Ice Cream Truck Rental

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about renting an ice-cream truck including the usefulness of an ice cream vehicles, and the best ice cream truck rental companies in the United States.

Let’s begin.

Why Rent an Ice Cream Truck?

People rent an ice cream van for one of two reasons: to start a business like the old fashioned ice cream truck business. Or, to offer ice creams during events to sweeten the good times.

Most people who rent ice cream machine do so for events.

There are many different types of events where an food truck nearby will make things much better.

The events include big birthday parties, corporate events, music festivals, carnivals, parades, marches, mass wedding, outdoor concerts, family good times, and so on.

In some of these events, the event organizers pay for everything making the ice cream free to attendees.

While in other events, organizers only pay to bring the trucks to their events. In such situations, event attendees have to pay for their ice cream.

As mentioned above, people also rent it to sell ice cream like the once popular Orange ice cream truck.

However, please note that instead of renting for business is not wise. This is because leasing is usually much cheaper than renting.

Major Ice Cream Rental Companies

  1. Mister Softee – Since 1950’s

Mister. Softee Inc. is one of the largest ice cream vehicle renting and franchising companies in the North East of the United States.

According to the company’s official website, it is the largest franchiser of ice cream trucks birthday rental in the United States.

The company has been around since the 1950’s – from the old school days to present times. And continues to making great-tasting ice cream.

To rent an ice cream truck from Mister Softee, you have to send in an early notice and then the company will contact the franchisee nearest to you to send a truck to your event.

As of now, Mister Softee has multiple locations in eighteen states across America.

The locations include St. John Country, Houston, Pensacola, Palm City, Chester County, Washington DC, Cumberland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Bridgeport, West Haven, Bloomington, Bronx, New Jersey, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Athens, Richmond, and Virginia Beach.

To rent a Mister Softee ice cream van, you simply need to contact the nearest location to where you are.

  1. Captain Kool

Just like Mister Softee, Captain Kool has been around for ages and evolved from the old school days of the 60’s to modern chain, catering to wide audiences!

The company makes very nice ice cream products and is popular at company events, school events, fundraisers, community events, fairs, parties, and so on.

The firm has been in operation for over three decades now – from the old fashioned ice cream days to present. It offers both ice cream cart and ice-cream truck rentals.

The best thing about the business is the fact that its ice cream rental prices are very affordable.

The daily truck rental charge for a Captain Kool truck is $150 dollars. Other costs including truck reservation costs, driver costs and so on must be factored in when renting a truck.

If you have a small event, you will find it much easier to rent an ice cream cart.

Captain Kool primarily operates in the Detroit metro area.

The cities where it operates include Detroit, Birmingham, Warren, Troy, Royal Oak, Grosse Pointe, Sterling Heights, Livonia, Ann Arbor, Madison Heights, and Pontiac.

  1. Ben And Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s has been in operation since the late seventies. It has evolved from the old style to truly modern giants.

It is a massive ice cream company that manufactures sorbet, yogurt, and ice cream.

While it was founded as a small business in Vermont, it has grown tremendously and it is now a part of the massive Unilever Group.

The company has production facilities in Saint Albans, Waterbury, Henderson, and even has ice cream social / catering services in Washington DC.

In terms of ice-cream rentals, the company offers catering to birthday, building, wedding, backyard, and office parties.

You simply need to call them and ask them to come to your event and they will come and set up everything. They will even clean-up after the party is done.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You now know everything you need to know about ice cream truck rentals for wedding, children party etc.

From the original like vintage hot rod ice cream with nostalgic treats. The old school style and to latest creaming offers.

You simply need to contact an ice cream renting location near you to get rent a cart or a truck for your event.

For example, search online for “Ben and Jerry’s near me” to get a list of the nearest Ben and Jerry’s locations.

Other popular brands are Neighborhood ice cream truck, Captain Kool, Kelly’s ice cream, Danny’s, Frosty Freeze ice cream, Mistar Softee etc.

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