Discover How Tall is A Box Truck and Maximum Box Truck Height Dimensions for Box Trucks Allowed

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Are you moving from large home into even bigger apartment? Or maybe you just want to ship some big and long stuff into storage?

So you desire to know the delivery box height, width and length before renting trucks? Good thoughts, however we can authoritative inform you that you’ll need 26 foot size box trucks designed to haul your plenty items on a single trip. 

In this detailed report, we not only provide expert info about how tall is a box truck but all inside and external dimensions of 26ft straight trucks.

Yes, 26″ box trucks is often high enough and spacious enough to accommodate your large luggage, even 5 bedroom cargo and you can rent one from top moving companies, such as Budget moving, Penske 26″ and Uhaul 26ft models – including trailers.  

3 Major Benefits of 26ft Cube Truck Height

The 26 foot box-truck is arguably the biggest and tallest rental truck you can find anywhere around. So, what is the height of 26-footer vans box?

The 26 ft box van height is about 102 inches (8.5 feet). The 26 foot box height gives it some unique and peculiar advantages but let’s see the 3 primary benefits.

Great 26 foot box truck height

  • More Interior space

The roof of a 25 ft box truck boast of maximum height and taller than all trucks rental, and with increased height comes increased space. The average models height are; Interior dimensions of 25-ft. 11 in. long x 8ft. 1 in. wide x 8ft. 1 in. high.

This truck has up to 192 sq. ft. of floor space, 1,700 cubic feet. of storage space, and a 10,000 lb. load capacity.

26” 24” 16”
Length 26’ 24’ 16’
Width 102″ 102″ 96″
Height 102″ 102″ 90″
Payload Up to 10,000 lbs Up to 10,000 lbs Up to 7,500 lbs
GVWR 25,999 lbs 25,999 lbs 14,500 lbs
Seating 3-person 3-person 3-person
Diesel Engine Yes Yes Yes
Dock Height Yes Yes No
Tuck-Under Lift Gate Yes Yes Yes
  • Loading Ramp

The inside height of 26 box van also determine that its dock height is immense. However the dock height poses no significant issue as it often comes with an easy-to-operate loading ramp. This means you can load heavier items and more items a lot easier.

  • Bigger fuel tank

A 26ft box-truck height gives more room for a bigger fuel tank than other box trucks, preventing frequent refills for longer moves. The fuel tank capacity of this box-truck is up to 70 gallons and an estimated 13 mpg.

How how tall is a box truck

How Tall is A Box Truck – 26ft Inside and Outside?

Depending on the rental company, there may be a few adjustments when answering this question, how tall are box trucks both inside and outside? The average 26ft box truck dimensions inside is 25-ft. 11 in. long x 8 ft. 1 in. wide x 8ft. 1 in. high. 

Now, going by the US metric system of 7.925 meters, 26ft is one of the largest sized trucks in the trucking business as well if you put together both 26′ interior and exterior.

How tall is a 26 foot box truck outside? The exterior of 26-foot trucks is averagely  34 feet in length and 10 feet in width.

The height is often between 12.5 and 13.5 feet. This dimension includes the Inside cargo area, outside from the ground up, and the truck’s cab area. 

These box trucks also comes with a large carrying capacity, it also has a payload of up to 10,000 lbs Penske, making it ideal for moving the properties in a 3 – 5 bedroom home. View how to stack it with pallets!

Truck type  Estimated Interior dimension  Estimated Exterior dimension
26-foot   26. x 8-ft x 8-ft (LxWxH) 34-ft x 10ft x 13-ft (LxWxH)

What is the Maximum Height of A Standard 26ft Straight Moving Truck?

How tall is a 26 foot straight truck? A 26-foot straight type is 102″ in height and has a width of a similar value i.e 102″.

It can haul a payload of 10000 pounds. A straight-truck is considered as one in which all axles are attached to a single frame. 

That is a single frame that extends from the front to the rear end of the trucks. The cargo container is attached to the frame and cannot be removed. Here’s truths about how tall is a semi trailer dimension!

inside widths and length of 26ft

What is Full 26 foot Box Trucks Dimensions?

The interior of a 26’ box truck are often different from its outside or exterior box truck dimensions because the former covers mainly the inside. 

Generally, the interior dimension is 26 foot x 8 foot x 8 foot (LxWxH). In comparison, the exterior dimensions measuring the cargo area and from the tires to the top are considerably higher and read 34ft x 10ft x 13ft (LxWxH).

Each dimension is estimates and not absolutes. They are often affected by the brands and models of the trucks. Let’s look at a few examples to explain this phenomenon further.

Truck brands Interior dimension  Exterior dimension
Isuzu FTR 26 26.2ft  x 8ft x 8.3ft (LxWxH) 33.7ft x 8.3ft x 12.7ft (LxWxH)
Freightliner M2 26ft x 8.5ft x 8.5ft (LxWxH) 33ft x 9ft x 13ft (LxWxH)
Hino 268 26ft x 8.5ft x 8.5ft (LxWxH) 33ft x 9.2ft x 12.8ft (LxWxH)
Ford F-650 24ft x 7.9ft x 8ft (LxWxH) 32ft x 9.5ft x 12.5ft (LxWxH)

What is The Length of Standard 26ft Straight Lorry?

The 26′ straight trucks dimensions will often differ according to the brand and model. However, the standard distance for a 26′ is 26 feet for interior size and 34 for exterior or overall size. A 26′ straight truck height is often 8.5 ft for its interior and 12.5 or 13-ft for its exterior height.

What is 26 ft Chassis Cab Width?

Now, how wide is a 26ft box truck? The interior width of a 26-foot is often between 94 inches to 102 inches, which is 7.9 feet to 8.5 feet, while the exterior width varies between 99.6 inches to 114 inches. (8.3ft to 9.5ft) 

The width may differ with respect to the manufacturer’s preference. Let’s see some examples of different width of 26 footer from other manufacturers.

Truck brands Interior Width dimension  Exterior Width dimension
Isuzu FTR 26 96 inches or 8″ 99.6 inches or  8.3″
Freightliner M2 102 inches or 8.5″  108 inches or 9″
Hino 268 102 inches or 8.5″  110.4 inches or  9.2″ 
Ford F-650 94.8 inches or 7.9″  114 inches or  9.5″


FAQ About How Tall Are Box Trucks for Moving?

How big and weight of a 26 foot?

So, how big is a 26 foot moving truck? Definitely 26 foot present an intimidating built from outside view. Inside though, it’s even bigger with enough space to haul significant mass during the transit to your destination.

It has inside dimension of 26’×8.5’×8.5′ (L×W×H) with a volume cargo capacity of 1800 cu ft and a gross vehicle weight of almost 30000 lbs.

Is 26 foot with liftgate vs ramp?

Getting your vintage dresser up a truck when moving is a feat only Hercules can do. That’s why there is needs for assistant pieces of equipment like a ramp or a lift gate.

But there’s been a lot of debate on which one is the best, and here are some points that will help you determine the best option based on safety, reliability, convenience and operation

Are 26-foot box truck sizes big enough for business?

The number of bedrooms you’re moving determines the exact box truck sizes or simply, how big the truck you’ll be using should be. Meaning if you’re moving up to four bedrooms to a new place, you need a considerably bigger truck to contain everything, than when you are moving into a studio apartment. 

A 26-foot truck is one of the biggest moving vehicles available for lease and with measurements of 26’×8.5’×8.5′, it is the perfect size to get all your belongings to your destination in a single trip. In conclusion, a 26-foot is big enough for hauling cargo for up to a four bedroom apartment.

Summary of height and truck centers!

So, how tall is a box-truck of standard 26 foot? It is vital to have every details of box trucks height and related measurements before you rent from any truck centers near you, as well help you have better knowledge of exact size to deploy for your moving.

Fleet of large box trucks


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Discover How Tall is A Box Truck and Maximum Box Truck Height Dimensions for Box Trucks Allowed

Are you moving from large home into even bigger apartment? Or maybe you just want to ship some big and long stuff into storage? So you desire to know the delivery box height, width and


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