How Much Does a Uhaul Car Trailer Weigh? And Importance of Auto Transport Trailers Weight and Rental Prices!

How Wide Is A Uhaul Car Trailer?

One of the major considerations when it comes to picking Uhaul car trailers is their weight, and this is usually the case, irrespective of the function you want to use the trailer for.

This is because Uhaul car trailers (also known as auto transport trailers) are built for different functions and hence, come in different sizes

The weight of a Uhaul auto transport models affects several things such as how much you can afford to load on it, the gas consumption, towing capacity, and much more.

Asides from this, you should also know that when referring to a car trailer’s weight, it could either be the empty weight or the gross weight, and both details are important. 

That said, knowing the different weights of Uhaul car trailers is necessary for helping you accurately decide on which of these trailers to rent from Uhaul

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How Much Does A Uhaul Car Trailer Weigh?


What Are U-Haul Car Trailer Rental Prices?

Uhaul auto transport trailer costs $14.95 to rent 4×8 cargo trailers and $18.95 to rent 5×8 cargo trailers. The 5×8 utility trailers also cost $18.95, while the 5×9 utility trailers with ramp and 6×12 utility trailers with ramp cost $24.95 and $34.95, respectively. 

Importance of Weight in Car Trailers

There are several reasons why the weight of a car trailer is important. It’s also of great importance to know if your vehicle is a four wheel drive or a front-wheel drive.

This information will help you in your aim to distribute the weight evenly, and keep your vehicle and your cargo trailer in equilibrium. The importance of weight in car trailers is detailed below. 

  • Safety

Knowing the weight of your car trailer is important in ensuring your safety and the safety of other motorists. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible for you to know the actions that you should take with your car trailer.

  • Proper Weight Distribution

Asides from ensuring safety on the road, knowing your car trailer weight helps you to properly distribute the weight of your items for proper balancing, and also ensure the stability of your items.

For example, ideally, heavier items should first be loaded on your vehicle before light ones. There are also ways to place items, depending on the type of object it is, in a way that ensures proper balancing.

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  • Towing Capacity

Knowing the weight of your car trailer also helps you to properly plan for vehicles that will tow it. All car trailers have their GVWR and the weight of a car trailer cannot be more than the towing capacity of the towing truck or vehicle.

  • Load capacity

The weight of a car trailer is also the determiner of how much load can be on-boarded on such vehicles. Several other factors make a car trailer weight important such as gauging driving and road restrictions.

How Much Does Different Uhaul Trailer Models Weigh?

How much does a Uhaul trailer weigh? Look below this table of some car trailers and their respective weights.

Type Weight
Tow Dolly 750 lbs
Auto Transport 2,210 lbs
Motorcycle Trailer 800 lbs
Utility Trailers 630 lbs–1240 lbs
Cargo Trailers 850 lbs–1920 lbs


Legalities, Terms, and Conditions

There are several legalities, terms, and conditions attached to using Uhaul car trailers. First, there are certain things that Uhaul will not be responsible for, such as the lax security of your load, or damages incurred by negligence on your part.

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The company is also indemnified against any losses or injuries from direct or indirect use of the Uhaul car trailers. Some of the terms and conditions attached to making use of Uhaul include:

  • You must confirm that the vehicle is in a good condition and can provide the service required before striking a deal.
  • You must also provide insurance for your property and any towing vehicles because damages cannot be attributed to Uhaul.
  • When hiring or renting, the cleaning of the vehicle after use is dependent on you, and failure to do so comes with extra cost.
  • Also when renting, you must accept that the car trailer can be tracked if deemed fit.
  • And lastly, to use a Uhaul car trailer, you must hold a valid license. 

Frequent Queries about Auto Carrier Trailer!

What are different U-haul car trailer size?

There are two main U-haul auto carrier trailer types and many different sizes. The two types are utility trailers and cargo trailers.

These two types have various sizes; there are 4×7 utility trailers, 5×8 utility trailers, 5×9 utility trailers with ramps, and 6×12 utility trailers (with and without ramps). The cargo trailers come in 4×8, 5×8, and 6×12 sizes. 

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What Are Different U-Haul Car Trailer Size?

An auto transport trailer ready to move!

Are there old U haul car trailer for sale?

No, there are no old U haul car trailers for sale. U haul does not sell any old trailers. The company keeps them in service and maintains them.

What are benefits and features of 2 car trailer rental?

Two car trailers afford you more space and increases your load capacity by allowing you to link an extra trailer to your vehicle. You also spend less on gas and it makes your transportation cost-effective.

How much does a Uhaul car dolly weigh?

Uhaul car dollies weigh 750 lbs when they are empty. They have a carriage capacity of 3900 lbs for rear-wheel-drive vehicles and 3450 lbs for front-wheel drive vehicles.

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Uhaul car trailers weigh between 700 lbs and 2300 lbs. Knowing this information is helpful in your towing activities and to ensure your safety and that of other road users while towing a car trailer, professionally known as auto transport trailers!

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