Discover Complete Uhaul Car Trailer Weight and Which Type to Tent Today?

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One of the major considerations when it comes to picking Uhaul car trailers is asking about Uhaul car trailer weight as it is very crucial, irrespective of the function you want to use the trailer for.

This is because Uhaul car trailers (also known as auto transport trailers) are built for different functions and hence, come in different sizesThe weight affects several things such as how much you can afford to load on it, Uhaul gas consumption and mileage, towing capacity, and much more.

Now in this super report (read time is: 2 miniues), we generously share ample details about how much does a car trailer weigh – including Uhaul and other brands. 

Uhaul Car Trailer Weight and Why it is Important?

There are several reasons why Uhaul car trailer weight and other brands is important. It’s also of great importance to know if your vehicle is a four wheel drive or a front-wheel drive.

This information will help you in your aim to distribute the weight evenly, and keep your vehicle and your cargo trailer in equilibrium. The importance of weight in car trailers is detailed below.

What is uhaul car trailer weight?

  • Safety

Knowing what is Uhaul car trailer weight ensures your safety and the safety of other motorists.  Otherwise, it will be almost impossible for you to know the actions that you should take with your car trailer.

  • Proper Weight Distribution

Asides from ensuring safety on the road, knowing how heavy or overall weight of Uhaul car trailer helps you to properly distribute the weight of your items for proper balancing, and also ensure the stability of your items.

For example, ideally, heavier items should first be loaded on your vehicle before light ones. There are also ways to place items, depending on the type of object it is, in a way that ensures proper balancing.

  • Towing Capacity

And, again knowing the Uhaul car trailer weight helps you to properly plan for vehicles that will tow it. All car trailers have their GVWR and the weight of a car trailer cannot be more than the towing capacity of the towing truck or vehicle.

  • Load capacity

The weight of a car trailer is also the determiner of how much load can be on-boarded on such vehicles.  Several other factors make a average car trailer weight important such as gauging driving and road restrictions.

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How Much Does a Car Trailer Weigh?

So, how much does a car trailer weigh for different sizes and models? Typically, a car trailer, also known as auto transport, weighs anywhere from 1,500 pounds to 2,800 pounds on its own. Therefore, the average weight stands at 1,900 pounds. When the car trailer is loaded, the weight can be as much as 15,000 pounds. 

The following table highlights trailer weights by trailer type:

S/N Trailer type Average Empty Weight (lbs.) Average Load Capacity (lbs.)
Tow Dolly 600 3,400
Auto Transport 1,900 7,100
Motorcycle Trailer 500 1,900
Utility Trailers 1000 (small) or 2,700 (large) 2,200 (small) or 4,400 (large)
Cargo Trailers 6,700 1,600

How Much Does a Uhaul Car Trailer Weigh?

U-Haul has a specialized, patented car trailer available for rent. While it has the mass Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 7,500 pounds, the empty weight stands at 2,210 pounds. That is to say, the maximum towing capacity is 5,290 pounds. For more information on U-Haul car trailers or auto transport trailers, read the next section.

What is U haul Auto Transport Weight?

U-Haul Auto Transport is the same as U-Haul trailers. So what is u haul car trailer weight? With up to 5,290 pounds of towing capacity, U-Haul auto transport trailers are suitable for hauling vehicles over long distances. 

To make things easier for renters, U-Haul auto transport trailers are adequately equipped with several accessories, including an easy-access loading ramp, security chains, and ratchet-operated tire straps, as well as other numerous safety features. 

As a note, your U-Haul car trailer will require a 1 7/8” or 2” hitch ball and a properly rated hitch system to tow your car. The dimension of the U-Haul auto transport trailer is as follows: 

Deck Width: 79.25 inches

Deck Length: 148 inches

Deck Minimum Width: 41 inches

Fender Height Off of Deck: 12 inches

Between Ramp: 44.25 inches

Outside of Ramp: 76.25 inches

Ramp Length: 77.5 inches

Deck Height: 19 inches

Lastly, with a 7,500 pound GVWR, a U-Haul auto transport trailer weighs 2,210 when it’s empty.

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Discover how much does a uhaul car trailer weigh!

What are Single Car Trailer Weight?

The average 1 car trailer weight is 7,000 pounds. One car trailer weights are available in types, including:

  1. Basic Car Trailer which has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 6,000 GVWR. 
  2. Standard Car Trailer which has an average Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 7,000 pounds. 
  3. Deluxe Car Trailer which has an average Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 8,000 pounds.  

As you may have already guessed, different single car trailer weights are suited for hauling different vehicle weight categories.

Car Hauler Trailer Weight Vs Utility Trailer?

Car trailers or auto transport trailers are different from utility trailers. The most notable difference is that car carriers don’t have railings as it might hinder the easy loading of cars, but utility trailers do.

Furthermore, to allow for the seamless loading of vehicles, car trailers are fitted with ramps. Utility trailers don’t need ramps. A car carrier weight or the weight of a utility trailer depends on the structure of your frame, the jack, and the axles fitted to your frame.

The average gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of a car trailer is 10,000 pounds. For utility trailers, it is 7,500 pounds. Generally,  Uhaul car hauler weight are built to be more suitable for transporting heavier weights.

Double axles trailer with winch illustration

What are Average U haul Trailer Weight?

So, how much does a Uhaul trailer weigh? As it is with every trailer, U-Haul trailers are designed to fit different functions.  By extension, they tend to also have different sizes and capabilities. The average size and corresponding Uhaul trailer weights of different types are accessible to the public online.

Generally, the average Uhaul trailer weight typically fall anywhere between 600 lbs. and 2,300 lbs., starting from the mini-trailers to the much bigger ones. As a rule, the fuel mileage is indirectly proportional to the trailer sizes. This means that the bigger the trailer, the lower the fuel mileage.

Are There Uhaul Car Trailer for Sale?

No, there are no old U haul car trailers for sale. U haul does not sell any old trailers. The company keeps them in service and maintains them.

Flatbed Car Trailer Weight and Dimensions

A flatbed car trailer is perfect for moving goods without traditional enclosures as found in vans and cargo trailers. Due to the versatility of shipping large and wide items that you can load from the side using a forklift or are dropped from above using a crane, flatbed car trailers are rather popular in the trucking industry. 

The following are the dimensions for some flatbed car trailers:  

  • 60EC-16 Big Tex 16’ Economy Car Hauler 7×16

Maximum freight dimensions

Length: 16 feet. 

Width: 7 feet.

Note: the maximum load capacity of a Big Tex Economy Car Hauler (7 x 16) is 4,200 pounds and it has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 6,000 pounds.

flatbed car trailer

  • 60EC-18 Big Tex 18’ Economy Car Hauler 7×18

Maximum freight dimensions

Length: 18 feet. 

Width: 7 feet.

Note: the maximum load capacity of a Big Tex Economy Car Hauler (7 x 18) is also 4,200 pounds with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 6,000 pounds.  

  • 70CH-20 Big Tex 20′ Car Hauler with Dovetail

Maximum freight dimensions

Length: 20 feet. 

Width: 7 feet.

Note: the maximum load capacity of a Big Tex Car Hauler with Dovetail (7 x 20) is also 5,000 pounds with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 7,000 pounds. It comes with a bumper pull tongue.

  • 10CH-20 Big Tex 10,000 GVWR 20′ Car Hauler

Maximum freight dimensions

Length: 20 feet. 

Width: 7 feet.

Note: the maximum load capacity of a Big Tex 10,000 GVWR 20’ Car Hauler (7 x 20) is 7,710 pounds and it has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 9,990 pounds. It features a bumper pull tongue.

  • PJ 36′ Gooseneck Car Hauler 7 Ton B8-362

Maximum freight dimensions

Length: 36 feet. 

Width: 8.5 feet.

Note: the maximum load capacity of a PJ 36’ Gooseneck Car Hauler (8.5 x 36) is 12,300 pounds and it comes with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 14,000 pounds. It features a gooseneck tongue.

Single truck trailer with double axles

What Are U haul Car Hauler Price for Rental?

Uhaul auto transport trailer costs $14.95 to rent 4×8 cargo trailers and $18.95 to rent 5×8 cargo trailers. The 5×8 utility trailers also cost $18.95, while the 5×9 utility trailers with ramp and 6×12 utility trailers with ramp cost $24.95 and $34.95, respectively.

Frequent Queries about Auto Carrier Trailer!

How much does a Uhaul car dolly weigh?

Uhaul car dollies weigh 750 lbs when they are empty. They have a carriage capacity of 3900 lbs for rear-wheel-drive vehicles and 3450 lbs for front-wheel drive vehicles.

Uhaul car trailer rental – legalities, terms, and conditions

There are several legalities, terms, and conditions attached to using Uhaul car trailers. First, there are certain things that Uhaul will not be responsible for, such as the lax security of your load, or damages incurred by negligence on your part.

The company is also indemnified against any losses or injuries from direct or indirect use of the Uhaul car trailers.

Some of the terms and conditions attached to making use of Uhaul include:

  • You must confirm that the vehicle is in a good condition and can provide the service required before striking a deal.
  • You must also provide insurance for your property and any towing vehicles because damages cannot be attributed to Uhaul.
  • When hiring or renting, the cleaning of the vehicle after use is dependent on you, and failure to do so comes with extra cost.
  • Also when renting, you must accept that the car trailer can be tracked if deemed fit.
  • And lastly, to use a Uhaul car trailer, you must hold a valid license. 

What are different uhaul car trailer size?

There are two main U-haul auto carrier trailer types and many different sizes. The two types are utility trailers and cargo trailers.

These two types have various sizes; there are 4×7 utility trailers, 5×8 utility trailers, 5×9 utility trailers with ramps, and 6×12 utility trailers (with and without ramps). The cargo trailers come in 4×8, 5×8, and 6×12 sizes.

What are benefits and features of 2 car trailer rental?

Two car trailers afford you more space and increases your load capacity by allowing you to link an extra trailer to your vehicle. You also spend less on gas and it makes your transportation cost-effective.

Summary of Uhaul car trailer weight!

Hopefully, this guide have helped answer the touchy query about how much does a car trailer weigh and related issues about weight. Though we started with U-haul car trailer weight, however much of this guide reveals so much nitty-gritty out Uhaul fleet.

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