Can You Load (and HAUL) Corvette SUV On A U-haul Trailer?

How Wide Is A Uhaul Car Trailer?

As a car owner, you may need to have your car towed for several possible reasons.

Whether you’re experienced with towing or not, loading your Corvette on a trailer can pose a level of difficulty.

You need to get everything right because you have no plans of shelling extra cash on repairs, especially not for your beloved Vette.

Do you want to learn all you can about loading a Corvette on a U-haulThat’s a smart move, trust us.

In this article, you’ll learn the right way to get your car towed, whether a U-haul is the right trailer, and how to avoid the common mistakes, so you can have a smooth and safe towing experience.

Let’s dive right into it. 

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Can a Corvette be loaded on A Uhaul Trailer?

Yes, a Corvette can be loaded on a U-haul trailer.

All models can fit on a U-haul trailer although they will mostly require special techniques to be loaded due to their low ground clearance.

How to Load a Corvette on a Uhaul Trailer 

Most Corvette cars like other sports cars have low ground clearance so loading one on a Uhaul trailer is different.

How to load a Corvette on a Uhaul Trailer is detailed below:

Step 1: Attach the Towed Vehicle to the Trailer

Park the towing vehicle and the U-haul trailer in line with each other, and attach the trailer’s coupler and chains to the towing vehicle.

Ensure it is securely attached before moving to the next step.

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Step 2: Prepare the Trailer using Special Techniques

Unleash the tire straps and free the ramp by releasing the latches and then pulling the ramps out.

Extend the ramp to raise your Vette’s clearance by placing a 2×8 plank at the end of the original ramp.

You may also need to increase clearance at the front of your vehicle by placing an 18″ 2×8 plank on the trailer deck.

Step 3: Load the Corvette on the Trailer

Drive slowly up the ramp and have a spotter give directions from the sideline.

Ensure the car is centered so the wheels run directly on the ramps.

Keep driving till the tires reach the stops on the trailer, and then put the vehicle in park.

Avoid using a car cover because it will likely scratch the paint off your car due to the unavoidable flapping during transit.

Guidelines for Hauling a Car on a UHaul Trailer

We’ll be honest, towing a car whether for a cross-country move or repairs is not a child’s play.

As simple as it may look, there are guidelines to follow when using a UHaul auto transport trailer to ensure a safe and risk-free towing.

The guidelines for hauling a car on a Uhaul trailer are listed below. 

  • Stick to the towing vehicle and the vehicle to be towed you confirmed at the UHaul center, and avoid any last minute changes. A change in the towing combination can pose a risk to you and other drivers on the road.
  • Confirm your towing vehicle’s hitch system rating.
  • How to Load Corvette On A Uhaul TrailerConsult your car owner’s manual to be sure this method of towing is suitable for your car.
  • Don’t load your vehicle backwards to avoid swaying during transit.
  • Ensure the towed vehicle is empty and no cargo should be added to prevent unplanned weight distribution that can pose a risk.
  • Ensure your towing vehicle is in park and that the trailer is attached before loading the car. 

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Most Popular Queries!

How do you strap a Corvette on a trailer?

To strap a Corvette on a trailer, you need straps for both the front and rear wheels.

Although strapping the front wheels alone is enough to secure the vehicle on the trailer, the rear wheel straps are extra measures.

There is no one way to strap a Corvette on a trailer, but a common method is to run the straps through the slots in the wheel and secure the end of the strap in the D-rings of the trailer.

To prevent the straps from leaving marks on your wheel, use a bath towel between the straps and the wheel.

Make sure to check it at every stop to ensure it is still secure.

Can you tow a trailer with a Corvette?

Yes, you can tow a trailer with a corvette. Although the manufacturers don’t advise this, since the vehicle was not designed for towing.

In reality, it can manage to tow a light trailer carrying a jet ski or a dirt bike.

The idea is not to push it as the towing capacity of each model is largely unknown.

You will need to install certain parts such as a trailer hitch and a wiring harness to enable your Vette tow. 

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Is loading car on trailer possible for every brands?

Yes, it is possible to load all brands of cars on a trailer. There are different sizes of trailers that can hold different sizes of cars. 

Should I haul my Z06 on a u-haul trailer or flatbed?

A flatbed will be preferred due to its larger size, but if you’re considering the weight constraint of your towing vehicle and minimizing cost while still keeping your towing safe, a u-haul trailer is a better choice.

Is Loading 1980 Corvette on enclosed trailer safer?

Yes, loading a 1980 Corvette on an enclosed trailer is safer. Enclosed trailers are generally more secure than open trailers. They also ensure your car remains clean.

What should I know before towing my C5 on a uHaul trailer?

You will need some 2×8 planks by the ramps to drive the car up on the trailer.

You might also need to buy ratchet straps for the rear wheels, and having someone to assist as a spotter while you load will make loading easier.

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Will a Corvette fit on a U-Haul trailer?

Yes, a Corvette will fit on a U-Haul trailer. A U-Haul trailer can transport different models and generations of a Corvette. 

Can you tow a Corvette with a car dolly?

Can You Tow A Trailer With A Corvette?

Courtesy: U-Haul Transport

Yes, you can tow a Corvette with a car dolly, but it is not recommended especially for long-distance towing.

Since a car dolly will have the rear tires of the Corvette on the ground, it can cause damage and unnecessary wear and tear. 


A Corvette can be loaded on a Uhaul trailer safely, but do not assume you can load it like every other car you’ve owned.

It requires some techniques that are quite easy to implement.

While an enclosed trailer is the preferred option, using a Uhaul trailer reduces cost.