What Is Budget Truck After Hours Drop Off?

After hours drop off on Budget trucks means dropping off the rented truck after exceeding the allocated time or hours. In other words, you are returning the rented truck after the stipulated hours or time range of rental. 

More often as we see today, renting rates for an automobile follow a 24-hour clock in most renting agencies or companies. 

Budget offers a 29-minute grace period after your rental time for you to return the truck. After this grace period, additional charges for extra hours will come into play.

In the same vein, rentals exceeding three hours from the drop-off time will be charged as another day’s rental fee. Lastly, charges for optional insurance, optional waver, and surcharges come into play on a 24-hour basis. 

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What Is Budget Drop Off After Hours for Rental?

Frequently Asked Queries!

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you understand Budget’s drop off policy better.

What is a drop-off fee?

A drop-off fee is a fee that applies when you decide to return a rented car to a location that differs from where you picked it up. It is a fixed charge for a privilege or professional services.

Does Budget charge a drop-off fee?

Budget as a rental company does not have a drop-off fee. A drop-off fee is only called into action when you decide to drop off a rented vehicle at a different location without informing an agent. This decision of yours will lead to a $45 charge. 

Can I drop off my budget truck after hours?

Yes, you can drop off your Budget truck after hours. All the rental locations on Budget have an overnight drop-off box. The location staff will walk you through the overnight drop-off procedure at the time of your rental. 

As they say, ”all vehicles are parked at owners’ risk”. Hence, any damage to the truck after office hours will be charged to your account.

How do I return a rental car after hours on Budget?

It is possible to return a rental car after hours on Budget. Remember to ask the location staff to walk you through the return process at the time of rental. Damages incurred after office hours to the vehicle will be your responsibility.

How do I stop one-way drop-off charges?

A one-way drop-off fee is money you pay when you decide to pick up your rental vehicle at one location and drop it off at a different location. This fee covers the cost your rental company needs to take your rental back to its original point. 

To beat the one-way drop-off fee, we advise that you plan your trip ahead of time. If you decide to pick up at one location and drop off at another point, you can look out for an all-inclusive deal in your search. 

An all-inclusive deal is a package offered by some rental companies that have a one-way fee included in its offer. Therefore, you will not be required to pay any extra charge when you drop off at a different location.

All-inclusive deals are also helpful in cases when dropping off in a different location is impromptu. You will find all the needed information for every rental in its Terms and conditions. 

Can you return a Budget truck to a different location?

Yes, you can return a budget truck to a different location from where the rental occurred. However, this option must be a part of your rental package. If it is not, you will have to call an agent. 

Renting a truck at one location and returning it at a different location is what we call a one-way rental.

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Do Budget truck late return fees apply to all vehicles?

Except for special occasions and seasons, a late return fee will apply on all Budget truck vehicles. 

We advise that you plan your schedule well because failure to return a rental vehicle at the agreed-upon time will hinder the flow of rentals for other customers.

How much does Budget charge for different drop off locations?

Budget does not require any drop-off fee on rentals as other rental companies do. However, dropping off the automobile at a different location than what you indicated when making your reservation will attract an extra fee of $45 minimum. 

This charge or fee comes into play when you drop off at a different location without informing an agent first.

How much does Budget charge for an extra hour?

Budget always gives a 29-minute grace period for you to make returns just in case something out of the ordinary hinders you. However, once you exceed the 30 minutes mark, you will be charged an hourly car rate. 

In addition to this, taxes may apply. If the situation gets worse and you are 7 hours late without calling it in to at least extend your rental, Budget will charge you a $10 per day late fee.

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What is a drop off fee?

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Does Budget truck FAQ help customers?

Yes, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Budget trucks are of great help to customers. They answer a reasonable amount of questions that often bug the mind of most people and enlighten the grey areas about the rental service. 


After hours drop off for Budget trucks is possible, but it will always come at an extra cost. We advise that you make good use of the extra time (period of grace) given for drop off. Drop off at a different location is possible, but you have to call in first. Failure to do so will result in an extra fee.

Finally, weigh station rules differ from state to state. Therefore, you should research the rules governing the states along your route.