Facts About Lift Gate Truck Rental from Home Depot, Penske, U-Haul Commercial Rental Services!

In this liftgate review, you will learn everything you need to know about lift gate truck rental including types of box truck, what you need to consider before renting commercial trucks with liftgate, and the major moving truck with liftgate in the USA.

Why a Lift Gate Truck Rental?

By definition, a lift gate truck is any truck with a permanent machine installed on its rear to effortlessly lift goods from ground level to truck level for loading.

The machine is called a tail lift or liftgate and it can also be utilized to move goods from truck level to ground level to effortlessly unload them.

Most liftgate machines are hydraulic.

Some are pneumatic, while others are mechanical. Because most liftgate machines are trailer hydraulic, hydraulic lift gate truck rentals are plenty across the country.

Customers prefer different type of equipment fitted with basic features including, automatic transmission, air conditioning, Diesel engine, power steering, and even specific towing equipment.

A liftgate truck with a powerful liftgate machine makes it unnecessary to hire and use a winch or a forklift truck. Many box truck vehicles are fitted with lift gates.

Types of Liftgate Trucks

Many commercial truck rental companies in the United States offer truck with liftgate like cabover truck and box truck with expert support for customers.

The thousands of trucks vary based on size. Below are the most common types of box truck or moving truck with liftgate rental – in terms of size.

  1. 8 Foot Pickup Truck Liftgate Rental

An 8 foot pickup truck has a box truck bed that measures 8 feet in length. The maximum loading capacity for an 8-foot GMC pickup truck with a liftgate is approximately 1,900 pounds.

Many lift gate truck commercial businesses across the United States rent 8 foot pickup trucks with liftgates with additional features such as power steering, air conditioning, automatic transmission, Diesel engine and much more.

These trucks are perfect for city deliveries – moving heavy or delicate cargo such as cement, cobblestones, stone carvings, ceramic sinks and toilets, and so on.

  1. 10 Foot and 12 Foot Rental Truck

A 10 foot box truck has a truck bed box that measures 10 feet in length. The maximum loading capacity for a 10-foot GMC truck or 350 transit Ford is approximately 2,850 pounds / 2900 lbs capacity liftgate.

Many liftgate truck hiring across America rent 10 foot and 12 foot trucks with almost 500 cubic feet size. Most brands come with options like air conditioning, Diesel engine, power steering, automatic transmission and rear wheel models – but Tow Dolly best option for front wheel drive trucks!

The trucks are perfect for city deliveries like carrying one or two bedroom home furniture moving. They are also great for carrying heavy goods as long as they do not exceed their maximum loading capacity.

  1. 17 Foot Trucks

A 17 foot box truck has a truck bed box that measures 17 feet in length. The maximum loading capacity for a 17 foot Ford truck is approximately 6,160 pounds.

There are dozens of Lift Gate rental truck businesses across America rent 16 foot and 17 foot trucks – even Cabover truck with liftgates. Many 16 – 18 foot Cabover trucks have power brakes, cargo tie rails, rear roll up door wood tie slats, and E-track to help secure cargo Diesel engine, and cargo lighting – and up to 2,500 lbs cargo capacity liftgate.

They have options like automatic transmission, power steering, Diesel engine and air conditioning. Big companies like Uhaul, Enterprise have these size trucks, and are perfect for both city deliveries and long moves, for carrying goods and heavy merchandise.

  1. 20 Foot Trucks

A 20 foot truck has a truck bed box that measures 20 feet in length. The maximum loading capacity for a 20-foot Ford truck with a lift gate is approximately 5,700 pounds / 6,000 lbs (up to 950 cu. ft. of loading space.

Good news is that there’re more than 50 rental companies in USA rent 20 foot cabover truck with liftgates, plus options such as power steering, Diesel engine, air conditioning, automatic transmission.

These trucks can be used for moving a three bedroom or a two-bedroom home. They are also great for carrying heavy merchandise.

  1. 26 Foot, 32 Foot, 35 Foot Trucks

A 26 foot box truck has a truck bed box that measures 26 feet in length. The maximum payload cargo capacity for a 26-foot Ford truck is approximately 9,500 – 12,500 lbs.

USA cities and states boast of many 26 foot trucks with liftgates you can rent! These are great for moving a three-bedroom or four-bedroom home.

Do you need bigger payload trucks up to 15,000 lbs, / 15,500 lbs, 30,000 lbs / 30,500 lbs and even 40,000 lbs weight? Then you need a heavy duty equipment with either single axle or tandem axle day cabs with or without towing equipment capabilities!

And more options like air conditioning, automatic transmission and power steering.

Consider hiring bigger commercial trucks such as freight van trailers as 30 foot, 32 foot, 35 foot lift gate flatbed truck t to move your delicate or heavy merchandise.

Lift Gate Truck Rental

The Biggest Lift Gate Truck Renting Businesses in the USA

Before you Google “liftgate truck rental near me,” here are some of the biggest and most reputable truck renting companies offering different dimensions that covers whole gamut like mileage and trip duration estimates for one way trip, two way trip, different vehicle models, make, pick up time among other factors may vary from budget estimates. 

  • Home Depot Truck Rental Liftgate –

The Home Depot is the one-stop-shop for home improvement tools and commercial rental equipment.

To rent truck with liftgate – Home Depot is even now swifter as they are in collaboration with PENSKEIn other words, at several Home Depot locations across the country, you can hire PENSKE truck with liftgate.

Home depot truck rental liftgate has nearly 2,500 locations across the country and many of their box trucks have rear roll up door for swifter delivery.

  • Budget Truck –

Budget truck rental is one of the most renowned commercial truck rental and lorry rental in the United States.

A well known commercial rental truck company, it rents liftgate trucks at very affordable rates, with many flexible pre-rental benefits including credit debit card payment, choosing time of pick up and day / where to time of pick up location – all can be concluded in their online reservation system!

Available Budget truck with lift gate include 16 ft dimension and 24 foot and 26 foot box truck, with payload cargo capacity up to 10,000 lbs (up to 1,700 cu. ft. of loading space) to almost 11,500 lbs. They have both four wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles in their fleet! 

It’s stated on their official site that most of their trucks have many features, including automatic transmissions, power steering, AM FM, air conditioning, power brakes. Some vehicles are fitted with furniture pads to protect customers fragile items.

They stated that above specifications are based upon most rented fleet and are not the exact measurements of all fleet, so Actual dimensions and payload may vary by make , year of manufactured, model and location.

Budget Truck locations across the country include multiple pick up rental location drop off in New York, Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona.

Budget Terms and Conditions

Part of their commercial rental terms and condition state that every ‘equipment selected in a reservation is subject to availability at time of pickup, BTR reserves the right to substitute equipment at no additional charge...’ 

… while average deposit amount of $150 is required for one way rental and non used days and miles paid in advance are not refundable. Rental charges may also include a $75 No Show Fee (cancellation fee) with credit card deposit!

They also states thus: “Rates reserved online do not include applicable taxes, fees, additional accessories, protection plans etc. As well as may offer customer alternatives if your preferred selected truck not available.

This differs from Local rental surcharge: “returned after the contracted return date… subject to additional day charge at 100% of the going daily rate… plus 100% of daily rate for any additional protection products and accessories!”

  • Penske Vehicle with Lift Gate–

Wherever you are in the United States, if you Google “cabover truck with lift gate near me” or just “liftgate truck for rent near me,” a number of the top results will certainly lead you to a local PENSKE commercial rental office.

This is because PENSKE has round the clock and extensive service network offices all over the country and it is one of the most reputable truck for rent businesses. PENSKE truck with lift gate prices are quite competitive.

However, it is important to note that 26 foot and 22 foot PENSKE box trucks not only fitted with liftgates, but come with up to 50 gallon fuel tank and 30 gallon fuel tank respectively.

More features include power steering, rear roll up door, air conditioning, cargo tie rails, automatic transmission and anti-lock brakes and have seating for three!

The 26 foot truck is equipped with a payload cargo capacity of up to 10,000 lb, however note that the above stated specification are not exact measurements of all fleet rented, because specs are based upon most commonly rented fleet.

Ensure to get clear about the equipment make model and year of manufacture, steering power brakes or manual etc.

PENSKE has multiple expert support locations in Florida, San California, Idaho, Indiana, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and more, as well various sizes of cabover truck models.

They offer both long term, short terms, two way and one way rentals for their freight van trailers and many heavy duty machines with both axle day cabs and single axle.

And you can pre-arrange make model and year of equipment, pick up location time of rental date, drop off location time, date of rental, type of equipment and even reservation rates.

Penske is known to offer pocket friendly price – ranging from: $128 to $1100 per day! However load, terrain and driving factors may affect MPG.

  • Ryder Box Trucks–

Just like Budget Trucks and Penske, RYDER is also a popular, globally renown commercial rental – a big national truck and van rental business.

It offers 16 foot, 26 foot and 22 foot truck with hydraulic lift gate or walk ramp.

Even the 16 ft box truck features air conditioning, automatic transmission power steering, rear roll up door, power brakes, AM FM audio system, tilt steering 4 wheel drive, cargo tie rails, and payload weight capacity of minimum 2,000 lbs / 2,500 lbs.

Also remember above listed specifications are not exact measurements of all fleet rented, specifications do vary based on make model of trucks. They do not offer one way rental.

RYDER has multiple locations in Texas, Oregon, Minnesota, Maryland, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, and Florida with flexible dates and sweet discount code.

  • Enterprise Holdings Inc

Enterprise Trucks is one of the most successful commercial truck leasing / hiring companies in the world.

A vast commercial rental company offering 16 foot, 24 foot cabover truck in different sizes, features air conditioning automatic transmission; dock high, commercially spec’d body, power brakes, AM FM, rear roll up door, steering power and more!

The 26 ft trucks with liftgates for rent has Tuck-under lift gate features as well as automatic transmission, power steering and air-conditioning, and 2 – 4 wheel drive.

The Enterprise holdings inc trucks vehicles can be dropped off at different Enterprise pick up location but within the same metro area. Most people find Enterprise liftgate truck for rental to be hassle-free and affordable.

Enterprise Trucks has huge service network and multiple locations in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, California, and New York. Depending on location, daily average price is: $85 to $470.

The smaller capacities class are the 1 ton, 1/2 tone and truck 3 4 ton Enterprise vehicles, as well as 16 foot cabover truck rental. 

What Are Driver Identification to Rent a Truck?

Rental in United States and Canada require a valid driver’s license, a major debit / credit card, plus one other valid identification in the driver’s name.

Other acceptable form of identification are: social security card, Credit or debit card, US military ID card, State issued identification, phone bill, business photo ID, vehicle registrations etc.

Final Summary about Lift Gate Truck Rentals

A cabover truck or any other model of truck with a liftgate is simply a truck with a tail lift machine.

Many businesses offer rental truck with liftgate and trailer across America and really popular for furniture moving from home and offices!

The biggest moving truck with liftgate rental firms include Enterprise Trucks, Uhaul, Budget Trucks, RYDER, Home Depot, and PENSKE – all top dogs with expert support locations.

And you would want to consider truck equipment with driver friendly features such as, hydraulic lift gate or walk ramp, automatic transmission, air conditioning, power steering, AM FM, anti-lock brakes, rear roll up door, tilt steering 4 wheel drive.

And remember, to have clear rental agreement, plus final reservation rate and price be based upon several factors: the make model and year of equipment, pick up location, manual or steering power brakes, adding more days and miles at cheaper prices during business hours and prior to pick up time.