Discover 4 of the Best Hybrid Pop Up Camper on The Market This Year

What is a hybrid pop up camper?

A hybrid pop up camper is a travel trailer and a pop up camper. In other words, most of it is hard-sided and a part of it is soft-sided and can be popped up at the campground to make it more spacious.

Hybrid pop up campers are generally lighter than most similar sized ordinary travel trailers.

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4 Best Hybrid Pop Up Camper

  • Forest River Rockwood Roo 21SS

Among Rockwood hybrid campers, no camper is much better than this one. With its 2 tent-end sleeping quarters, this rig can sleep a total of six people.

There are several things that make this camper to feel very special. They include a full kitchen and a full bathroom. These things plus this rig’s feature-rich living area make it feel like a high-end New York studio apartment because of its size.

The bathroom includes storage areas including a linen closet. The amenities in the living area include a big TV, a complete stove setup, a dinette, and a sofa.

This machine also comes with plenty of storage spaces – no wonder is highly regarded as one of the best hybrid campers models on the market today.

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  • Palomino SolAire Expandable 163X

hybrid pop up camper
Courtesy: PalominaRV

This Palomino expandable RV is one of the top level hybrid camper trailers in America! It is extremely luxurious and has all the features and amenities you need for a pleasant and luxurious camping experience.

It comes with two tent-end sides. On each side there is a queen sized bed. So a total of four people can sleep on a queen bed in this model.

More people can sleep in its other sleeping areas bringing the total number of people to seven. In short, this Palomino has enough room for everyone to sleep and have fun.

It also has a couch, a dinette, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Its fresh water capacity is forty-four gallons and its grey water capacity is 38 gallons. Its black water capacity is 30 gallons.

Based on these figures, you should have enough water for a short camping trip without needing to refill fresh water or to empty your grey and black water tanks.

Considering the weight of this hybrid travel trailer, you should make sure your current vehicle can actually safely tow it over long distances.

If it cannot, you will need to purchase a more powerful SUV or truck if you want to safely tow this Palomino.

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  • Jayco Jay Feather X23B

This Jayco Jay Feather is a work of art. It has plenty of living space especially when its hybrid part is deployed. The hybrid part of this trailer is primarily where the sleeping happens, while the hard-sided part is the kitchen and dining area.

At 26-foot long, this Jayco has every amenity you would expect in a big RV including a complete kitchen and a complete bathroom.

It also has storage compartments both inside and outside. You can carry all the campground essentials plus extra stuff you want without running out of room.

This rig has water tank capacities you will love. It will allow you to carry plenty of fresh water to survive off-grid for about three days and to use the toilet as many times as you wish without filling up its black water tank.

The carrying capacity of this vehicle being 1,000 pounds means you can carry more water, propane tanks, and other camping stuff if you wish.

  • Forest River R-Pod RP-189

This is one of the top-quality hybrid RVs on the market! It is perfect for those who want an RV that is easy to tow and that can be made more spacious if need be at the campground.

The kitchen in this travel trailer is what stands out the most about it. It is an amazing kitchen that works wonderfully well for it. It has everything you need to prepare quick meals.

Right next to this kitchen is a sizeable 74-inch sofa. It is suitable for relaxing indoors after enjoying the outdoors the whole day.

This trailer’s bed is a big queen bed with a quality residential-style mattress. You will feel well rested when you wake up from sleeping on this mattress.

This Forest River R-Pod comes with exterior storage meaning you can bring with you all essential items you will need plus extra camping items just to be safe.

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Hybrid Campers for Sale: New Models Vs Used Campers

You should always go for new hybrid campers and not used ones. Why? The reason is simple. The pop-out part of hybrid campers is made of canvas and it becomes more vulnerable to damage with time.

For this reason, when you purchase a used hybrid RV, its canvas will be very much used and almost on the verge of breaking down or getting damaged.

So always go for a new hybrid travel trailers for sale, if you really want a hybrid RV that you can use stress-free for a long time.

Pros and Cons of Expandable Hybrid Travel Trailer

Expandable hybrid camper have several pros and cons.


  • They are lightweight but yet have more space than similarly-sized ordinary travel trailers because they have a pop-out
  • They are very easy to set up unlike real pop-up RVs because a portion of them is hard-sided aka already set up
  • They are quite flexible because you do not need to set up the pop-out if you do not want to and you can set it up whenever necessary
  • They are more protective than ordinary pop-up campers because they are pretty much 80 percent hard-sided


  • It is difficult to control the temperature inside them because the canvas will let in the cold or the heat from the outside
  • The pop-out part is vulnerable to damage and can quickly start leaking if quality is bad
  • The pop-out part does not offer the same security as the hard-sided part because it can be cut

They are a bit noisy because the pop-out canvass part will not block sound as well has the hard-sided part.


  • What is the lightest or small hybrid camper?

Some of the models discussed above are small, but Sportsmen Classic 13FKT is very hybrid RV. But remember they generally have small cargo area.

  • Where can I get used hybrid campers for sale?

Most resellers and RV dealers usually sell used hybrid campers as hundreds of owners listing their used campers on online outdoor equipment sites such as RVTrader, RVT etc.

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