Liftmaster Dual Gate Opener: Best Models and Benefits

A gate opener, also referred to as a gate operator, is a device or a group of devices that physically move a gate in order to open and close it automatically and without the aid of human contact.

LiftMaster is one such company that produces gate openers, and here is a list of the best LiftMaster Dual gate opener models. 

The LiftMaster LA400 Dual

This model also made for light gates, either commercial or residential, is able to be used on gates having a weight and height of up to 850 lbs and 16 ft respectively, and contains a 24 VDC continuous-duty motor.

At the same time, it also comes with a control box. This model is also compliant with the new and revised UL325 codes and includes an LMRRU safety photo-eye. 


  • Contains encrypted signals which drastically reduce interference.
  • Quick Close features to prevent unwanted and unauthorized access.
  • It is UL listed, tested, and compliant with strict UL 325 rules and guidelines.
  • Easy access control with the LiftMaster Access Control Technology, which also gives real-time gate alerts.
  • Efficient Solar-powered energy system which is extremely reliable.

The LiftMaster LA500 Dual Gate

This dual gate opener model is most suitable for light gates, be it commercial or residential.

It has a powerful continuous-duty motor of 24VDC and also features the recent MyQ Technology, which enables you to watch, monitor, and even control your gate from wherever you may be.

It comes complete with an extended battery backup that can last for up to a period of 24 days on a single charge, which in turns provides you with increased reliability and safety of the product.  


  • Advanced technology that enables you safely monitor your gate with your connected smartphone, which can also send alerts to notify you of the gate opener’s status.
  • Battery backup lasting up to 24 days whenever the need for its use arises.
  • A power-efficient model maximizing solar performance.
  • Can be used for gates of up to a height of 18ft and a weight of 1600 lbs.
  • A quick close feature that helps to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Radio technology which significantly reduces signal interference and has an increased range. 

LiftMaster LA400 Dual Swing AutomaticThe LiftMaster RSW12V Residential Dual

This is a low voltage dual gate opener, complete with a residential and commercial pad mounted gate opener.

It features an extremely powerful motor, and is most suitable for gates that have a weight and height of 600 lbs and 16 ft, respectively, capable of cycling up to 250 times a day. 


  • Contains an onboard receiver that is capable of holding up to 50 remotes.
  • Possesses a 12VDC motor.
  • It is protected against electrical surges and spikes.
  • It contains an Emergency Access from which the auto-open feature can be selected and used. 
  • Possesses the ability to sense obstructions with the addition of obstruction sensors.
  • Contains an electronic brake and also a timer with which the gate closes.
  • Contains a powerful battery backup and the option for a solar panel.

The LiftMaster CSW 24VDC Dual

This heavy-duty dual gate opener can comfortably be used on gates with a height of 18 ft and a weight of up to 600 lbs


  • It is a strong, reliable, and very quiet gate opener.
  • It is very suitable for gates in areas like gated communities.
  • Object sensors which cause the gate to open whenever it hits an obstacle.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Metal parts of the system are plated in gold zinc to prevent rust.
  • It can handle up to 75 cycles an hour.
  • It is both UL and ETL compliant and up to the latest UL325 and UL991 specifications.

The LiftMaster RSW12UL Dual

The LiftMaster RSW12UL Dual

This particular gate opener is a battery-powered gate opener that can handle a gate that weighs up to 1000 lbs. 


  • An inbuilt reversing system.
  • Has the capacity to harness solar energy for its use and operations.
  • It contains a pre-warning sounder and alert.
  • Inbuilt electrical surge protectors.

The LiftMaster RSL 12UL

This gate opener can support gates of up to 800 lbs and has the P3 motor, which is reliable, and it also comes with a battery backup lasting for up to 60 days. 


  • Possesses an LED display.
  • It contains a solar energy capability.
  • Quick close to prevent unauthorized access.


Gate openers are security and energy-efficient tools which has incredible versatility in applications. You’d do well to get one for yourself.