags in it when being weighed.

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What is curb weight vs gross weight?

The curb weight of a vehicle is its empty weight. It is the weight of a vehicle when it is not being used. In contrast, the gross weight of a vehicle is the weight of a vehicle at a particular time.

It is often computed by adding the curb weight plus the weight of any cargo or payload on the vehicle. The maximum gross weight (MGW) for box trucks is 26″ pounds.

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Hino 26 ft. box truck weight?

It depends on the exact model. For example, the empty truck weight of the 2007 Hino 268 truck with a lightweight 26 ft. box truck is 15,000 pounds and its GVWR is 26,000 pounds.

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What are straight truck weight capacity?

The weight capacity of a straight truck is based on the model of the truck.

The most popular straight trucks in the USA are 24 ft. and 26 ft. straight trucks. They have a weight capacity of about 10,000 pounds.

How much does it cost to weigh a truck?

It is very cheap to weigh a truck in the USA. It costs $13 to weigh a truck at most weigh stations across the country.

In case you want your truck re-weighed, you will have to pay about $3.

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How much does a truck engine weigh?

The weight of a truck engine depends on the model.

The most popular truck engines in medium-duty commercial vehicles are Cummins Inc. truck engines. They weigh approximately 520 kilograms and are mostly family of diesel engine.

Does 26 ft. box truck with sleeper possible?

Yes, this is possible. There are many 26 ft. box trucks on the market with DOT sleeper compartments. Probably the most common one is the International MV model.

What is unladen weight of Freightliner Cascadia?

The unladen weight of the Freightliner Cascadia depends on the exact model.

For example, the 2011 Freightliner Cascadia 113 has an unladen weight of 17,655 pounds, while that of the 2015 Freightliner Cascadia 125 is 15,600 pounds.

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How much weight can an 18 ft. box truck carry?

Most 18 ft. box trucks can carry between 4,500 to 6,500 pounds.

To know exactly how much weight your box truck can carry, you should look at its manufacturer’s sticker to find its GVWR and its curb weight.

You should then subtract the curb weight from the GVWR to find out how much the truck can carry.

Alternatively, you should call the business that sold it to you. They will get you the information you need.

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How many axles does a 26ft box truck have?

Most 26ft box trucks on the market have two axles. The two axles enable the trucks to safely carry more weight.

Describe what International 4700 dry weight is?

The dry weight of a vehicle is its weight without any fluids (fuel, coolant, or oil) and also without any cargo, passengers, or additional equipment.

The dry weight of the International 4700 truck is between 14,000 and 16,000 pounds depending on the model.

The Chevy box truck weight

The 2021 Chevrolet Express Cutaway Van aka Chevy box truck has a maximum GVWR of 14,200 pounds and it can carry up to 8,920 pounds. It is powered by a 6.6-liter V8 diesel engine.

What is the curb weight of my truck?

Check the manufacturer’s sticker to find out the curb weight of your truck.

If it is not indicated, contact the dealership that sold you the truck and ask them the curb weight of your truck. If you do not get your answer, contact the manufacturer of the vehicle.

If you still don’t get your answer, you should take your vehicle to a weigh station where it can be weighed.

Just remove everything inside it when it is being weighed to ensure you get a precise curb weight.

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International 4300 box truck dimensions?

The dimensions of the international 4300 box truck varies based on the box size. However, the most common international 4300 box truck is the 26-foot box.

The dimensions of this box are in the table below.

Box Length

26 ft.

Box Width 102″ (inches)
Box Height 103″ (inches)

Hino 268 empty weight?

The Hino 268 has an empty or curb weight of 9,800 pounds and 10,800 depending on its model. Depending on its model, Hino 268 has a GVW of 25,900 pounds and a GCWR of 26,000 pounds.

The average weight of a truck in kg?

This table shows the United States of America’s Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) in kilograms.

Duty classification

US truck class

Weight limit

Medium duty Class 4 6,351-7,257 kg
Medium duty Class 5 7,258–8,845 kg
Medium duty Class 6 8,846–11,793 kg
Heavy duty Class 7 & 8 11,794–14,969 kg

Hino 268 payload capacity?

Hino 268 has a great fuel economy and is reliable for pickup, delivery, lease, rental, or moving purposes. The payload capacity of the Hino 268 is up to 11,000 pounds.

This truck has a gross combined weight rating of 26,000 pounds and a gross vehicle weight of 25,950 pounds.

How much does a Penske 26 foot truck weigh?

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of a 26 foot Penske truck is 26,000 lbs, with a curb weight of 16,000 pounds. And Penske’s 26-foot truck can carry a payload of 10,000lbs.

The Penske 26-foot truck rental is the biggest of the fleet and perfect for moving families from a three or five-bedroom apartment.

How much weight can a 26 ft truck carry?

The average Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of a 26-foot truck is 26,000 lbs, while its average curb capacity, which is described as its empty weight, is 16,000 lbs.

The average payload capacity of the truck is 10,000 lbs.

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How much weight can a 26 ft U-Haul carry?

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of a 26′ box truck U-Haul is 20,000 lbs. while its curb weight, also called empty weight, is 12600 lbs.

Deductively, its payload capacity is 7400 lbs. This means it can only carry a maximum weight of 7400 lbs which includes the driver, passengers, and cargo.

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How much does a 26 foot Budget truck weigh?

Budget’s 26-foot truck is one of the biggest trucks vehicles on the Budget Fleet and is ideal for moving large apartments.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of a 26-foot Budget truck is 26,000 lbs, with a curb weight of 16,820 pounds. It can also carry 9,180 pounds of payload.

How much does a 26 foot Penske truck weigh empty?

When empty, a 26-foot Penske truck weighs 16,000 pounds (also known as its curb weight). The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of this 26-foot Penske truck is 26,000 pounds (that is, when it is full). It has a payload capacity of 10,000 pounds.

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How many pallets can a 26 ft box truck hold?

A 26 ft box truck can take up to twelve (12) and 500 medium sizes boxes. This box truck is the go-to for moving items from a large apartment.

Most 26-foot trucks run up to 10 miles per gallon, come with towing capacity and have enough seating space to accommodate three adults. 

What is 26 Ft box truck towing capacity?

A 26-foot truck is built to carry heavier-weight items than other moving trucks. A 26-foot truck has a towing capacity of about 7,500 pounds, gets up to 10 miles per gallon, and has a weight capacity of about 9,600 pounds. 

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What maximum trailer size can it pull?

Most 26-foot moving trucks can pull around 10,000 pounds of cargo (equivalent to 8 rooms of furniture and belongings).

They are typically capable of seating three adults, have towing capacity, and get up to 10 miles per gallon (just fair, nothing special).

What is the box truck weight limit law in Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and California?



Kentucky 20,000-80,000 pounds
Ohio 29,000-36,000 pounds
Texas 25,000-81,400 pounds
South Carolina 46,000 -65,000 pounds
California 20,000 – 30,500 pounds
  • Kentucky

No single axle should weigh more than 20,000 pounds or 700 pounds per inch of aggregate width of all tires on a single axle, whichever is less. The total gross weight of the vehicle and load must not exceed 80,000 pounds.

  • Ohio

Maximum weight limits for trucks in Ohio Single Axle: 29,000 pounds. Short Tandem: 36,000 pounds.

  • South Carolina

On non-interstate highways, axle spacing doesn’t matter, and straight trucks are limited to 46,000 lbs with three axles, 63,500 lbs with four axles, or 65,000 lbs with five or more axles.

  • Texas

Single axle – (25,000 pounds), Two axle (46,000  pounds), three axle (60,000  pounds), four axle (70,000  pounds), five axle (81,400 pounds).

  • California

The gross weight on a single axle should not exceed 20,000 pounds, and the gross weight on an additional wheel(s) should not exceed 10,500 pounds.

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Summary of 26-foot Box Trucks Weight

A 26 foot box truck is a suitable size for moving and most do not require a CDL license (Commercial Driver’s License) to be driven. However standard valid driver’s license may be required. 

Due to design styles and additions to the truck, 26-foot box trucks weight details of the same truck length will differ by manufacturer, so it is important to look out for the specific details like, the maximum amount of weight of your truck.


On average, the maximum weight of a 26-foot truck is 26,000 lbs. When the truck is empty, it weighs 16,000 lbs. while the amount of weight that can be added to the truck is 10,000 lbs. 

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