Luton Van Hire

Luton van hire

A Luton van is a special box van with a body that extends over its driver’s cab to provide extra room for storage. In some modern Luton vans, the body’s front extension does not provide extra room for storage.

The extension is designed in such a way to streamline the vans and make them more aerodynamic.  Such vans are more fuel efficient, which means they consume less fuel compared to similar vans that are not aerodynamic.

Luton vans are probably the most popular type of van for hire in the UK considering how common they are on UK roads and motorways.

Why? Because they have a big storage area and, therefore, they can be used to transport a lot of stuff in one go. It is also because they are lightweight and they can be driven by anyone with a standard UK driving license.

In other words, they are the biggest van you can hire and drive in the UK without needing a special license.

One more reason why these vans are popular in the UK is that most of them come with a tail-lift. The tail-lift is a machine that can conveniently lift heavy cargo for you into a van.

Why Luton Van Hire?

Luton vans are the main van for the majority of delivery businesses in the UK. This is because of how big they are.

They are also the main van for many moving companies. This is because they are perfect for carrying big heavy boxes, furniture, settees, cookers, refrigerators, and so on.  It is also because they can have a dropside, which can be very convenient.

Many people moving houses on their own or with friends also prefer these vehicles because of their size, and because many of them come with a tail lift which makes lifting heavy stuff off the ground easy.

The tail lift machine on most Luton vans can lift loads as heavy as 500 kilograms. Instead of a tail lift, some low-riding Luton vehicles (low loader types) come with a ramp that can be used to load heavy stuff into them.

There are short and long wheel base Luton vehicles for hire across the UK.

The long wheel base Luton vans usually have a flat floor, which makes their boxes massive and perfect for carrying heavy stuff such as entertainment equipment, event furniture, wedding furniture, construction material, farming supplies, trees, plants, and so on.

This is the reason why many people hire long wheel base Luton vehicles to transport such things.

Luton van rental across UK towns and cities

Is available across UK towns and cities: Leicester, Dundee, West London, Swansea, Essex, London, Enfield, South London, Isle of Wight, East London, West Sussex, Tamworth, Plymouth, Middlesbrough, Basingstoke, Reading, Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Wolverhampton, Watford, Preston and Coventry.

Others are, Great Grimsby, Newcastle, Kent, Wycombe, Birmingham, Cornwall, Orpington, York, Strewsbury, Swindon, Edinburgh, Brighton, Liverpool, Bristol, Southampton, Lincoln, Hull, Bradford, Braintree, Manchester, Cardiff, Nottingham, Sheffield, Derby, Aberdeen, Peterborough, Norwich, Coventry, Hull, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow,

In this article, you will discover some of the best Luton van hire companies – even reliable car, wagon and van for commercial and private use.

Who manufactures Luton vans?

The most popular Luton vehicles are Ford Transit Luton vans. They are very popular probably because they are made by Ford, which is one of the top automakers in the world! However, this is not the only reason they are popular.

They also happen to be extra-large in terms of size and to have powerful engines making them perfect for transporting cargo.

Other popular Luton vehicles include Fiat Ducato, Iveco Daily, LDV Maxus, VW Crafter, Citroen Relay, and Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans. These vans are also reliable and can be used to transport heavy goods over long distances.

In terms of performance and handling, those who have driven different types of Luton vehicles claim that VW and Mercedes Sprinter are the best.

However, this is something that people often say about all German vehicles – that they have better performance and handling. Nevertheless, there is no denying that VW and Mercedes Sprinter are pretty solid cargo transport vans.

One of the best Mercedes Sprinter Luton vehicles is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 314Cdi L2 Diesel Fwd 3.5 tonne Luton. It is reliable, easy to maneuver even with a heavy payload, and does not break down.

Luton Van Hire

The best Luton vans

Ford Luton vans are regarded as the best Lutons currently on the market. This is because they are extra-large vans and they have a powerful and reliable engine.

One of the best such vans is the Ford Transit 260 SWB (short wheel base). This vehicle has a brilliant 2.2-litre engine and a 148 cubic feet body. It can haul a payload of 789 kilograms.

Another brilliant Ford Transit Luton van is the Ford Transit Luton 2.2 RWD twin Wheels LWB (long wheel base). This diesel vehicle is absolutely powerful and capable of going a long distance with a heavy load without breaking down or losing power when going uphill.

Ford Luton vans are cheap to hire compared to VW, Mercedes, and other Luton vehicles. This is because they are significantly cheaper to purchase compared to these other vans. It is also because they are produced in more numbers than other types or models or Luton vans.

The Best Luton Van Hire Companies in UK

  • Enterprise in London

Enterprise is one of the biggest vehicle hire companies in the world. They are so big in Luton van hire from their main branch to across United Kingdom. The branch is opposite the large Sainsbury’s in the center of town. There is also an Enterprise branch at Luton Airport.

The daily van hire costs at Enterprise are quite flexible based on the vehicle you choose, the duration you hire it for, location return, the miles you drive. On average it costs between 65 and 350 pounds per day to rent a van from Enterprise.

The types of vans you can rent from Enterprise’s Luton branches include a Vauxhall Vivaro, a Renault Master, a Renault Kangoo, and a Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

This van hire agency also has a tail lift van that you can hire to transport goods conveniently during moving, home renovation. Just ensure you indicate your preference including location pick up date.

  • Hertz 

Hertz is one of the biggest vehicle hire companies in the world. The company has thousands of branches worldwide and numerous employees.

In Luton, Hertz has three branches – one at London Luton Airport, one at Luton B&Q, and one at Luton Homebase.

Hertz has different types of vans including some for business, passengers transit and home moving. Examples include the VW Caddy and the Ford Transit. Hertz rental reduce stress when moving with fine customer service and easy pick up points.

  • Northgate Vehicle Hire 

Northgate Vehicle Hire has branches across the UK. In Luton, the company has one branch. It is located along Cosgrove Way.

While Northgate is not a renowned name in the vehicle hire industry, it is a decent company with new and newish vans that are very clean and reliable.

Moreover, the company is also known for its flexible and convenient medium and long term vehicle hire options. Its day and weekly hire costs are also known to be affordable.

With regard to van type, Northgate has a very impressive van fleet with small, medium, and large models. Models in its fleet include the VW Caddy, the Peugeot Partner, Ford Custom, the Vauxhall Vivaro, and the Mercedes Vito.

If you are looking for a large van, you will love Northgate because its large van fleet has impressive large luxury models such as the Mercedes Sprinter, the Peugeot Boxer, the Ford Transit, and the VW Crafter.


  • Europcar Can and Van Rental

Europcar has two van rental locations in the middle of Luton including one at Luton Airport and one in Downtown Luton. You can hire great passenger and specialist vans of different size from either one of these two branches.

Europcar was found in Paris, France, a few years after the end of WWII. It has survived and thrived over the years because it always has well-maintained vehicles and its customer support department is always very helpful.

The types of van you can rent from this company include a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, a Vauxhall Transporter, a VW CW35, an IVECO Hayon, and a Ford Transit.

You can also hire a tipper or a drop side van from Europcar Luton branches.


  • Turo Hire

Turo is not a typical van hire company. This is because it does not have vehicles of its own or branches where you need to go to pick a van.

It works as a marketplace. It allows anyone with a quality van to put it up on their site for rent. Those looking for vans can then go on their site and such for desired specifications and models listed on the website. If you find something that you like, you can communicate with the vehicle owner to rent it.

Because the vehicles on Turo are not company-owned (they are owned by the individual van owners), they are typically cheaper to hire. This is because van owners usually compete against each other on the platform by offering low van hire prices to potential clients.

The only downside with Turo is that vehicles are not guaranteed. In some locations, you can find no van listed or available. Nevertheless, considering the location of Luton so close to London and the massive population of the town and the surrounding areas, there is always someone who is hiring his or her van on Turo.

As of the time of posting this article, there are three vans on the site including a VW Crafter 2016 and a Citroen Dispatcher. The VW is being rented for 171 pounds per day, while the Citroen is being rented for 51 pounds per day.

Luton Van Hire London – Final Thoughts

Luton Town has museums, parks, restaurants, churches, and several other interesting locations that you can visit using a hired van and car of different brands and taste like number of doors, interior amenities etc.

The best van hire companies in the town include Hertz (passenger, home moving, commercial), Enterprise (passenger, commercial), Sixt (passenger, moving, luxury). Europcar, Northgate, and Turo.