Does Uhaul Have EZ Pass or iPass?

Most states in the U.S. have toll roads, so when driving a Uhaul trailer within a state or across states, you may have to pay at toll roads, toll bridges, or toll tunnels. 

Many states in the U.S. have adopted open road tolling systems to replace toll booths. So instead of stopping and paying with cash, drivers don’t have to stop, and they pay with electronic toll payment systems such as EZ Pass in Virginia or iPass in Illinois. Yes, we know what you’re thinking; most states have their payment system. 

If you’re renting a trailer from Uhaul and moving interstate, it’s very normal to wonder if you can make use of iPass to pay tolls. The ensuing segment shed more light on that. Ride with us!

Can I Use iPass With Uhaul Trailer?

iPass: All You Need to Know 

iPass is a digital transponder usually fixed on the windshield of a vehicle, and allows drivers to pass toll plazas without having to stop and pay. The toll fee is instead deducted automatically from the owner of the vehicle’s account. 

You can use iPass (regular or commercial transponder) with a Uhaul trailer when traveling on Illinois tollway, Chicago Skyway, Indiana toll roads, and in 17 other states (through EZ Pass).

When driving a Uhaul trailer or truck through a toll booth or toll plaza, your iPass will receive a signal from a radio antenna.

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This activates the transponder and sends back an identifying number that describes the vehicle’s use of the road. The toll will then be debited from the registered vehicle owner’s account. iPass users benefit from a 50% discount. 

Can it Be Used With Uhaul Trailer?

You can also pay tolls for your Uhaul rental using EZ Pass. However, in most cases, the class of the vehicle listed on your EZ Pass account has to be the same as that of the rental vehicle for this to work.

This means you can’t use the EZ Pass for a regular car if you’re driving a rental truck or trailer with dual rear wheels because it’s billed at a higher toll.

In other cases, you can simply just add the information of the Uhaul rental to your EZ Pass account, and you’re good to go. Note that Uhaul doesn’t provide transponders with their rental vehicles.

Tolls are paid by the registered owner of a vehicle, so if you rent a truck or trailer from UHaul, they will receive the charge. UHaul, then bills the renter, as stated and agreed in the rental contract addendum.

If the renter has a credit card, Uhaul will charge it, and if not, an email or text will be sent to the renter notifying them of the charge and advising them to pay at a reduced admin fee within 7 days of receiving the bill.

If somehow, renters refuse to pay, Uhaul will forward the bill to the toll collection agency to pursue payment or issue a penalty notice. 

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FAQ about EZ Pass or iPass!

Does Uhaul have EZ Pass? And can you use it?

Yes, you can use your EZ Pass in a Uhaul truck as Uhaul doesn’t provide transponders with their vehicles. However, the vehicle registered on your EZ Pass account must be of the same class as the Uhaul truck. Otherwise, you’d have to add the information of the Uhaul truck to your EZ Pass account. 

How much does u-haul charge for tolls?

U-haul doesn’t charge for tolls, they merely forward the bill received from the state’s tolling agency to their customers.

Toll prices differ by state and their toll roads, but generally, toll payment for u-haul rentals can be up to $3.50. U-haul charges an additional administrative fee of $1 per toll charge. 

Can I use my EZ Pass in a rental truck?

How Much Does U-Haul Charge For Tolls?

Yes, you can use your EZ Pass in a rental truck as long as the vehicle registered on your EZ Pass account is the same type as the Uhaul truck.

Otherwise, you’d have to add the information of the Uhaul truck to your EZ Pass account. 

Can U Haul go on highway?

Yes, U Haul can go on highways. 

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Does U Haul have GPS tracking on trailers?

Most U Haul trailers do not have GPS trackers. U Haul uses GPS trackers for less than 10% of their rentals. 

Do Penske trucks have toll transponders?

Penske doesn’t provide transponders with their vehicles. They advise customers to add the rented vehicle’s registration to their transponder account. Otherwise, Penske will send toll charges to customers every week.


Now you know you can use your iPass or EZ Pass with your Uhaul trailer. iPass helps you to save money, time, and avoid fines.

A regular or commercial iPass transponder can be used for your Uhaul trailer, but for EZ PASS, the registered vehicle on the account must be the same vehicle class as the rental truck or trailer.

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