Minibus Rental Guide: 6 Unique Benefits of Different Types and Specs

In this article. I will share with you everything you need to know about minibus rental.

You will learn the unique features of mini bus, the benefits of renting a minibus, the difference between a minibus and a minivan, and the average daily cost of renting one.

Let’s begin.

Why Minibus Rental?

A minibus is a small-size bus.

In other words, it is a bus that carries fewer people than a normal bus.

They have limited number of seats – unlike normal size buses that can carry between forty and fifty-two people, minibuses carry between seven and twenty individuals.

There are different types of minibuses on the market.

The different types include the 7 seater minibus, the 10 seater minibus, and the 12 seater minibus.

You should hire a 7 seater minibus if you have 7-people or less to carry.

If you have 10 people or less to carry, you should consider 10-seater minibus hire.

If you have fifteen to eighteen people to carry or transport, you should go for an 18 passenger minibus rental.

As you can see above, minibuses are generally categorized in terms of the number of people they are designed to carry.

Self Drive or With Driver?

It is important to note that a few companies also categorize them into two – minibus rental without driver – that is you either self drive or get a qualified driver.

There is also minibus rental with driver – that is you pay for both driver and bus!

Please note that the self drive 12 seater minibus hire is more common that both 10 and 15 seaters!

Benefits of Renting a Minibus

There are several reasons why someone would go for a 10 seater minibus, a 12-seater minibus hire, or any other kind of smaller bus.

The most common ones are explained below.

  1. For Recreation

Many people who have large families or want to take a big group of children or adults to a recreational park, a national park, or anything similar frequently hire minibuses to transport everyone safely in one move.

Minibuses are particularly nice for carrying groups with less than 20 individuals.

Parents charged with the responsibility of taking a large group of kids to a soccer, NFL, baseball, or basketball game or practice also regularly hire minibuses to carry everyone safely to and fro.

  1. To Attend Parties

Minibus rental is perfect for going to big parties and large outdoor events such as Lollapalooza, the Stagecoach Music Festival, and Coachella.

This is because they have enough space for carrying everyone and people can sleep inside them instead of booking expensive accommodation.

Many party minibuses are also readily available in many cities in USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

They are perfect for getting people in the mood to party before they get to the actual party.

Vital TIP: Many people who go to the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago use Chicago minibus rentals.

  1. For Wedding

Weddings are typically spread over three venues – the church, the photo-shoot venue, and the reception venue.

And they are usually attended by many people.

Because of these two facts, there is a need to move the wedding attendees from one venue to the next throughout the program.

This is the reason why wedding organizers usually get minibus rentals to get everyone around as quickly as possible.

  1. Transport School Kids

Schools frequently lease minibuses to use to safely transport learners to and from school.

This is better and ensures kids safely arrive in school instead of riding bikes, taking public transport, or walking to school.

So if you have a school and you want kids to travel to and from school safely, you should search the term “minibus rental near me” to find a minibus near you to lease.

minibus rental

  1. To Save Cost

If you want to transport a large number of people, the best way to do it is to use a minibus rental. The alternative is, of course, using your small car or trying to hire multiple Ubers to transport everyone.

Doing this is expensive and it will cost a lot of money either in terms of fuel or Uber money. So to save money, you should rent a minibus like many people in a similar situation usually do.

  1. Convenience

If you want convenience when moving around with a large number of people, you should get a self drive minibus rental. Or, one with a driver.

This is because in a private bus, a group of people, especially kids, will be easier to manage than in a public transit bus, a train, or on foot.

As you can see above, there are many reasons why you should go for a minibus rental in New York City or wherever else you are located.

To Rent Minibus or Minivan?

There is no big difference between a minibus and a minivan.

However, depending on the place you want to rent either option from, there can be small differences between the minibus and the minivan.

For example, most minivans carry fewer people than most minibuses. Also, most minivans are more luxurious than most minibuses.

Furthermore, it is often cheaper to rent minivans because of their small size than to rent minibuses.

Also, minivans are usually self-drive while rental minibuses usually come with a driver.

Therefore, while there are no major differences between a minibus and a minivan, there are usually small differences depending on the actual minivan and minibus you are considering.

Normal Cost To Rent Minibus in UK, USA, & Canada

  1. Minibus Daily Rental Price UK

The daily cost of using a minibus rental in London and other cities in the UK is approximately 420 pounds.

  1. Daily Rental Price USA

The daily cost of using a minibus rental in Dallas and other cities in the USA is approximately $1,200 US dollars.

  1. Daily Rental Price Canada

The daily cost of using a minibus rental in Toronto and other cities in Canada is approximately 1,400 Canadian dollars.


You can hire a minibus to travel to a party or a recreational area. You can also hire one to conveniently move around your kids or group of friends when on holiday.

Many individuals also hire buses for school transport. The average cost of renting a minibus for a day is 420 pounds in the UK and $1,200 US dollars in the USA.