Best Ways to Pack and Loading A Moving Truck Properly

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While moving houses can be an exciting affair, it’s not always quick and easy. By renting a moving truck, you can save the cost of paying a moving company or hiring a driver.

However, you will need to understand how to pack a moving truck.

By using the truck space properly you can reduce the chances of making multiple trips. It can also help to distribute the weight of the track properly.

Understanding simple ideas to loading a moving truck can help prevent damage to fragile items. From how you position the furniture to where you pack the small items, you can easily maximize space.

To help you pack your truck properly, we have created a guide on packing and loading a moving truck.

loading off sofa

Necessary supplies to loading and pack a moving truck

In order to pack your truck in a safe and efficient way, you will need some extras items to help move the heavy items and to protect the more delicate ones.

You should, therefore, plan to get them from the local hardware or supply store in advance. These include:

  • A dolly to move the heavy furniture,
  • Furniture pads, plastic stretch wraps, and paper padding to protect the furniture from damage,
  • Straps to hold the furniture in place,
  • A plastic wrap or large tarp to cover the truck’s floor.

You can rent padding from the truck rental company.

Disassemble furniture

One of the items that take a lot of space when packing trucks is furniture. To save on space, make sure that you have disassembled and taken all furniture apart.

These include tables, desks, and bed frames. Make sure you tape these pieces together. Ensure that you do the same thing for the longer items such as poles and skins, lamp parts, and lamp bases.

For instance, by disassembling the dining table, you can store it in a standing position in the truck.

If there are large pieces of furniture that are hard to disassemble, you can put moving boxes and other smaller items inside drawers.

This will help maximize the space in the truck and also ensure that the weight of the furniture is evenly distributed.

pack mattress

Pack the heaviest items first

You should begin by loading heavier items that may require two or more people to lift.

These include mattresses, tables, bed frames, couches, musical gadgets like Piano, fridges, chairs, washers/dryers, coffee tables, and many more. Read our Piano guide here!

Due to the weight of these items, put them at the bottom of the truck so that they don’t crush other items. 

They should also be kept against the furthest wall close to the cab. Ensure that the items remain in an upright position. Keep the truck balanced by putting heavy items on the opposite side.

Ensure that wooden corners and surfaces are protected using furniture padding. This is worth it as it will be easier for you to slide heavier pieces into the truck.

Put couches, tables, and headboards in a standing position

The big pieces of furniture that take large cubic feet should be packed horizontally. 

Ensure that the couches, tables, and headboards are placed in a vertical and upright position. Ensure that you provide them with extra padding.

You can use plastic wrap and planets to protect upholstered chairs and couches.

This will prevent the expensive items from getting damaged when in transit. It will also protect the smaller items from getting crushed.

carry carpets

Roll up carpets and rugs

Ensure that you roll carpets and rugs and put them in a plastic wrap to save on space on the truck. Ensure that the rugs are well cleaned before they are rolled so as to avoid bad odor.

It’s advisable to roll the rugs with the top side looking up. This will ensure that there is no straining or damage on the rug’s backing.

Load other items starting with the biggest one

Now it’s time to load the items, starting with the heaviest and biggest boxes. Ensure that the boxes are put on top of furniture and appliances.

Any gaps between the desk, tables, and chair seats should be filled with soft, crushable items such as bags with clothing, garbage bags, lines, and beddings. Ensure that there are no fragile items on the heavy boxes.

Delivery guy pushes trolley

Load lighter items last

Once all the heavy items are loaded, you can now move to the lighter items. Start with the medium-weight items before moving to the lightweight items.

These include appliances, small furniture, and moving boxes, Stack them on top of the heavier items. Keep the boxes stacked in rows so that they get to the top of the truck.

Ensure that fragile items such as TVs, mirrors, and pictures are well protected before you can load them into the truck. Mattresses should be put in their bags.

Kitchen appliances should be put in their original boxes so as to track them easily.

Collectibles, jewelry, and other valuables should be put in separate, well-labeled boxes. Ensure that all light items are wedged or strapped down to prevent them from moving.

 It’s also advisable to put important documents separately. Avoid putting them in areas where they can be crashed. Ensure that your everyday essentials are put in an easy-to-reach space.

carry sofas and boxes

Fill holes with oddly shaped items

The last items to load should be the oddly-shaped ones. You should ensure that these are tied down so that they don’t move around during transportation.

One of the best places where you can keep the fragile boxed items should be in cubby holes below tables, desks, and below chair legs.

Finally, you should load items that can be put in holes and aren’t fragile. These include bags with clothes, blankets, towels, linens, garage items, shoes and boots, and other times that would break.

Flat items such as mirrors and artworks can be slipped between mattresses.

Ensure that the weight is evenly distributed

You will want to ensure that the weight of the truck is evenly distributed at the back.

This will make it easier for you to load and unload without a deluge of falling boxes. It will also be easier to control the truck when driving.

Strap the items

Ensure that all items are secured well with straps so that they don’t shift around during transportation. It’s advisable to strap down one section of the truck each at a time.

For instance, when you finish loading the heavier items, strap them in place.

You can then strap the medium size items, followed by the lightweight items, and so on. By strapping all moving items, you can easily hold them in place.

2 men place sofa into box truck

Avoid overpacking boxes

A common mistake that people make when packing is to try to cram all their items in a few pack boxes and cardboard boxes.

This makes it hard for them to lift such boxes. In order to have easy to lift loads, maintain the weight of boxes to less than 50 pounds.

Other tips for loading a moving truck

It can be tricky packing and loading a moving truck. Here are extra strips to make the whole moving process completely hassle-free.

  • If you will not be packing the rented truck in your driveway, you should reserve a convenient place in front of your home door.
  • Be keen as a single wrong step can mess the whole process.
  • Ensure that the items you need during the trip and the most important ones (documents, electronics, and Jewelry) remain close to you in the cab. This will ensure that they don’t get lost during transportation.
  • Load the truck in layers with each of them independently packed and secured. This will ensure that the items don’t bump into one another or rub again items from the next layer.
  • Ensure that all items on the truck are fully immobilized.
  • Secure the items as you load them. All items should be tied down to keep them safe.
  • Avoid putting heavy boxes on top of furniture with thin legs.
  • Ensure that sharp objects or with protruding edges aren’t packed against wood or upholstered furniture.

Delivery man takes stock

  • If you have several people helping you with the moving, you should designate two to remain at the back of the truck as the others carry items. This can make the entire process faster and will ensure a tighter and well-fitting load. When the same people arrange the truck, they can understand the best location for each item.
  • After all the items have been loaded on the truck, replace the ramp, close the truck, and put the safety pins.
  • Keep yourself safe.
  • Wear the right clothing that is fitted for the weather condition. Wear closed shoes that have a good grip and work gloves. Don’t wear baggy clothes or long jewelry pieces that can easily get snagged and cause you to fall.
  • Use auxiliary moving equipment such as furniture sliders and dollies. The items should be secured on a dolly. The load should be kept well-balanced.
  • Understand your route before you lift items and consider your path. Be careful when moving.
  • Before you lift an item, ensure that you have a good footing.
  • Lift with the legs with bended knees as you pick items or set them down. Ensure that your back remains straight during the process.
  • When lifting heavy items, get a second person to support  the item when moving downstairs or even up the ramp.
  • Ensure that the loading ramp is well extended. It should also be dry and without any debris.
  • Label the boxes well so that they will be easier to unpack.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that can easily snag on furniture. This can help to reduce the chances of accidents.
  • Heavy items such as books should be placed in small boxes while lighter items should be placed in larger boxes. This makes it easier to organize and pack boxes in the moving truck.
  • When you start feeling dizzy as a result of lifting a lot of furniture, take a break.
  • Lift using your legs and not your back.

packing heavy item

Get moving assistance if necessary

It can be tiresome and dangerous to load a moving truck. If you feel that aren’t up to the challenge or don’t have enough manpower to come and help you, you may need to consider hiring professional moving assistance.

There are also companies that provide loading and unloading services. They can send several movers to your home to help with the loading of items.

If they have countrywide services, they can send another team to help with the unloading when you get to your destination.

The workers can help disassemble the furniture, prepare bigger items for shipping and load the truck. If you wish to, you can limit their services to loading and unloading heavy items.


Packing a moving truck can be an overwhelming experience. It gets even harder to arrange the furniture in a way that allows you to maximize your space and minimize damage.

The whole tasks require a lot of care and deliberation. Avoid doing it in a frantic and mad dash. By following the above steps, you can expect faster, easier, and stress-free packing and moving.

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