What are Medium Duty Beverage Trucks Used For?

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Medium duty beverage trucks are medium duty trucks with a trailer divided into bays for easy transport of various beverages.

A medium beverage truck can either six, eight, ten, or twelve bays. In this post, you will get to know the answers to all the key questions you have about beverage trucks.

What are medium duty beverage trucks?

Medium duty trucks are trucks in truck classes 6 and 7. They have a GVWR of between 19,501 and 33,000 pounds.

They are typically used to carry light cargo e.g. beverages. They are also used for deliveries. Because they are commonly used to transport beverages, they are known as medium duty beverage trucks.

What is the best medium duty truck for beverage?

The best medium duty truck for beverage is the Freightliner m2 106 model truck. A refrigerated version of this truck can be used to transport any beverage even over long distances.

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Most Reliable Medium Duty Trucks Used as Beverage Delivery

1.  2021 RAM 5500 Beverage Truck from Emerald Transportation

This powerful gasoline RAM truck has a PolyVan insulated body. It is 17-foot long and has a roll up rear door plus a curb side door including steps.

Its refrigeration unit is a powerful Thermo King V 520 unit. The cargo hold has two dome lights for maximum visibility.


  • RAM 5500 (2021 model)
  • 400 Horsepower
  • Standard cab
  • Engine 6.4L gas.

2.  2021 Mitsubishi FUSO FE18G Beverage Truck from MTR Truck Center INC

This is a one-of-a-kind Mitsubishi Fuso truck with an 18-foot long body. It does not require CDL to drive and has a 6.0L gas engine.

This beverage truck is based on the FUSO FE18G chassis and has a 5-year warranty on the drivetrain and the transmission.


  • Model: Mitsubishi FUSO FE18G
  • Beverage distribution body 18 ft.
  • 300 Horsepower

3.  2019 HINO Beverage Truck from Truckmax Naples

This Beverage distribution truck is based on the 2019 Hino 195 chassis. It has a standard carb, a 5L diesel engine, steel wheels, hydraulic brakes, spring suspensions, and a 30-gallon tank.

The truck has ten side doors with light in each segment. The manufacturer of this beverage truck provides shelving if needed.


  • Model: 2019 HINO 195 truck
  • Ten side doors
  • 5L diesel engine

4.  2022 NRR Isuzu

This truck is made as a beverage truck by Isuzu in the USA. It has a 5.2L engine, a 14-foot Hackney 6 bays body, a 60K miles warranty, steel wheels, hydraulic brakes, and a one-piece aluminium roof.


  • Model: Isuzu NRR truck
  • Engine: 5.2L diesel
  • Turbocharged
  • 6 bays

5.  2022 INTERNATIONAL MV607 Beverage Truck from Rush Truck Center

This International truck built into a beverage truck by Rush Truck Center is one of the most reliable beverage trucks in the United States.

It is a powerful truck with a 6.7L engine, an Allison 6-Speed transmission, a beverage body, air brakes, and a single axle.


  • Model: International MV607 truck
  • Engine: a 6.7L diesel engine
  • A 50-gallon fuel tank.


Is NRR Isuzu Beverage Truck the best?

Credit: dealerschoicetrucks.com


Vital Factors to Consider Before Acquiring a Beverage Truck

  1. Fuel

You must consider two things about fuel before purchasing any truck – fuel consumption (gas mileage) and fuel capacity. With regard to fuel consumption, you want a truck that has a low gas mileage.

A truck with a low gas mileage will allow you to travel far without spending too much money on gas. With regard to fuel capacity, you want a truck with a 30-gallon capacity tank or more.

The bigger the fuel capacity of your truck, the further you should be able to travel before needing to fill up again.

  1. Body type

When getting a beverage truck, you must think a lot about the body type you want to get. By body type we are referring to the number of bays you want. You can have a truck with 6 bays, 8 bays, 10 bays, or even 12 bays.

Generally, the more places you have to deliver to, the bigger the number of bays you need. By having more bays, you get to open each door separately hence you do not affect the temperature in the other compartments.

  1. Brand

You have to strongly consider the brand when buying a beverage truck. Beverage trucks built on the chassis of powerful trucks such as International, Ford, Isuzu, and Hino are much more preferable than those built on the chassis of trucks that are not known to be very powerful.

Powerful trucks can not only haul heavy cargo but also tend to last longer. They are also more reliable. Therefore, you should only buy a beverage truck built on a powerful chassis.

  1. Horsepower

You should only purchase a truck with good horsepower (at least 250 horsepower) when considering beverage trucks.

Trucks with more than 250 HP have the capacity to haul heavy cargo effortlessly. In contrast, trucks with less than 250 HP can have a difficulty hauling heavy cargo especially uphill.

  1. Price

When purchasing a truck, probably the most important thing you need to consider is the price. Generally, good trucks are more expensive than ordinary trucks.

However, while you should expect to pay more when going for an excellent truck, you should try to bargain when you can.

And when you can’t you should strongly consider a used truck in excellent condition. It will definitely be cheaper than its new version.

  1. Location

You should consider location when purchasing a beverage truck. You may think a truck is cheap but that may only be because it is in a state where things are generally cheap.

Shipping it or transporting it all the way to your state may cost more. So if interested in a vehicle far away from where you are, you should factor in the transport cost to the quoted price.

  1. Safety features

To ensure the vehicle you are purchasing is perfect for you or your drive, you need to check its safety features including its seat belts, its brakes, its airbags, its lights, and so on.

If you cannot do the checks yourself, consider hiring a vehicle inspector to do so for you. Failure to check on safety features could result in you purchasing a faulty vehicle and this could be very dangerous.

New and Used Beverage Trucks for Sale: Which is More Cost Effective?

New Beverage Trucks Pros and Cons


  • New trucks are more reliable
  • New trucks have valid warranty
  • New trucks require less maintenance
  • New trucks typically have a more powerful refrigeration unit
  • New trucks are easier to service/repair
  • New trucks are more fuel efficient
  • New trucks are more eco-friendly


  • New beverage trucks tend to be more expensive

Used Beverage Trucks Pros and Cons


  • Used trucks are often cheaper
  • Used trucks can be great quality
  • Used trucks tend to be longer lasting
  • Used trucks tend to be more powerful


  • Used trucks typically require more servicing
  • Used trucks are typically less fuel efficient
Is RAM 5500 Beverage Truck Affordable?

Credit: CommercialTruckTrader

CDL Vs under CDL Beverage or Food Trucks

CDL beverage trucks are those that require a commercial driver’s license to drive.

According to federal law, trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds (unloaded or loaded) require a driver to have a CDL to drive them. Therefore, CDL beverage trucks are those weighing more than 26,000 pounds and requiring a CDL to drive.

In contrast, under CDL beverage trucks are beverage trucks that weigh less than 26,000 pounds (loaded or unloaded) and, therefore, do not require a CDL. They only need a standard license to drive.

Questions & Answers:

What is average beverage truck body weight?

The 2020 Freightliner M2 106 business class truck weighs 26,000 pounds. So the average weight of a good size beverage truck should be around 26,000 pounds.

What is normal beverage truck dimensions for medium duty?

The 2014 Freightliner M2 measures 26’ long, 103” high, and 102” wide. It is a brilliant example of the normal beverage truck dimensions.

What is average body dimensions of heavy duty beverage trucks?

The 2022 KENWORTH T370 truck measures 26’ long, 102” wide, and 103” tall. It is one of the best known heavy duty beverage trucks and its dimensions give a good example of the normal heavy duty beverage truck dimensions.

What is a 12 bay beverage truck?

A 12 bay truck is a truck with a bay configuration of 12 bays. The 12 bays are distributed as six on each side of the cargo compartment.

Are 6 bay beverage truck better within state?

Because they are smaller than 10 or 12 bay beverage trucks, they are best used within state for quick transport jobs. Otherwise, using them for long out of state jobs is not very efficient or profitable.

What are major difference between an 8 bay truck and a 10 bay truck?

The major difference is the number of bays. While an 8 bay truck will only have four bays on each side, a 10 bay truck will have five. Therefore, a 10 bay truck can carry more beverages than an 8 bay truck.

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What are the most common vehicle brands used for beverage supply?

The vehicles brands most commonly used for beverage supply are Freightliner, KENWORTH, HINO, Peterbilt, and Isuzu.

Where can I get best beverage truck for sale bargain?

What is the best medium duty truck for beverage?Penske Used Trucks and the Beverage Truck Pros have some of the best bargains on beverage trucks.

Which Hino beverage truck model is most popular?

The Hino 338 beverage truck is the most popular Hino beverage truck.

Should we buy Isuzu beverage truck or rent?

If you want to use it for a long time, you should purchase it. If you want to use it for a single job or for a short period, you should rent it or lease it.


There are many types of beverage trucks on the market. The most reliable ones are those built in the US on the chassis of reliable trucks such as International, Hino, and Isuzu trucks.

Several beverage truck examples are given in this post. Find one of them or use the details provided about them to find the beverage truck you want.