Luxury Van Rental Guide

What is Luxury Van Rental?

Luxury van rental is simply the hiring of luxury vans such as Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans and the likes for transport.

Many businesses across the nation offer luxury vans for hire. Every major city in the United States has several of these businesses.

Luxury vans are characterized by three things: maximum comfort, privacy, and extra amenities. No luxury van is uncomfortable.

All of them have comfy seats, ample legroom, and high roofs. They are maximally comfortable.

Most luxury rental vans are also private.

They are private in the sense that they have tinted windows. Individuals outside cannot see who the driver or passengers. This makes them maximally private.

Lastly, most luxury vans have extra amenities such as mini-fridges, air conditioners, throw blankets, uniformed chauffeurs, and complimentary snacks.

The extra amenities are meant to make them extra special and unique compared to ordinary luxury vans.

Benefits of Luxury Van Rentals

There are many benefits that come with luxury van rentals. They include:

  1. Luxury Rental Vans are Comfortable

The number one benefit of using luxury van rentals is comfort. This is because the biggest difference between luxury vans and normal vans is that luxury vans are more luxurious, which is another word for comfortable.

Luxury vans like the Mercedes Benz are much more comfortable than GMC and Ford vans.

They typically have bigger seats, better legroom, more space, and drive smoother than normal vans.

  1. Impression

Renting a luxury van is a great way to make a very good impression.

For example, when you are going to a business meeting or to meet investors, appearing in a luxury van is going to leave a good impression on the people you are meeting.

They will have more confidence in doing business with you.

  1. Chauffeur Experience

Most luxury van rental businesses offer luxury vans with chauffeurs. So when you hire one van, you get the experience of being driven around and being cared for by a professional chauffeur.

  1. Affordable

Contrary to what many people expect, renting a luxury van is relatively affordable. It is usually not much more expensive than renting a good quality passenger van.

  1. No Maintenance

It can be quite expensive to maintain a luxury van or car.

However, if you choose to rent one, you will get to enjoy being driven in one without ever having to worry about maintaining it.

  1. No Lengthy Waits

If you book a luxury van to pick you up at the airport or train terminal, you will not have to wait for ages when you arrive at your destination.

You will simply get there and find someone waiting to escort you to your luxury van for a comfortable ride home or to your hotel.

  1. Stress-free Traveling

If you want to visit or tour a destination in style without having to worry about the routes, the rules, the traffic, and bad driving by other motorists, you should get a luxury van rental with driver.

Luxury van rental drivers are often elite drivers who know a lot about driving, routes, and so on. They will get you to your destination stress-free.

As you can see above, renting a luxury van comes with many benefits.

Luxury Van Rentals US

Most Popular Type of Luxury Vans

There are two popular types of luxury vans that one can rent – conversion luxury vans and sprinter luxury vans.

Luxury conversion van rental aka conversion vans are simply vans that have been converted into luxury vans.

Most conversion vans are RVs.

In other words, they have been converted to function are recreational vehicles. This makes them perfect for travel. They usually do not come with chauffeurs.

In contrast, sprinter luxury vans are simple Sprinter vans that are spacious and luxurious.

While sprinter vans are the most popular type of luxury van, they are not the only ones. Many van rental businesses also have VW vans for rent.

Major Luxury Van Rentals Services in US

If you search online for “luxury van rental near me,” you will quickly find many results.

This may confuse you a bit as it will make it difficult for you to know which one is the best. To make it easier for you to book and use a luxury van rental, I have listed the main luxury van rental businesses below.

  1. Sprinter Rentals

This is a major van business in the United States that does sprinter luxury van rental. The company started renting sprinter vans a long time ago and it is now one of the leading sprinter-only rental businesses in the world.

It is one of the best-rated luxury van rental businesses in cities such as Richmond, Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

It is also popular in Germany.

The types of Mercedes sprinter van rental you can rent from the company include 12 and 15 passenger sprinter van rentals.

It also does cargo sprinter van for hire.

  1. Legends Car & Van Rentals

This is a California-based business. It specializes in renting only the highest quality passenger and cargo vans.

According to clients, it has some of the cleanest and best-maintained luxury rental vans and cars in Los Angeles and Inglewood.

The types of sprinter vans you can rent from this company include the 9 passenger sprinter van, the 12 passenger sprinter van, and the 15 passenger sprinter van.

All these sprinter vans are quite luxurious and are chauffeured by professional chauffeurs.

  1. Bandago Van Rentals

The firm has locations in San Francisco, Portland, Phoenix, Orlando, Newark, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Columbus, Chicago, Charlotte, Austin, and Atlanta.

According to its website, the company can deliver a sprinter to any location in the United States.

This company is also known for offering 24-hour roadside assistance.

  1. VTI Van Rentals

This is a New York-based van rental. You can rent sprinter vans and other luxury vehicles from it very easily.

It is a firm that is known for having worked with big firms such as Google, Amway, Comfort Inn, and Per Se.

Luxury Coach vs. Bus vs. Van

A luxury coach is a luxury bus. You should rent one if you want something with the same capacity as a bus but much more comfort, space, and luxury.

Probably the best luxury coach you can find is the 25 passenger luxury van. If you want something luxurious but smaller than a luxury coach, you should get a luxury van of 20 seater or less.


Luxury vans are perfect for traveling in style and comfort. They are also perfect for traveling in style and comfort.

Luxury rental vans are also perfect for making an impression.

The best luxury van businesses in the United States include VTI Van Rentals, Bandago Van Rentals, Legends Car & Van Rentals, and Sprinter Rentals.