How Good is Maxon Lift-Gate for Vehicles?

As a leader in tail lifts, Maxon offers functional and practical lift-gate models with high load capacity.

The primary drive for this innovation comes from the fact that Maxon is a family business.

As a family, they aim to create the best possible products to meet and support consumers’ needs through a uniform network of professionals so that you can meet your delivery schedules at all times.

This has been the target for Maxon since 1957 when Max Lugash developed the first Tuk ‑ A ‑ Way hatchback.

As a family business, first and foremost, they do not have to wait for approval that comes from halfway around the world; hence, you don’t have to worry about whether or not company managers understand your needs.

You then have instant access to the family management team of Maxine, Casey, and Brent, for decisions that affect your business ability…

… grab the phone and talk to them, and you would be assured of quick responses, rational conversations, and a job well done that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Also, you can ultimately count on Maxin liftgate companies to continue to innovate and bring you the best products.

This alone has made it possible to become the largest brand manufacturer of liftgates in the world.

A Short Overview

Maxon became the leader in tail lifts in 1957; when Max Lugash developed the first Tuk-A-Way hatchback.

To achieve this, the Maxon lift-gate company was pushed by innovation.

This push led the Maxon company to focus on the point of integrated products that perfectly meet a wide range of needs.

C2 Maintenance For Vans and Other Applications

The product range has been developed, taking into account consumers’ needs and being the best liftgate in the world.

By incorporating advancements like galvanizing, which is the most durable finish available for a tail lift, shifting mechanisms with leveling, and hydraulic locks, tail lifts Maxon indeed set the benchmark for the best hatchbacks in the world, regardless of their use.

State of The Art Construction

Maxon Lift-Gate with boxesThe highest quality of Maxon products demands an equally sophisticated manufacturing facility.

In line with this, the Maxon company, therefore, chose to build a new tail lift manufacturing line.

This allowed them to design the layout of the workshops, tools, and working methods that corresponded perfectly to the needs of drivers.

The Liftgate Capacity

LIGHT UTILITY C2 590 to 726 kg 2–3 For applications on light trucks, body-workshop trucks, drop sides, as well as for vans.

GPC X1-LDF 590 kg 2–3 The all-new LDF model, designed for today’s closed box vans.

RAILIFT ™ DMD 816 to 1497 kg 4–5 Intermediate hydraulic lifting device uses a double cylinder to provide efficient and reliable performance.

Model for Most Demanding Current Distribution Needs

  • Railift

Maxon was the first to bring the hatchback rail elevator in the United States from the 1970s.

The Railift model is a classic that does not go out of style because of its displacement with robust leveling and its loading capacity at the dock.

It is designed for handling the most demanding distribution.

Foolproof reliability

The Railift model is ideal for bulk delivery and wheeled cargo both at the quayside and on the street.

The Railift lift-gates offer to travel with leveling during the entire lift for maximum stability of the charge.

Maxon further improved the RC model by offering the RCT, which has improved its capabilities by including a platform that is stored under the frame and in a position ready for loading at the dock.

The most recent model, the DMD, is a device innovative intermediate hydraulic lift that uses a double cylinder (with aluminum columns) to ensure efficient and smooth performance.

Ideal Solution for General & Highly Specialized Freight Loads

  • Classic

Classic tail lifts are the original style. These tail lifts are stored against the door of trucks or trailers and often serve as a door.

In addition, these hatchbacks offer the largest possible platforms and are designed for general and highly specialized activities of cargo loading.

Innovation & reliability of classic models Maxon’s classic tail lift range is exceptionally reliable and offers a wide range of different sizes for platforms intended for different uses.

Maxon’s GPC model uses X1 technology and one-of-a-kind X4. X1 design eliminates two cylinders and is the ideal solution when it is essential to have a light system.

Those are the cantilever tail lifts 771 kg and 998 kg, the lighter on the current market. X4 technology is used on cantilever tail lifts of greater capacity, for which stability during heavy load handling and durability play a key role.

The X4 design features a layout of single jacks stacked on top of each other. This configuration guarantees maximum stability and creates more room for the truck’s headlights.

Tuk ‑ A ‑ Way Standard

The world’s best-selling hatchback model, The Tuk-A-Way tail lift was invented by Maxon in 1957 so that the platform could be folded up and stow under the truck’s body by position ready for docking.

Maxon offers today a wide range of platforms in steel and aluminum of different sizes and various frame heights optional.

Extreme Versatility

The key to the success of the Tuk-A-Way product line is that the platform is stored when not in use or when loading at the dock.

The Tuk-A-Way standard product line has evolved to offer a wide variety of lift-gates compatible with light and medium-duty trucks.

The designs economical and lightweight such as the TE-20, are ideal for smaller trucks, while the heavy-duty models like the TE-25 / TE-30 offer excellent value for money for larger trucks big.

Specialized models like the flagship TE-33 / WR offer high-end features and heavy capacity lifting on a standard design.

All our Tuk-A-Way models are low maintenance. The extension plates capable of supporting heavy fillers are made from patterned plates in diamonds 6.35 mm thick.

They have sturdy pipes and channels to help prevent damage that may occur during loading.

All models also feature a waterproof housing of pump to protect it from the elements.

Level Shifting, High Capacity

Maxon Liftgate truck back

Maxon’s MTX and GPT models offer a displacement with level loading, preventing cumbersome loads from moving during lifting.

Displacement with loading level remains level until the load touches the ground; at this time, the operator can lower the platform for loading and reload easily.

The GPTLR model offers single-level displacement, from the truck to the ground, without a pronounced tilt at either end.

This is the ultimate option for heavy and bulky loads ensuring maximum convenience to the lift-gate operator.

All premium Tuk-A-Way models offer a wide range of options to adapt the lift-gate to your specific needs, particularly in certified fittings, aluminum, and steel platforms, end-stops cart, and more.

In addition, the GPTWR model can be used as an access ramp and provides access to the ramp without having to operate the lift-gate.

In conclusion, you have to adopt the Maxon lift-gate and say “bye-bye” to back pain and hello to profitability.

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