How Much Does it Cost to Rent A Box Truck For A Week?

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If you are looking forward to renting box trucks for moving interstate or your business or any other long-distance moves, you have reached the right place!

Here in this article, we will tell you the reasons, benefits of renting box trucks, the cost of renting, popular truck rental companies in the US, and their services! By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of how one should rent a box truck! Give it a read.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Box Truck?

Well, the average cost of renting a commercial box depends on the truck’s size and how far you need to drive it. The cost usually ranges anywhere from $80 to $1,600 per day. Not just this, there is an additional cost that comes with the truck’s renting cost.

The additional costs are –

  • Gas or fuel costs
  • Liability coverage (Optional) / Insurance starting at $100
  • Fees and taxes
  • Mileage – ($0.25 will be charged if you exceed the mileage limit)
  • $150 initial deposit
  • Add-ons such as towing equipment

How to Rent a Box Truck for a Month?

If you are looking forward to renting a box truck for a month, you need to be ready to pay at least $1,000 per month to the rental company. 

You need to head to the company’s official website to rent your truck. You can pick Enterprise, Penske, Ryder, U-Haul, Home Depot, or even Budget.

Head to one of the company’s websites, select the vehicle, and get to ‘rent truck’ or ‘reservations.’There, you will find specific fields such as pickup location, drop-off location, etc. fill up the fields, and they will provide you the cost for renting their truck for a month!

Average Cost to Rent Different Box Truck Sizes

Box Trucks Rates
16-foot box truck $129 per day, with 100 miles free
20-foot box truck $149 per day, with 100 miles free
26-foot box truck $159 per day, with 100 miles free

Average Box Truck Cost Cost with Liftgate?

If you are looking to rent a box truck that comes with a liftgate, the average cost of these trucks is around $1,550. The cost starts from $130 for local trips and $3,250 for a long-distance move like an interstate move. 

Again, one-way trips will fix the numbers at around $1,780. To travel farther than that, they might charge you more.

Benefits of Renting Box Trucks?

If you are looking for a convenient, economical or cost-effective, and flexible solution for your DIY move, then considering a rental truck might be the best option. Why? Here are the benefits that you get when you rent a box truck.

#1 Pool of Truck Sizes

Box trucks come in various sizes, and if you are looking for a box truck to move your household items, say 1-bedroom or studio apartment, then a small-size or 10 feet box truck would be fine.

Again, choosing the right pickup truck is relatively easy, as rental companies will offer you various trucks with a pool of capacities.

Hence, choosing the right truck will be cost-effective and ensure that all your items reach their destination safely. Furthermore, if you choose a 26 feet big truck that might help you transport all your goods in just one trip!

Van driver with package on the seat

#2 You Get National Coverage

 The best thing about van and truck rental companies is that they have pick-up and drop-off centers all over the major cities in the US. 

If you moved to another city, you are more likely to find the company’s drop-off or pick-up or service center in the city, and you can return their truck right there!

#3 Allows You to Do Good for the Environment 

If you are concerned about the environment, you would be happy to know that the truck offered by the majority of the truck rental companies run on diesel. 

Diesel allows the truck to travel farther while saving fuel simultaneously, the opposite of gasoline. Also, most of the trucks used by these companies are mostly older models; this means they will run much cleaner and have a better and promotes fuel efficiency.

Mini white truck at a loading terminal

#4 Coverage Options

Another benefit of using rental trucks is that they offer many coverage options because not everyone has home insurance or auto insurance. 

Rental companies offer coverage options. Pick any one of them according to your budget and needs. This is why renting moving trucks is always the most convenient option. 

Reasons for Truck Rental for Business

If you own a business, you know that businesses that depend on trucks for their regular operations, you either need to purchase or rent trucks.

Here is why you should rent a box truck –

#1 Lets You Start Your Business with Minimum Capital

 If you are planning to start a business, you need capital. At first, you may not be able to purchase trucks, but with limited capital, you can rent trucks and start with the process. 

Purchasing a truck would require a large sum of capital, and renting will also require much less capital to be profitable

#2 You Can Avoid Loan Interests 

Renting a truck offers you another great financial benefit: your business will not have to pay interest on a rented box truck. While renting a box truck, people do not sign for a loan, and as a result, 0% interest in generated. 

Fleet of trucks parked side by side

#3 Picking Your Box Truck

Businessmen know that they need to purchase trucks to grow their business at some point in time. It might be hard to determine which truck you should buy if you are new to the business.

To cut off the hassle, you can rent several trucks, use them for some time, see how it works, and purchase that truck if it works right for you. Before you end up purchasing a box truck, renting a truck will help you make a good decision. 

#4 Helps You with Bearing a Breakdown 

Even if you own a nice box truck, you might need to rent another box truck. With the flow of time, your truck is destined to come to a breakdown, and while fixing it, you can use the rented truck without compromising your business. You can use the rented truck as a replacement or alternative without waiting on your main truck!

#5 Limited Cash Flow 

If you see that your business has tight cash flow, you may opt to rent a truck, as it greatly helps cut off financial risks. 

Owning a truck brings along a lot of related expenses, such as repairs and fixtures, maintenance, brake replacements, transmission failures, and so forth, and the cost to fix these is pretty high!

Again, your business should not look after these issues if you have rented a box truck. If the rented truck malfunctions, the rental company will get it fixed. 

Businesses with limited cash should always opt for rental trucks because coping with expenses can be very difficult without a positive cash flow. 

Fast and timely delivery graphic

Top Rental Companies and Their Offers

There are many rental companies in all over the United States, but do you know which companies are the most reliable?

Here is a table of America’s best truck rental companies. In this table, you can see the differences in rates and their service. 

Rental Company Home Depot Enterprise Truck Rental Penske Truck Rental Ryder Rentals U-Haul
Coverage Nationwide  Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide
Rates Starting price is $19 hour or $129 per day, and offers unlimited mileage for same location drop-off Starting at $85.99 per day, and charges $0.25 to$0.99 for a mile for same-location drop off Starting at $99.99 per day, and charges $0.99 to $1.29 per mile for same location drop-off Generally charges $39 per day, however, the rate is determined according to where you live. 

Ryder charges $0.99 or $1 each mile. 

Starts at a rate of $19.95 a day and charges $0.59 to $0.79 each mile for same location drop-off
One-way truck rentals No  No Yes  No  Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies offer the best 26-foot box truck with liftgate rental deals?

If you wish to know which moving truck Rental Company will be able to rent their 26-ft box trucks with liftgates, are as follow –

  • Best Overall – Penske 
  • Most Availability – U-Haul
  • Most  Number of Truck Sizes – Enterprise Truck Rental
  • Best at Local Prices – Budget Truck Rental
  • Appropriate for Quick Moving – Home Depot Truck Rental

What are the average monthly box truck rental rates in Texas and California?

When it comes to states like Texas and California, you will see the rates in California are pretty high due to greater demand for trucks as there is a shortage in truck availability. 

While in Texas, the rates are expected to be compared to California, as there is no shortage of trucks. 

According to U-Haul international source, a one-way 26-ft truck trip from Los Angeles in CA to Phoenix in Texas costs $1,978.

While the return journey from Phoenix to Los Angeles cost $186, almost 10x times less than the previous ride. 

A white 6-wheel truck

What do Box truck rental unlimited miles entail?

Box truck rental unlimited mileage means that you can drive their ted box truck as far as you want without paying any extra fees. If you plan to go interstate, this would be the best option!

Many rental companies offer 100 miles free, but it will cost you $0.25 a mile from then on if you exceed the limit. 

Currently, Penske is the only truck rental company in the United States that offers unlimited mileage for one-way moves. 

Pros and Cons of Enterprise box truck rental

Enterprise is one of America’s popular truck rental companies, and it offers a pool of trucks for personal moving. Their rates vary according to your location and availability, so the best option is to look online on their official website. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of Enterprise –


  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Offers 14 different trucks to choose from
  • Hassle-free loading and unloading.


  • Cost per mile is pretty high
  • Starting price is high


As you have read through the article, you know why one should rent a box truck and what benefits these trucks offer. 

Box trucks offer plenty of benefits, and the reasons are very much justified. If you wish to rent a box truck, there are five best truck rental companies available all over the country. Earlier in this article, we talked about the rates, costs, and services these rental companies offer. 


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