Do You Need A CDL To Drive For UPS and What are UPS Driver Requirements for Employment?

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Do you desire to travel across the United States delivering gifts and purchases of all shapes and sizes as truck driver? If so, do you need a CDL to drive for UPS or just standard license?

Yes it’s a needed requirements to be a UPS truck-driver, but not for all driver grade level. Read on to discover all the information to guide you about driving for United Parcel Service, as well training you can access in pro schools.

Do You Need CDL to Drive for UPS?

Do UPS drivers need a CDL? You don’t need a commercial driver’s license to drive delivery vehicles. However, without a pro certificate, there are some level of driver jobs you get disqualified to undertake as United Parcel Service employee. 

There is no special United Parcel Service license type as same federal laws govern their intake. You can be a delivery driver, a tractor trailer driver, or a freight driver. Without a C.D.L, you can only work as a delivery driver.

So while it is true you can be one of their employees within their department facility, without a commercial driving license, you cannot be a freight driver or a tractor trailer driver for them.

In other words, without a C.D.L, you cannot be assigned to a high paying driving-job at UPS. Ready to join the coveted rank of full-time drivers? Get ready to enroll in a trucking school to pass your CDL exams. RELATED:  Tips about what trucks you can pilot with a class B-CDL vs class A!

UPS worker on delivery task

What are UPS Driver Requirements?

Does UPS require CDL for all type of trucks? As mentioned in the section above, there are three types of driving jobs one can do at United Parcel Service.

You can be a delivery driver, a tractor trailer driver, or a freight driver at United Parcel Service. Each job has its own requirements to be a United Parcel Service driver.

If you want to be a delivery driver, there are some requirements to meet. First, you have to have a valid driver’s license. Second, you must pass the DOT physical test and drug test.

Lastly, the truck driver requirements also include ability to drive a manual vehicle. The delivery drivers only pilot the company’s box trucks and vans. Special Topic –   How can I get my C.D.L back after downgrade Texas and PA?

UPS delivery man on duty

What are UPS Tractor Truck Driver Requirement?

If you want to be a tractor trailer driver for UPS, you will have to meet more requirements than if you just want to be a delivery driver.

First, you will need a valid CDL. Of course, you will need a driver’s license first to get pro cert. Second, you will need to pass the DOT physical test and the DOT drug test.

Third, you will need to pass the tractor trailer road test. The road test is a special test been use to gauge the proficiency of a driver. Don’t worry about this test.

If you pass your CDL test, you shouldn’t find it difficult to pass the road test to become a tractor trailer driver.

Fourth, you will need to give your motor vehicle driving abstract. This should be recent to be accepted, and at least be twenty-one years old.

Lastly, if you want to be a freight driver, you will need to meet some requirements. The foremost requirement is to have a Class A-CDL. And, it should include tanker, twin trailer, and hazmat endorsements.

The second requirement is to pass DOT drug and physical tests. The third and last requirement is for you to be at least 21 years old. RELATED:  How big are non-CDL gooseneck trailer models?

Delivery guy put box on shoulder

What are UPS Delivery Driver Requisite?

Do you need a C.D.L to be a UPS package delivery driver? They requires all its drivers to possess a valid driver’s license, among other things. However, you do not need one to be a United Parcel Service  package delivery driver. The requirements for package delivery drivers include:

  • A high school diploma
  • Minimum age of 21
  • Ability to handle manual transition
  • An active driver’s license 
  • No DUI or DWI record going back three years
  • No license suspension going back three years
  • Be able to lift packages weighing 70 lbs
  • Passing a physical exam and drug test from the Department of Transportation (DOT)

Prior experience as a delivery driver or in courier services is not a requirement, although it could help you ace tests and training easily. Good physical stamina is equally essential for the job.

You will be required to complete your assigned deliveries in record time, as well as exhibit good work ethics. Package delivery is an entry level position, from which you can work your way up to becoming a permanent employee with United Parcel Service.

Again, UPS C.D.L requirements are not applicable here. By optimizing your route planning and navigation skill, you can manage poor weather and maximize your earnings. Special Topicdo you need a C.D.L to drive-semi without trailer?

UPS delivery truck

FAQ About U.P.S. Truck-Driving!

Do UPS-driver need a CDL yearly?

Does ups require a C.D.L on yearly basis? Only certain categories of truck drivers are required to have a commercial driver’s license yearly. So, you may need a C.D.L to drive a truck depending on your role. 

For instance, freight drivers and tractor-trailer drivers need a C.D.L, while package delivery truck drivers do not need it. That is, a package-deliverer, you are not required to have a commercial driver’s license (cdl)

What is unique to U.P.S license type?

UPS driver licenses are not unique. Each driving position requires either a valid pro license or a commercial driver’s license according to relevant state or federal laws. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, however, offers an exemption to trainees with a commercial learner’s permit to drive twin 28-foot trailers on public roads under the guidance of a driving instructor.

Do you need a C.D.L to drive a truck outside USA?

Is a C.D.L needed outside US? To drive the company’s truck outside of the USA, you will be required to present a valid driver’s license. You’ll need a CDL if you want operates tractors both within and outside USA. However, package delivery drivers do not pro license, especially in Canada.

Do you have to have a C.D.L to drive for U.P.S in Canada?

Must you possess a pro requirement to drive a ups truck in Canada? There are a number of non-CDL driving jobs for UPS in Canada. These are package delivery roles which may require little to no prior experience.

Although, you may be required to participate in scheduled classroom or behind-the-wheel training. However, for freight or tractor UPS driving positions, you must to have one.

UPS delivery van filled with boxes

Is there any easy requirements for U.P.S driver?

UPS driving requirements may come off as strict, but there are entry level positions with easier hiring processes. For instance, getting a job as a package handler requires less qualifications and skills than being a freight driver.

For a driver, the basic requirements are age, a valid driver’s license, and a background check. You can then work your way up to higher positions.

What do U.P.S tractor trailer drivers do?

UPS tractor-trailer drivers drive tractor trailers to one or more locations and then return once the package has been unloaded and delivered.

These drivers drive long distances to get UPS items to warehouses where they can be picked up and distributed. UPS tractor-trailer drivers are also known as feeder drivers and earn about $31 every hour.

What is a package delivery driver?

A package delivery driver is a UPS driver that drives a brown van or box truck delivering packages to customers. 

Is a C.D.L really needed for UPS delivery driver? You don’t need it to be employed as a UPS package delivery driver as well other entry level positions like package handler, freight packer and driver helper.

In other words, UPS package delivery driver-requirements is easier. Your high school diploma, pro license, be at lease 21 years and knowledge of manual transmission driving and no negative suspension and DUI on your records.

Phone with UPS logo on screen

How old do you have to be to be a U.P.S driver?

How old to be a ups driver in USA? 21 years is the age required to be their driver. This age limit is one of the basic requirements for working as either box truck driver or a package handler. However, for roles that are customer-related such as customer service representatives at retail stores, the age limit is 18.

What is driver 30 day qualification?

Do you really need C.D.L to drive for UPS and enjoy 30 day benefits? The hiring process has a number of stages, one of which is the 30 day qualification for drivers. It is a trial period where you will be assigned deliveries along a particular route with the same delivery vehicle to test your ability to meet delivery timelines. After a successful assessment of your 30-day trial, you will qualify as a UPS driver.

What is 18 wheeler driver salary

What do UPS semi drivers make? As a semi-driver, you can earn about $30 per hour. The ups semi truck jobs salary excludes the other bonuses and benefits you are entitled to. 

UPS 18 wheeler or  semi-drivers’ annual salary can be as high as $70,000, with a national average of $54,000.  The welfare of semi-drivers is paramount as they are the backbone of the company, therefore driver pay scale is equally high.

Parked UPS delivery truck

Do the drivers make good money and why?

Why do ups drivers earn so much? They make about $80,000 annually due to two basic reasons: good union representation and good contracts.

Drivers’ contract requires them to work hard and earn every cent by delivering the package volume essential to justify the pay scale. 

Also, drivers belong to a union–The Teamsters Union–and this union helps negotiate the benefits and wages for their various positions. In states like California, UPS delivery drivers are paid as high as $95,700, which is a high average.

What is personal vehicle requirements and what they make?

Who are UPS personal vehicle drivers and what they earn? Personal vehicle drivers or peak drivers are temporary employees that support the company’s ground deliveries by delivering smaller packages.

They carry out all of the duties of a UPS delivery driver, but on a smaller scale. A personal vehicle driver is also called a seasonal delivery driver, and earns about $30 every hour, depending, of course, on the location.

What is C.D.L skill test?

A CDL skill exam, also known as a CDL skill test, is a three-part road test taken after you have obtained your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). 

This is the actual UPS driving test that follows a written exam. This UPS driver test is intended to assess your abilities to operate a commercial vehicle in a variety of settings.

The skill test consists of a pre-trip vehicle inspection, basic control skills (backing), and a road test (on-road driving). A skill test checklist will be available to track your progress.

Do you need a pro cert to deliver for them? 

Do I need a truck to deliver for UPS? You don’t need a truck to deliver for this courier company. You just need to be employed as a driver and the company will provide you with a truck.

However, if you have a truck, you could partner with UPS to deliver items for the company. Contact them for more information.

UPS delivery man loads trolley
Do you require C.D.L to drive for UPS or Fedex

What are general U.P.S driver qualifications?

What are the qualifications for a UPS driver? Be at least 21 years of age, must pass physical exam, posses GED or high school diploma, able to drive a manual transmission .

Every qualified applicants must have ability to communicate excellently as well smartness in written and spoken English language, great driving skills and mental awareness especially in difficult route.

You also need a driver’s license, a C.D.L (in some cases), a clean driving record in the recent past, no fault accidents in the last 3 years, meet minimum state requirements, no DUI or DWI in the last 3 years, and the vitally important auto insurance. 

You also need to comply with the company’s appearance requirements, always wear the brown UPS uniform when delivering packages.

How much do freight drivers really make in United States?

What do UPS freight drivers really make? The average pay for UPS freight driver is about $26 an hour. They also receive plenty of benefits as you work 8 hours daily – Monday to Friday. And even much more during holiday season

The job pays very well, even above the national average. However it involves ability to lift and lower packages, so physical stamina is important as well working in every weather conditions.

Anyway, you can always enjoy two-week vacation with pay off, full UPS health insurance package, discounts on delivery,  incentive.

How do I become a freight driver?

To become a UPS freight driver, you have to be at least 21 years old, be able to lift 70 pounds, and most importantly, have a valid CDL-A with hazard management endorsements.

You must also pass several medical tests to make sure you are fit to drive whatever truck is thrown at you. Apart from these, there may be other requirements once you are hired as a UPS freight driver.

Do you need high school diploma?

It may not come as a surprise to you but you don’t need a college degree to join a truck driving school. While a college degree is not necessary, you may need to meet some requirements to join a driving school. The requirements often vary from school to school and from state to state.

Generally, you can enroll in most truck driving schools if you are 21 years old, you have a valid driving license.

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