Are There Uhaul Ez Pass? What is Uhaul Tolls and How to Apply Them In A Rental truck?

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How do Uhaul tolls work for both the company, the renter customers and government authorities? Most states in the U.S. have toll roads, so when driving trucks within a state or across states, you may have to pay charges at toll roads, toll bridges, or toll tunnels. 

So, can I use my EZ Pass or tag in a rental truck or if there U-haul with iPass electronic toll payment systems? The ensuing segment shed more light on above queries as well U-haul tolls rates and much more!

What are Uhaul Tolls and Fees and How Do Operate Them?

Uhaul and toll company work together, which means when you drive their trucks through the toll as a renter, you don’t have to pay the fees then and there.

While traveling on the tolled road, the U-haul renter is usually charged on the E-Z pass or the toll card. How? When the company’s rented truck/ rental car reaches the toll, a signal will be sent to the card, and the toll administrative fees will be deducted from U-haul account.

But this doesn’t mean the company will pay the toll on your behalf. The same amount will later be charged to your rental bill, so make sure you are aware of this fact when signing the rental contract. So, in short – yes, U-haul goes through tolls and will charge you for them later.

How uhaul tolls works

Can I Use My EZ Pass In Rental Trucks and Similar Information Needed?

Yes, you can use your EZ-Pass in a U-haul rental truck as long as the vehicles registered on your E-zpass account is the same type as the Uhaul truck. Otherwise, you’d have to add the information of the truck to your EZPass account. 

Also, ensure you have updated the information regarding the vehicle you are driving because every vehicles type is charged differently by the toll administration.

So, if you have an EZ system for your car and rent a U-haul truck for moving houses or any other work, you need to feed that information into the system, or else the pass won’t work.

Moreover, when you use it for toll payment, the registered owner (U-Haul, in this case) will be billed for it, who will later bill you for the same amount.

Hence, even if you plan to use EZ Uhaul for driving their rental truck, know that you’ll be indirectly paying the fees.

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Are There U-haul Tolls E-zpass? Can I Use it?

Yes, you can use your E.Z in a Uhaul truck as they company doesn’t provide transponders with their vehicles.  However, the vehicle registered on your EZ account must be of the same class as the truck. Otherwise, you’d have to add the information to your account. 

How Does EZ Pass Work With U-haul Truck?

Do uhauls have ez system? Fortunately, yes! You can now opt for EZ pass rental truck, which will help you get past toll booths without having to stop and pay cash. 

All you need to do is add the toll to your reservation while booking online or over the phone, and a U-haul ez-pass will be provided in your reserved vehicle. 

When the registered truck driven by will go through the toll booth, the toll is automatically charged to the company’s account, and you will be later billed for the same amount by U-haul.

Yet, this payment method is super convenient and time-saving for people looking to rent a uhaul and who don’t want to deal with cash payments at tolls.

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Can I Use U-haul iPass with Other Tolls System?

When renting a U-Haul, one of the questions usually pop around is: can I use my iPass in a truck? The answer is yes, you can! iPass is an electronic toll payment card that lets you pay your toll through a card without having to spare any cash.

The iPass option can be used on toll roads when renting a U-Haul truck or car. All you need to do is tell the U-Haul representative that you have an iPass, get it updated with the vehicle information, and you should be able to use it on the toll roads.

iPass: All You Need to Know

iPass is a digital transponder usually fixed on the windshield of a vehicle, and allows drivers to move through toll plazas without having to stop and pay.

The toll fees is instead deducted automatically from the owner of the vehicle’s account.  You can use iPass (regular or commercial transponder) with a U haul trailer when traveling on Illinois tollway, Chicago Skyway, Indiana toll roads, and in 17 other states.

When driving a U-haul trailer or truck through a toll booth or toll plaza, your iPass will receive a signal from a radio antenna.

This activates the transponder and sends back an identifying number that describes the vehicle’s use of the road. The toll will then be debited from the registered vehicle owner’s account. iPass users benefit from a 50% discount. 

How Do You Pay Tolls In A U haul?

Does uhaul pay for tolls? Or do you have to pay tolls? When hiring a truck or car from U Haul, you’d need clarification about when, how, and where to pay for tolls.

U haul does not pay for tolls; all the customers have to pay them at their convenience. There are two ways of paying for tolls in a truck or car, either electronic or cash payment, depending on the road you use:

Not busy busy road

  • Electronic Payment

You can use an electronic toll system to pay the tolls. When you reach a toll and use the electronic-pass, the vehicle’s operator will be charged the fee (U-Haul). The company will later bill you the same amount as the paid tolls at the end of your rental period.

  • Cash Payment

If you are using a road not covered by any electronic payment system, you’ll have to pay for the tolls in cash. U haul-toll payment will vary according to the states you are using.

Some states like Florida, California, Arizona, and New Jersey offer U-Haul customers discounted tolls. While in some other states, you’ll have to pay the full amount for the toll.

It is always recommended to check the different toll rates before hiring a truck or car from U-Haul so that you can plan your budget accordingly because the company won’t be covering it up for you.

How Much Does U-haul Charge for Tolls?

U-haul doesn’t charge for tolls, they merely forward the bill received from the state’s tolling agency to their customers. Toll prices differ by state and their toll roads, but generally, toll payment for u-haul rentals can be up to $3.50.  U-haul charges an additional administrative fee of $1 per toll charge.

Can U haul Go Through Tolls?

Yes, you can use U-haul to go through tolls. Depending on your vehicle type and rental agreement with them, you may also be able to pay for your tolls using the electronic passes issued by the company.

Passes like these allow the renters to go through the express lane without having to stop and pay cash at the toll booth as the company is directly billed for the administrative charges.

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FAQ about EZ Pass or iPass!

Questions about iPass trailer rates?

The iPass trailer rates vary according to different states of the US. But on average, it starts from anywhere near $30, consisting of a base rate, a tolling charge, and a refundable deposit.

Can I use my transponder in a U-haul?

Yes, you can. To activate transponder iPass with U-Haul, you must get hold of your registered iPass transponder, including the IDOT transponder, and ask the U-Haul representatives to activate it for the required rental period during rental booking.

Summary of U-haul tolls!

Now you know more about tolls and how they connect with your iPass or E.Z with your U-haul trailer. iPass helps you to save money, time, and avoid fines.

A regular or commercial iPass transponder can be used for your trailer, but for EZ system, the registered vehicle on the account must be the same vehicle class as the rental truck or trailer. When in doubt, contact the customer service.

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