Luxury Car Rental in Las Vegas Reviews

In this article, you will learn everything important you need to know about luxury car rental Las Vegas.

You will learn why people rent luxury cars in Las Vegas, the most popular types of luxury car for rentals, and the best companies to rent from.

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is also known as sin city. It is the most famous city in the state of Nevada and is considered the gambling capital of the world.

Americans and people from all over the world fly in to the city to gamble and to enjoy its famous (or is it infamous?) nightlife.

Many of the people who fly into Las Vegas usually book luxury vehicles to take them to their fancy hotels.

This is because they are usually in the vacation mood and they do not want to spoil it by using public transport or ordinary taxis/ vans.

Why Luxury Car Rental Las Vegas Popular?

There are many reasons why tourists and locals rent luxury vehicles in the city of Las Vegas. Below are the most popular ones.

  1. To Visit The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas strip is the heart of the city. It is where most five star hotels and famous casinos such as MGM and Bellagio are located. People visiting the strip are usually gamblers and those looking to have good fun in the city center,

For this reason, they usually take luxury car rentals Las Vegas NV to arrive at their hotels in style and the mood for fun.

  1. For Wedding Events

Many weddings are celebrated in Las Vegas almost every other week.

The wedding parties (the groomsmen and the bridesmaids) are usually moved around in luxury limousines or vans, while the main persons (the bride and the groom) are usually transported in luxury sedans or SUVs.

Sometimes, the grooms hire classic luxury vehicles to move around in Vegas.

  1. For Memorable Tours

In addition to visiting Vegas for the nightlife, many tourists visit Vegas to see the iconic Mojave Desert and the Valley of Fire State Park. Many such tourists often hire large luxury SUVs to visit such places.

  1. For Airport Pickups

Many executives and business persons flying into Las Vegas often hire luxury SUVs or sedans fitting their status to go to their meetings or hotels.

Las Vegas natives also frequently book airport car rental in Las Vegas, for their guests.

Celebrities visiting Vegas also usually book luxury vehicles to use to their destinations.

Popular Types of Luxury Car Rentals

Luxury Car Rental Las VegasThere are many luxury car rentals in Nevada.

The majority of them are found in the state’s most populous city, which is Vegas.

You can easily rent a car from the Vegas airport and many neighborhood car rental locations.

Below are the most popular categories of luxury cars you can rent from cheap luxury car rentals in Las Vegas.

  1. Basic Luxury Cars Las Vegas

Basic luxury cars are those cars that are luxury vehicles but there is nothing more to them. They are usually the cheapest luxury cars to rent.

Examples include BMW rental Las Vegas, Volvo S60, Jaguar XE, and Infiniti QX30.

  1. Sports Cars Las Vegas

Sports cars are the best type of luxury car. They are the type of car that most men imagine driving if they were multi-millionaires.

Examples include Lamborghini Fluracan, AMG GT Roadster, and Audi R8. Other examples include Porsche rental Las Vegas and Bentley rental Las Vegas

  1. Luxury Convertibles Las Vegas

Luxury convertibles are convertible vehicles. The overwhelming majority of convertible vehicles are luxury vehicles.

Examples include the BMW 430i and the Mercedes Benz SLC 300. If you want to ride a car with the top down, you now know you do not need to be a millionaire to do it; simply rent one.

  1. Luxury SUVs Las Vegas

Many luxury car  at Las Vegas airport offer luxury SUVs for rent.

Examples of luxury SUVs include the Audi Q7, the Jaguar F Pace, the Mercedes Benz GLE 350, and the Land Rover Evoque.

Big SUVs such as the Lincoln Navigator, the Cadillac Escalade ESV, and the Range Rover HSE are also considered luxury SUVs and are loved by CEOs and celebrities.

  1. American Muscle Cars

American muscle cars such as the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro SS are considered exotic and luxury cars. They are offered for hire by many businesses in Nevada.

  1. Luxury Electric Cars

The Jaguar I-Pace and most Tesla cars are considered luxury electric cars. Many car enthusiasts want to drive them because they are novelty cars and because they are luxury cars.

Firms such as Enterprise car rentals have them as part of their luxury fleet for rent.

The Best Luxury Car Rental in Las Vegas, NV

In my opinion, the best luxury car rental in the Las Vegas strip is Enterprise Car Rental.

This is the biggest car rental business in the entire globe. The business has several locations in Las Vegas including at the airport and the strip.

You can rent all sorts of luxury cars from Enterprise car rental. You can rent standard luxury vehicles, sports cars, American muscle cars, big SUVs, convertibles, and so on. You can also rent luxury vans from Enterprise.

So if you want a Porsche rental Las Vegas or BMW rental Las Vegas, you now know the business to contact.

Enterprise car rental has competitive luxury car rental rates. This is because it is a popular car rental business with many clients. So check them out for cheap luxury car rentals in Las Vegas.


There are many luxury car rentals in Las Vegas.

They rent many types of luxury cars including SUVs, convertibles, muscle cars, classic cars, and so on. The very best one among them all is the Enterprise car rental business.