Liftgate for Box Truck and Flatbeds: Vital Details You Should Know

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The Lift-gate appeared after WWII. And the first lift-gate devices marketed in France were American under the Walco brand.

The first manufacturers were the Peugeot cycle company then, in 1968, the MIC company. Today, the national annual market is around 10,000 to 15,000 hatchbacks.

The leading manufacturers are Dhollandia (Belgian) and MBB (Franco-German), which also dominate the European market, closely followed by Erhel Hydris (French) and Zepro (Swedish). Find out more here 

The Liftgate for trucks and flatbeds is a piece of automotive equipment that aims to facilitate the transport of loads. It is an element found on personal cars, pickups, and especially utility vehicles such as vans and trucks. Discover full guide about lift gate truck rental from Home Depot, Uhaul!

For light vehicles, this is just a variant of the trunk. In this case, it allows better use of this opening. On the other hand, commercial vehicles represent an essential element for loading and unloading of all kinds.

What is the Liftgate for box trucks and flatbeds?

Created in the 1970s, the Lift-gate is a system that helps with handling.

It is a lifting device designed to facilitate loading into a utility car. It is also a metal plate installed on a vehicle deployed to load and unload merchandise.

At the car’s front, an electronic control system guides the Liftgate for box trucks and flatbeds.

However, If there are several types of hatchbacks, the choice of model depends on its capacity and the vehicle on which an engineer will install it.

What is the Lift Gate for trucks used for?

In the beginning, it was mainly used to reduce delivery time, loading time and therefore to make the driver’s activities profitable.

Indeed, with this equipment, especially if equipped with wheels, he could load and unload the goods alone.

With the models available on the market, this equipment is suitable for all uses and all truck models. It has become essential for transport professionals.

Why do we install a Liftgate on a truck?

The Liftgate for box trucks and flatbeds offers the possibility of storing bulky objects, especially at height.

It is therefore interesting to get this kind of truck if you are planning to move.

Note that a Lift-gate is not always present on the models put into circulation, especially as in some countries, the trunk is gleefully preferred.

Furthermore, the Lifter devices for box trucks and flatbeds comprises, in particular, a Lift-gate cylinder, generally installed in pairs.

The cylinder is installed at each end on the Lift-gate and the truck body.

It takes the form of a pump which, by pressure, pulls the Lift-gate upwards when the driver operates it.

The operation is identical for a trunk cylinder or the hood covering the cars’ engine.

It is often the Lift-gate cylinder that is the source of a faulty Lift-gate.

In this case, the latter becomes impossible to maintain in height when opening due to a pressure defect of the worn cylinder.

It is then vital to replace the pair of jacks to refurbish the opening system. Note that a cylinder degrades and wears naturally over time and openings.

What are the types of Lift-gates for trucks and flatbeds?

Depending on the truck model, there are three types of Lift-gates for trucks. Their differences lie in their capacity and the way they work.

  • The folding Liftgate

This device is the most common model and the easiest Lift-gate to use. It is a metal plate that can be deployed to receive goods.

It is specially designed to support heavy loads of up to 3000 kg, depending on the truck’s weight.

In width, it is varied, allowing it to be installed on any car.

It is the easiest to use and the fastest to implement.

Berger Location fits them on all kinds of vehicles, from 3T5 vans with original bodywork to heavy carriers and semi-trucks.

It often acts as a rear closure of the body with sometimes the help of a canopy. Another of its advantages is that it can adjust the surface of the platform according to its needs.

This type of Lift-gate for box trucks and flatbeds is recommended for all types of trucks, for loads ranging from 500 to 3000 kg.

  • The roll up liftgates

It supports less weight than the folding model.

It creates a passage to the rear doors of a truck. It is often installed on light trucks.

This is the hatchback model used in the transport of disabled people. Its load capacity does not generally exceed 1,500 kg.

This Lift-gate for box trucks and flatbeds folds up under the frame, thus freeing up access to the rear doors and also facilitating docking.

Folding of the platform is done manually, implying less intense use.

Limited in platform size and load capacity (1000 and 1500 kg), Berger Location generally offers it for distribution and courier activities.

On the other hand, this Lift-gate for box trucks and flatbeds does not equip refrigerated trucks because its assembly requires the installation of a steel cross-member which acts as a thermal bridge between the outside and the inside of the body.

  • The retractable Liftgate

This Lift-gate for box trucks and flatbeds is discreet. It is concealed under the body when not in use.

When deployed, it can lift a load of up to 3000 kg.

It is often used by refrigerated trucks and semi-trailer trucks.

This Lift-gate for box trucks and flatbeds can be folded manually and then hydraulically retracted under the frame.

It offers the advantages of folding without drawbacks since it offers large platform surfaces and capacities of up to 3000 kg.

Lift-gates for trucks and flatbeds can be installed in trucks specifically and adapted for particular uses like:

  • Half-Lift-gate for box trucks and flatbeds: most often fitted to general-purpose trucks, low tonnage, intended for distribution.
  • Column hatches allowing loading on several levels: They are generally used for the activities of transporting containers, hospital waste, and gas cylinders when mounted laterally.

Flatbed truck with liftgate

Folding or interior Lift-gates on original 3T5 trucks

The main characteristics:

  • Power: it is given in kilos for a load located 600 mm from the heel. Beyond this distance, the capacity of the Lift-gate is reduced. A marking on the platform indicates the position of the 600mm, and a load chart is affixed near the controls.
  • The metals used for the platform: it can be either aluminium for lightness and anti-corrosion constraints, or steel for better resistance, or a combination of the two for retractable Lift-gate platforms.
  • Platform dimensions:  On long-term rental vehicles, the folding Lift-gate platforms are made on-demand.

More Options…

Still depending on the obligations related to its clients’ businesses, most companies offer various options on lift-gates such as:

  • Roll stops: the most widely used option,
  • Illuminated signalling: placed on the platform, it provides a better warning, particularly during handling at night,
  • Foot controls: standard on other European markets, optional on the French market,
  • The attached kit: necessary when the Lift-gate serves as a rear closure,
  • Automatic digging: it allows the platform to tilt automatically when it reaches the ground so that it can be easily accessed with rolls or pallet trucks,
  • The isothermal platform: necessary for folding Lift-gates on refrigerated trucks,
  • Crutches: to prevent the truck from rolling up or crushing the suspensions when handling cumbersome loads,
  • On-board weighing: with microcomputer and printer in the cabin. 

Maintenance pattern of the Liftgate

It is essential and compulsory to maintain the Lift-gate for box trucks and flatbeds regularly.

The maintenance is preceded by careful checks of the condition and operation of the Lift-gates for the truck

Which professional to contact to check the Lift-gate?

The condition of the Lift device must be checked by an authorized professional.

The pro installer installs, checks and repairs your Lift-gates, keeping them in perfect shape.

They check the operation of various devices, such as the remote control and the system itself, and takes care of repairs and maintenance if necessary.

What are the different trucks equipped with a Lift-gate and how to choose them?

Several types of trucks can accommodate a Lift-gate for a car. Likewise, other vehicles such as vans, semi-trailers, large or small moving trucks.

Indeed, the Lift-gate is relatively practical for unloading bulky objects.

There are also models, which allow the lifting of heavy loads. This is generally the case for large utilities such as moving trucks.

The best way to choose the truck that meets your needs is to know precisely the volume required to transport your personal effects.

You will find trucks and vans for rental, allowing you to save money and adapt your moving expenses to your budget.

You can also opt for a hatchback if you feel you need the cargo space provided by this model daily.

How to repair a Lift-gate

What hardware does it take to repair a Lift-gate?

Here are the tools you will need to change the faulty Lift-gate cylinders and find a properly functioning trunk door:

  • Screwdriver
  • Ratchet
  • Pliers
  • Long object type broomstick.

Liftgate for box trucks down

What are the steps to repair a Liftgate?

First step: remove the defective cylinders

On some truck models, you will first have to unscrew the lights located at the vehicle’s rear.

Open the chest. Unscrew and remove the rear headlight.

Once access to the actuator is secured, secure the door using a broom handle.

A Lift-gate is relatively heavy, and a single Lift-gate cylinder is not enough to hold it high.

Unclip both ends of the Lift-gate cylinder and carefully remove them.

Second step: install the new Lift-gate cylinder

Make sure you get a new cylinder identical to the first. Position the Lift-gate cylinder with its delicate part down and its tube up. Clip both ends.

Check that the cylinder is holding correctly by exerting pressure with your hand.

Screw the taillight back on. Repeat the operation with the second Lift-gate cylinder.

Check the correct process of the Lift-gate.

Installing Lift-gates for your truck and flatbed is very essential and vital for your vehicle.


Installing Lift-gates for your vehicles is very essential and vital for your vehicle. It’s usefulness to drivers is key as it facilitates the transportation of goods.

The ease at which drivers offload baggage and tackle truck related businesses help them meet up time schedules and aid fastness of work.

Purchasing a lift gate also helps you store bulky objects, especially at height and is just a perfect choice if you are planning to move. 

With the professional installment packages, you do not have to worry about installing your lift gate. Purchasing a lift gate gives you unlimited advantages!. Get one today!


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Liftgate for Box Truck and Flatbeds: Vital Details You Should Know

The Lift-gate appeared after WWII. And the first lift-gate devices marketed in France were American under the Walco brand. The first manufacturers were the Peugeot cycle company then, in 1968, the MIC company. Today, the national


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