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Are you thinking of starting your own towing company? Or maybe you’re just thinking of using your truck to move some cargo? Either way, there’s more to this towing business than hauling cargo from one point to another.

Before you can get on the road and start towing, you need to ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the necessary structures needed to get the job done.

And one of those much-needed pieces of equipment is a hitch. A hitch as small and seemingly inconsequential as it is is the primary connector between a towing vehicle and a trailer.

As such, this device needs to be installed properly so it can provide you with a coupling point to hook onto your trailer. And what better team to help with your installation than one of America’s best rental and towing companies, U-haul.

This article serves as a guide to answering your questions about what it takes for U-haul to install a hitch for your truck including how much it costs, how long it takes, etc. We also detailed facts about lift gate truck rental guide!

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Does Uhaul Install Hitch? 

U-haul is known to many as a truck rental and towing company, but what you might not know is that they are North America’s number 1 Hitch installer.

With over 1500 installation locations nationwide, they are ready to serve you no matter where you are. All you need to do is provide them with information concerning your vehicle and they’ll offer you available trailer hitches and other related towing companies.

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Plus, if you already have a hitch installed, u-haul can help you in customizing your tow setup. Can you tow with a rented lorry? Get answers here!

That’s not all, U-haul also offers customers a lift time warranty plan guarantee to replace your hitch with no limitation to damage.

How Much to Install for Different Classes?

U-haul offers all five classes of hitches and depending on the make of your vehicle and the carrying capacity you intend to carry, you have options from class 1-5 hitches.

However, as their carrying capacity varies, just as well their price ranges anywhere from $100-$250. For example, on average, a class 1 hitch can go for $110 while a class 3 will be about $150.

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U Haul Charges Compare With Competition? 

U-haul’s major competition when it comes to Hitch installation is Pep Boys and Amazon. All three of these companies offer a straightforward process from start to finish.

Plus, they have available towing equipment for various truck models.  The price range, as far as we can tell, is where these three amazing companies differ.

U-haul, for example, has an installation fee that can cost anywhere between $100-$150 (not including the cost of the actual tow hitch) and the price is dependent on various factors including your car model

And with over 20,000 branches nationwide, you’re going to get an installer close to you. Pep boys, on the other hand, offer a fair installation fee.

With their rates going from $50-$250. But they’re now known for being the best when it comes to customer service.

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Amazon provides you with third-party professionals who have been thoroughly assessed to guarantee the quality of work and the safety of customers.

Since they act as the middleman between you and your hitch installer, there is no fixed price for installation and the fee is susceptible to change based on who’s called in for the job. However, with Amazon, those living in small towns might not have all that much luck getting an installer.

DIY installation Vs Pro installation service

When it comes to Hitch installation, you have two options, you can either have it installed professionally or unlock your inner handyman and do it yourself.

A professional installer offers a one-stop-shop for everything related to installing your car hitch. Including tow hitch parts and the installation services itself.

You’re paying for expert services and the knowledge that your hitch is going to be installed right the first time. But if you want to save money, you can always go the DIY route.

When doing your hitch installations, it pays to be meticulous and acquire as much knowledge as possible either from watching YouTube or reading up on the process from auto blogs. 

Diy installations help you save money, but they can be overwhelming and time-consuming especially if you’re not very familiar with cars. 

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Most Frequent Queries & Replies!

Is U-Haul good for hitch installation?

U-haul is America’s number one hitch installer. Not only do they provide exceptional services, but they also have a wide range of hitches and other towing equipment for almost every trailer in the market.

What makes them so great is also their accessibility. U-haul has over 20,000 installed locations nationwide. And that’s not all, they also offer custom jobs.

What this means is that instead of going for the generic hitch, u-haul can provide you with a hitch specific to your vehicle.

Does U-Haul attach a trailer for you?

Yes, u-haul will help you inspect and hook up the trailer for your vehicle before you hit the road. But it’s still a good idea to learn how to attach the trailer yourself.

How long does it take for Uhaul to install a hitch?

Your hitch installation can take anywhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The time it takes to get your hitch installed depends on various factors including condition of your vehicle, the level of expertise of your installer, the tools being used, etc.

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Is Uhaul hitch ball the best and why?

U-haul hitch ball is on average a 2″ ball. This ball has developed over the years and now includes more safety features than any other hitch ball within the towing industry.

Is there a trailer hitch installation at Walmart?

Walmart is everyone’s favorite store to get anything and everything. And while they do sell hitches and the supplies needed for installation, they do not offer installation services. Instead, you should purchase the trailer hitch you need and take it somewhere else to have it installed.

What is a U-haul hitch installation coupon?

U-haul has coupons that let you get your hitch installed for free or at a discounted rate but you still have to pay for the hitch and other parts needed to complete the installation process.


For that extra bit of storage or maybe to tow your boat for that fishing trip, you’ll need to get a hitch installed.  And what better place to do it than in America’s number one hitch installation company.

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