Starting A Box Truck Business Checklist – Run A Box Trucking Company for Logistics, Moving?

How To Start A Box Truck Business in 10 Simple Steps?

Are you looking for an interesting way to make money? If so, you can consider starting a box trucking business.

You don’t need a lot of money and time to start this business. 

Starting A Box Truck Business Checklist

You can start the business in just two weeks with a good plan with a new box truck or a used box truck.

Sounds interesting, right? So, read this post to learn how to successfully start a box trucking company. 

How To Start A Box Truck Business

10 Proven Ways To Start A Box Truck Business or Company 

#1 Analyze Your Strength and Weaknesses as Box Truck Owner Operator

Your first step to starting a box trucking company is doing a realistic self-assessment.

If you have prior experience in the business, either as a driver or employee, it would be of great help. It will help you build a successful career even if you are new to this sector. 

10 Proven Ways To Start A Box Truck Business or Company

Know your weaknesses and strengths per the trucking company to be aware of your ability.

You can also hire a professional familiar with different sides of the business.  Try asking yourself questions so you can know about your goals.

Ask yourself whether you have a similar experience? Is there a better opportunity in this business field?

When Is Starting A Trucking Company Business Plan Is Absolute Important?

#2 Hirer or Owner-Operator Trucking Business

Next, you need to understand whether you want to run an owner-operator business or you want to be a hirer.

If you wish to establish your business from scratch in no time, you must choose an owner-operator. 

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But if you are an independent driver, you can choose the hirer model as you are likely to have the required skills for making your business successful. 

It’s important to remember that this path is not suited for everyone as some people only like to handle the office side of work.

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You must decide whether you want to hire drivers or you will be driving yourself. 

To start a box truck business successfully, you also need to have fleet management knowledge, working capital, and a good understanding of legal liability to make better decisions. 

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#3 Draw Up Your Business Plan 

You need to draw up a realistic and successful business plan regardless of the type of trucking business operation you wish to start.

You need a comprehensive business plan that can help you understand exactly where your business will head in the next few years.

Also, the detailed business plan will help you arrive there. 

How much can you make from a box truck?

While creating a rock-solid business plan, don’t forget to include employees, required skills, equipment, and financing.

These are important elements that will provide you with desired growth in both the long and short term. 

You can get your company off the ground with the help of a well-written plan, as it can help you apply for commercial box truck business financing.  

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#4 Get the Right Permits and Commercial Driver’s License

The trucking business is a well-regulated sector that requires several permits, documents, and business licenses to bring a company into legal operations.

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You need a CDL- commercial driver’s license for your used or new box truck, USDOT number, and motor carrier number as you plan to start a box truck business. 

Before your box truck business runs, you must install electronic logging devices.

In addition, you need to know about the permits and necessary business licenses from your local authorities that you need to run your box truck business smoothly and legally.

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#5 Secure Comprehensive Insurance 

You need to have truck business insurance as a box truck business owner. It’s an absolute necessity and priority.

From issuing operating permits to cargo and liability-appropriate insurance, proper insurance coverage is required. 

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Your box truck business needs appropriate insurance because it is a protective measure.

Since box trucks run on high mileage and demanding schedules, it can result in inevitable maintenance demand. 

In addition, when you run one truck on the road, it can cripple your company.

The regular premiums you get for your box truck ensure that the carrier is at the risk of breakdowns, possible accidents, damages, and other major issues. 

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#6 Secure Sufficient Financing 

When you decide to start a new trucking business, you need to have enough financing to support payroll, office supplies, insurance, and legal fees. 

It’s seen that small lenders and banks do not focus on extensive operational history. They are willing to consider the loan application. Even approaching reputable leasing companies will greatly enhance your take off.

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#7 Setup Your Fleet

You need to have good-quality box trucks to start a successful box truck business.

So, after getting funding, you must purchase the best box trucks.

You must also consider opening a business bank account.

Can I buy used Budget trucks for my new trucking business?

Before purchasing trucks, asking yourself some questions can be helpful. You can ask yourself what truck will suit your box truck business model?

Do you want to make short-route operations, or will it be long-haul? What sort of cargo can handle your box truck business requirements? 

Properly scan the truck target market to find the right truck that matches your box truck business needs and routes.

Doing this and opening a business bank account will make your box truck business successful. 

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#8 Start with a Web-Based TMS 

You must stay at the top of your cash flow after your box truck business starts running smoothly.

By opting for a web-based transportation management system software, you can efficiently and cost-effectively keep the cash flow running all the time. 

Such software can also streamline your operations without causing a hindrance to your box truck business processing. 

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#9 Hire Truck Drivers and Employees 

Even with years of experience, you cannot run a new trucking business solo.

You can only grow your business if you have skilled employees who can efficiently manage the books, do book jobs, and answer the phone. 

#10 Find Customers 

After establishing your trucking business, you must find potential customers. You must target market your company, build a network, and advertise across different channels. 

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When Is Starting A Trucking Company Business Plan Is Absolute Important?

Starting a box truck business is highly lucrative. If you have significant business experience or are passionate about starting a business, you can create a plan.

Once the plan is created, you can work accordingly. 


What expert do I consult for a box truck business checklist? 

If you are willing to start a box truck business, you must contact transportation industry professionals who can help you start the business successfully. 

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Box truck business start-up costs? 

Depending on the truck’s size, the initial costs will vary. For light-duty trucks, you need $25,000 to $45,000.

Whereas, if it’s a medium-duty class 6 truck, you need $50,000 to $90,000. 

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How to get box truck contracts?

You can sign up as a carrier by going on Amazon Relay. If you want to get accepted, you need a valid MC number, DOT, and carrier entity type. 


Starting a box truck business sounds fun, but it requires significant effort. You will have a lot of work from legal paperwork, finding funding, and hiring employees to attract clients. 

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