Important Facts about Liftgate for Pickup Truck

How Does Hydraulic Liftgate Work on Vehicles?

Before you go ahead and select a liftgate for your pick-up truck, there are some important facts to know. That way, you can make a better-informed decision and install a liftgate within your budget that’s best suited to your truck. 

How much does it cost to put a liftgate on a truck?

To put a liftgate on your truck, you’ll need to consider your application among other specifications. Depending on the lifting capacity, power supply, and choice of material, the cost price will range between $2,000 to $9,000. 

Can you add a liftgate to a box truck?

Absolutely. You can install a liftgate platform onto a box truck for lowering and raising loads with a hydraulic system. This can only happen when you’ve considered the necessary specifications. 

How much can a Tommy Gate Lift?

Tommy Gate Lifts can carry more than they appear to conveniently. They can lift as little as 7,500 pounds to as high as 1,500 pounds. 

Type of Pickup to Install Liftgate on?

To figure out the type of pickup you can install a liftgate on, you first have to consider the model and make of the truck. Also, you’ll need to pay attention to the year the pickup truck was made.

You can only install a liftgate on pickup trucks with a mounting bracket, and you can check a pickup liftgate application chart for that. Certain liftgate models aren’t compatible based on the truck application.

You’ll find that there are several differences between liftgate models that are compatible with full-sized trucks and those that are compact pickups. Besides, half-ton trucks won’t provide as much lifting capacity as one-ton trucks. 

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About Lifting Capacity

The range for lifting capacity is between 750 pounds and 1,500 pounds. Using a generous estimation when choosing the lifting capacity is highly recommended.

For instance, you could use one with 1,500 or 1,300 pounds lifting capacity to lift any load of 950 or 1,000 pounds. 

Can you have a lift gate and a hitch liftgate?

And, What Would Your Liftgate Be Lifting?

You can use pick-up trucks with liftgates to lift different things including oil drums and similarly heavy cargo.

An important step to take in line with your goal would be to identify what the liftgate would be lifting to determine the lifting capacity it should have.

Determining the Platform Size

In most cases, the width of the truck largely dictates that width of the liftgate platform to be installed. The “loading depth” is the main property to consider when determining the platform size.

Also, you should only use the provided specifications in determining the loading area. Besides, you should avoid including liftgate mainframe’s ‘floors’ or loading tapers. 

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Two Hitch Compatibility

If you’re like the majority of people who drive pickup trucks, then you know how important it is to use a tow hitch liftgate.

Not every liftgate installation can be supported with hitches installed on the factory, so you need to consider that. Several aftermarket hitch options abound for installations where the factory hitch doesn’t support a liftgate. 

What about Platform Material?

Just like the size of the platform, the material that it’s made up of should also be considered in line with its specific application.

For instance, if you hope to use the liftgate in a corrosive environment, then you need to ensure its material is resistant to rust. If you want to use the liftgate for handling spillable liquids, you should opt for a material that permits liquid to flow through.


These concepts will guide you on liftgate installation for pickup trucks. By considering them, you can better select the liftgate for your truck without exceeding your budget.

Asides from the platform’s size and material to be used, you will need to consider several factors to have a liftgate installed for your pickup truck without any incompatibility issues.

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FAQ about Lift gate for Pick up trucks:

  • How much can a box truck liftgate hold?

A box truck with a liftgate installed can carry a payload of up to 10,000 pounds. Some parcel vans can have a lifting capacity of $12,500 GVWR and a 26-foot box truck can carry up to 25,999 pounds. 

  • Can you have a lift gate and a hitch liftgate?

Installing a trailer hitch will not interfere with the installation of a liftgate. However, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds because of an extra element.

Depending on the model and make of the truck, the location of the attaching the liftgates will require the use of a component such as a Hitch mounted lift. 

Liftgate for Pickup truck

Credit: tommygate


  • Can you install a power liftgate?

Power liftgates is a motorized hatch that is operated electronically for lifting things. With a power liftgate installed, you can simply open and close your rear by pushing some buttons. 

  • How much does a liftgate weigh?

A liftgate can weigh somewhere between 1,000 pounds and 1,300 pounds. But don’t let that confuse you about its lifting capacity as they can lift about 2,500 pounds conveniently. 

  • How do you activate Tommy liftgate?

You can activate the Tommy liftgate by pressing a hidden switch labeled ‘Liftgate activated’. You should double click this button in one second. The button will likely be under the Tommy Gate logo. Then you can push the control toggle switch to lower the liftgate.

  • What is the difference between tailgate and liftgate?

The major difference between the liftgate and tailgate is that the former is a closure of the truck’s rear which can be raised mechanically while the latter is a hinged board for removing and placing load onto the rear of the vehicle.

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  • How much extra is liftgate service?

Some liftgate services operate liftgate services with additional costs that range from $85 to $500. Typically, liftgate services get charged based on rate. They usually fall somewhere between $50 to $150.

  • Can you manually open a power liftgate?

Of course yes. You can manually open a power liftgate by climbing inside the car and removing a plastic cover from the tailgate’s interior. However, they usually have a switch provided for automatic adjustment of the platform. 

  • What does a liftgate control module do?

A liftgate control module will serve as a receiver for the remote keyless entry. It can achieve this by transmitting the commands of the keyless entry to the body control module.

What is the difference between tailgate and liftgate?

  • Do you need a liftgate if you have a forklift?

Depending on if the payload to be carried is going to be heavier than the lifting capacity of the liftgate, you may be better off using a forklift. That way, you can offload freight off a trailer into the truck anyway while avoiding the cost of extra machinery.