How Many Axles On A Box Truck?

How Many Axles Does A Box Truck Have?

A box truck is a mid-sized truck that also goes by the name of a pickup truck, cargo van, etc. 

Box trucks are the most common trucks that we get to see on the roadways.

Mini truck parked on the road side

Ever wondered how many axles a box truck has?

Technically, most box trucks have two axles and are 4WD (Four-Wheel Drive). A box truck comes with two wheels, requiring one axle per pair of wheels (front and rear). 

Want to know more about axles and box trucks? Give this article a read!

What Are The Types of Axles?

When it comes to axles, there is a pool of axles installed in a truck. There are mostly three types of axles used in a vehicle: front axle, rear axle, and stub axle. 

  • Front Axle 

As you can guess from its name, this axle is installed right at the front of the vehicle and assists the driver with steering and coping with shocks that come from uneven surfaces.

This axle is further divided into four other parts: the swivel pin, beam, stub axle, and track rod.

This axle is very turdy and usually made using nickel or carbon steel, also known as a steering axle. 

  • Rear Axle  

This axle plays the most important role, as this axle is responsible for generating all the power.

The rear axle is made of two parts, named half-shafts. These half-shafts are connected to the drive axle, also known as the differential.

  • Stub Axle 

 These are attached to the front wheels.

Types of Front Axles

You need to know more if you think all the front axles are pretty the same.

There are two types of front axles, which are –

  • Live Front Axles – Live front axles in a regular truck are responsible for delivering driving power from the gearbox to the vehicle’s front wheels. These also rotate with the wheels.
  • Dead-Front Axle – As you can guess from its name, these axles do not move. The majority of these differentials and axles are installed in areas that do not let them get in contact with dirt or water.

 Types of Rear Axles

When it comes to rear axles, you should know that there are two main types of rear axles, which are –

  • Full-Floating Axle –

This axle effectively maintains its position and floats in place, staying true to its name. This type of axle is designed so that it can effectively transmit torque.

The full-floating axles were designed for heavier and larger vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks. 

An image of a truck axles

Not just these heavy-duty trucks, mid trucks that have decent towing capabilities, or vehicles that have 4WD can also get the benefit of these axles.

  • Semi-Floating Axle –

This type of rear is used to hold the wheel securely and connect the wheel to the axle shaft.

One bearing goes in the axle casting, and the other supports the axle shaft.  These axles are used for mid-sized trucks, cars, and SUVs. 

Axles for truck wheels

  • Three-Quarter Floating Axle

This axle is more complex than the semi-floating axles and is reliable. These are used to maintain proper wheel alignment and handle driving torque and side thrust. 

Types of Stub Axles 

Primarily, the stub axles are of four types –

  • Elliot – It is used as a kingpin, cotter, and yoke for connecting to the front axle,
  • Reserve Elliot – It is used as the opposite of the Elliot stub axle,
  • Lamoine – These axles have an L-shaped spindle,
  • Reverse Lamoine – It appears exactly opposite of the standard L-shaped spindle.

How Many Axles Box Trucks Have and Why?

As you read it above, axles depend on the total pair of wheels. Most box trucks are light-duty trucks that come with 2 pairs of wheels and require two axles, i.e., one front axle and one rear axle. 

However, you would need more axles if you wish to hook a trailer or a tow dolly! But, generally, box trucks have two axles. 

There are a variety of box truck sizes. The bigger the size, the more its payload capacity. A truck that carries heavy loads will have tandem axles or tridem axles. These axles provide stability and help medium-duty trucks carry loads.  

How Many Axles Is A 26ft Box Truck Vs. 20 Foot?

A 26ft box 6-wheel truck

As you have read earlier, the majority of the box trucks or straight trucks come with two axles.

It does not matter whether it is a 26ft box truck or a 20ft box truck. It will have two axles unless you install a trailer or a tow dolly! 

Installing a trailer will add two more axles to the truck while hooking up a tow dolly will only add one more axle. 

How Many Axles Does A Straight Truck Have?

Long box truck parked at a terminal

Normally, all trucks have two axles. Be it a regular straight truck or a cargo van, they would have two axles, as they have two pairs of wheels. 

However, a truck with an auto-trailer or tow dolly will have more axles. Yes, a truck with an auto-trailer will have 4 axles, while a truck with a tow-dolly will have 3 axles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3 axle truck?

A 10-wheel truck with 3 axles

A truck with three axles or a tri-axle truck has three axles grouped at the rear. These are also known as tridem axles.  

These trucks are used for carrying huge loads. Due to three axles, these trucks are way more stable and have an improved weight displacement. 

Are trucks 2 axles?

An axle is the metal rod or shaft inside the wheel hub. Yes, the majority of the mid-sized trucks, cargo vans, and pickup trucks have at least two axles. 

The calculation goes like this – one axle per pair of wheels. So a truck with two pairs of wheels will need two axles, whereas a truck with three wheels will need three axles. 

The trucks designed for towing heavier loads or the larger towing vehicles come with four rear axles to five axles.

Trucks that have more back wheels use a set of two rear axles called tandem axles. Long story short, the more wheels, the more axles it will need. 

How many axles does a 20 ft U-Haul have?

U-Haul is one of America’s best Truck Rental Companies. It has various truck collections that allow every customer to pick up and rent a truck according to their needs. 

The majority of the U-Haul trucks use two axles. But, if you wish to include a two dolly, it would add up one more axle, or you would need two more axles if you wish to hook a tractor-trailer. 


Now that you have this write-up, I hope you know that most of the number of axles a regular box truck or straight truck would be just two axles. 

You will certainly need more axles if you intend to use a tow dolly or a trailer. According to the general rule of thumb, one axle is used for a pair of wheels. 

You will be surprised to know that even our commercial coach buses, dump trucks, or any other common vehicle carrying passengers have two or more two axles.