Mercedes Rental Reviews: Can You Already Feel the Power, Comfort & Epic Luxury?

In this post, I will share with you all you need to know about Mercedes Benz rental in the United States.

You will learn about the reasons people rent Mercedes cars and the best Mercedes rental companies in the USA and UK.

Why Mercedes Rental?

Mercedes-Benz is arguably most popular luxury car brand in the world.

The company designs and makes its cars using globally recognized German engineering.

They are renowned for being powerful, fast, safe, reliable, and immensely well-designed.

Below are the top reasons why Mercedes rental car is much desired.

  1. Status Symbol

A new Mercedes Benz car is the ultimate status symbol.

A truly great way to show the world that you have class and taste.

Arriving at a business meeting, or meeting new acquaintances in one will create the impression you are a classy man or woman.

Many people rent Benz cars as a status symbol.

  1. Feel the Luxury

Benz vehicles are known for being some of the most luxurious vehicles in the world.

They come with spacious interiors and everything is well-designed and well-placed.

Most people rent them just to feel their luxurious interior.

  1. For Awards Nights and Days

Organizers of major awards usually hire Mercedes Benz vehicles to transport their main guests.

This not only makes the guests feel nice about themselves but also creates an impression in the audience that they are very important people.

  1. Mercedes Rental Car for Weddings

Wedding organizers usually hire classy vehicles to move around the bride, the groom, and other key guests between wedding venues.

And many prefer Mercedes Benz vehicles because they present higher level of class and luxury for the occasions.

  1. Rental is Far Cheaper than Ownership

Owning a Mercedes car is very expensive.

It comes with various costs including the upfront cost and insurance.

However, renting one is not as expensive.

You simply walk into a rental business, choose the Mercedes Benz model you want, and drive away with it after paying a few hundred dollars.

  1. Sweet Cruising and Road Trips

People rent Mercedes Benz vehicles to cruise along highways with scenic or spectacular views such as the Pacific Coast Highway or the Route 1 highway between Key West and Miami.

Traveling down a scenic highway in a high-performance Mercedes is an experience that many people regularly want and it is one of the common reasons guys with high taste rent Mercedes cars.

  1. Normality

Many people are used to driving Mercedes Benz or other luxury cars because they own them.

Therefore, they naturally only hire Mercedes Benz when they fly somewhere to enjoy the same driving experience they are accustomed to.

Mercedes Rental

Few Top Mercedes Cars Rental in USA and UK

The top Mercedes Car Rentals in the USA and the UK include:

  1. Enterprise Car Rental

This is the biggest car rental company in the world. It has a massive fleet of standard and luxury vehicles.

Among the luxury vehicles, are Mercedes rental cars.

The very best Mercedes Benz this company has is the Mercedes Benz S550 — a powerful and luxurious vehicle with a V8 engine.

It also has an s550 convertible and an S560.

In the USA, Enterprise locations include Burbank airport, Miami airport, West Palm Beach, Pasadena, and Fort Lauderdale.

Coming off from abroad?

Call on Enterprise Atlanta airport services. And, yes they also offer Mercedes car leasing.

  1. Sixt Company

This company is a top global car renting and leasing company.

You can rent a Mercedes G wagon from any of Sixt’s many locations that are spread throughout the United States.

You can also rent a Mercedes Benz SUV such as the GLE SUV from Sixt.

Sixt locations include luxury car rental LAX, Seattle, and LA luxury car rental.

  1. Avis

Avis is a reputable company with locations in almost every major city in the world.

In the United States, Avis has numerous locations spread throughout the country. Most of the locations have a Mercedes Benz car rental you can lease or hire.

Locations include Alabama, Illinois, Montana, Oregon, Hawaii, Arkansas, Arizona, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New York, Florida, and New Jersey.

The Mercedes E 300 Sedan is among the Benz vehicles you can rent from this company’s many locations.

Why E Class Sedan Most Popular Mercedes Rental Car in UK & USA?  

Yes according the luxury rental statistics, the most preferred Mercedes Car is the E Class Sedan.

This is because many rental businesses have it and because it is relatively cheap to rent compared to renting a G-Wagon or a convertible Mercedes.

Above all is spacious, extremely classy and comfortable!


Many believe Mercedes are the top cars to rent, as they are gorgeous, powerful, luxurious, and comfy.

The best companies to rent one from include Enterprise, Sixt, and Avis, and the most preferred model is the E Class Sedan