What are The Functions of Bucket Nifty Lifts Equipment?

Bucket Nifty Lifts

What is nifty lifts?

Nifty Lifts is a company that was founded in the mid-eighties by Roger Bowden.

It makes some of the world’s leading aerial work platforms in the United Kingdom. Clients from all over the world can buy or rent Nifty Lifts products for use.

The company’s main products are aerial work platforms, access platforms, and cherry pickers

All its products are thoroughly tested for safety and to ensure they are optimized for the job they are designed for.

How much does a bucket lift cost?

According to various sources, a bucket lift that can reach about 40 feet up in the air costs about $40,000.

A massive one that can reach 60, 70, or 90 feet in the air can cost as much as $100,000 or even $200,000.

It is because of the expensive cost of bucket lifts that companies that need them often rent them rather than buying them.

How much does it cost to rent a nifty lift?

To rent a Nifty Lift for a day, you need to be prepared to pay about $300.

To rent a Nifty Lift for a week, you need to pay about $1000. And to lift a Nifty Lift for a month, you need to pay about $3,500.

How much does it cost to rent a genie lift?

It depends with the size. Small genie lifts such as the GS2032 cost about $100 to rent for a day, while big ones such as the S60X cost about $400 to rent for a day.

To rent a small genie lift for a month, you will need to pay about $700. A big one will cost about $2,500 to rent for a month.

The Major Nifty Lift Product Range

There are four major types of Nifty Lift aerial lifts. The four types are Trailer Mounted lifts, Self Propelled lifts, Self Drive Lifts, TrackDrive lifts.

  1. Trailer Mounted Lifts / Booms

There are several models of trailer mounted lifts built by Nifty Lifts USA. They include TM34, TM34T, TM42T, TM50, and TM64.

All the above aerial lift devices are trailer mounted. In other words, they are mounted or built on a trailer that can be pulled or towed by a pickup truck or any other appropriate vehicle.

They can be Diesel-powered, Gas-powered, Battery-powered, AC-powered, or Bi-Energy (battery and engine) powered.

The lifts have a working height range of between 34 and 63 feet. They are perfect for cherry picking.

The highest reaching Trailer Mounted NIFTY LIFT is TM64. Below are some of its specs.

  • Maximum working height – 62 feet 6 inches
  • Side reach – 39 feet 6 inches
  • Platform weight capacity – 500 pounds

Probably the best thing about this and the other trailer mounted lifts made by Nifty Lift is that they can be driven/manoeuvred from the platform making them quite easy to use.

  1. Self Propelled Lifts / Booms

Nifty Lift USA manufactures quite a number of self-propelled lifts.

They include models such as the SP34 4×4, the SP45 4X4, the SP50 4X4, and the SP85 4X4.

As their name suggests, all the Self-Propelled aerial devices from Nifty Lift are self-propelled.

In other words, they are not trailer-mounted or pulled.

They have their own tires, engine, and can be driven around the place. This makes them easier to manoeuvre compared to trailer mounted lifts.

The Self Propelled lifts from Nifty Lift are all available with multiple power options including an electric-only option that ensures quiet and zero-emission operation. T

hey also come with a powerful tool that provides data on the health of the machine and its activity.

The highest reaching Self Propelled lift from Nifty USA is the SP85 4X4. Below are some of its specs.

  • Maximum working height – 85 feet 6 inches
  • Side reach – 62 feet
  • Platform weight capacity – 620 pounds.
  1. Self Drive Booms

Self Drive lifts are those that can be driven to a certain position and then set up from the platform.

When compared to Self Propelled booms, Self Drive booms are lighter in weight.

This makes them easier and cheaper to transport.

Self Drive boom models from Nifty USA include the SD34T 4X4 model, the SD50 4X4 model, and the SD64 4X4X4 model. The ultimate Self-Drive model is the SD64 4X4X4 model.

This model has a completely independent four-wheel drive operation plus its own suspension.

It is easy to operate from its platform making setting it up as easy as slicing cake.

The key features of this SD64 model are stated below.

  • Maximum working height – 63 feet 6 inches
  • Side reach – 42 feet
  • Platform weight capacity – 500 pounds.

It is important to note that Self Drive booms all come with stabilizer arms to make them stable at worksite and, therefore, easy to use.

  1. Track Drive Booms

Track Drive booms have a track to propel them instead of tires/wheels. In other words, they offer much better traction on difficult or uneven terrain.

They are perfect for work in places that are unpaved and that other booms would not be able to easily access.

There are three Track Drive models for you to consider – the TD34TN model, the TD34T model, and the TD42T model.

The TD42T model has a maximum working height of 42 feet, which is 10 feet higher than the maximum working height of the two other Track Drive models.

Like other booms made by Nifty Lift USA, the TD42T model comes with a respectable platform payload of 500 pounds. It can carry plenty of tools in it.

Its other key specs are stated below.

  • Maximum working height – 42 feet
  • Side reach – 25 feet
  • Platform weight capacity – 500 pounds.

Nifty Lifts for Sale – Best Places to Acquire One?

  1. Nifty Lift

The number one place where you can purchase Nifty Lift USA products is the Niftylift.com website.

This is the official website of the company.

Once you find the product you want on the website, you simply go to the bottom of the product page where you can contact a sales representative from the company.

They will tell you the price and what you need to do.

While many people know they can purchase new booms from Nifty Lift, most do not know they can also purchase used booms from the company.

Simply contact the company for more information.

  1. Liftstoday

Another good place where you can purchase Nifty Lifts is liftstoday.

This site has just about every type of Nifty Lift boom. You can buy a new or a used Nifty Lift from this company.

The company allows sellers from different areas of the country to list their products on the website. Have this in mind should you decide to purchase a lift using this platform.

The prices on this platform are quite affordable and range from $20,000 to $80,000 depending on the model.

Rental Company Offers

  1. Nifty Lift

You can easily find a Nifty Lift to rent on the Nifty Lift website by using its boom rental company locator page.

The page asks you to enter your location and then it gives you all the reputable rental companies near you.

This makes it easy for you to get working with a company that is very close to you.

  1. Rental Yard

The rental yard platform allows you to find people who are renting booms.

You will find different types of booms on the Rental Yard website.

The daily rental price ranges from $300 to $500, while the weekly rental fee ranges from $900 to $1,200.

Questions & Answer!

Does Home Depot rent man lifts?

Yes, it does. Home Depot rents man lifts through its division Home Depot Rental. One of the man lifts rented by the Home Depot is the JLG T350 model as well as scissor lift.

This model is a 35 feet towable boom lift perfect for tree care, sign repair, street light repair, electrical cable maintenance, painting, and residential area maintenance.

Where is niftylift made?

Niftylift products are made in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. The products are extremely high-quality and they are built to last.

They are also extremely safe and innovative. Workers who have used Niftylift aerial platforms have always felt safe and very secure at whatever height.

What is average cost of nifty lifts for sale?

It really depends on the size. Small nifty lifts go for about $25,000, medium nifty lifts go for about $45,000, and big nifty lifts (e.g. the SD64) go for about $100,000.

The average cost of used nifty lifts is also not one. Small ones go for about $15,000, medium ones for about $30,000, and big ones for about $60,000.

Does Home Depot rent man lifts?

Credit: niftylift.com

How much is a nifty lift?

It depends on the size. A small one will set you back about $25,000, a medium one about $45,000, and a large one about $100,000. A used nifty lift of any size is obviously much cheaper than a new one of similar size.

How much does a high lift Cost?

High lifts are expensive. They cost between $80,000 and $100,000. This is because they are quality machines made to make work very easy and convenient.

Most of them are made by renowned American or British companies only. This is part of the reason why they are expensive.

How much does a nifty SD50 weigh?

The Nifty SD50 has a minimum weight of 5950 pounds and its basket can safely carry up to 500 pounds. This means two people and plenty of heavy equipment can be safely lifted several dozen feet in the air by this machine.

The machine has a working outreach of approx. 28 feet and a maximum working height of 56 feet. It is a medium size lift with an impressive working height.

To move this machine to a work site, you can drive it or mount it on a trailer. In case you decide to drive it, just know it won’t exceed more than 5.2 miles per hour at full speed.

In case you decide to pull it using a trailer, just know that it is extremely lightweight and, therefore, it should not be any difficult to pull.

Probably the best thing about this lift is that its working basket is robust and relatively easy to maneuver.

Nifty lift tm64 specs vs tm42t?

The Nifty Lift TM64 has much better specs than the Nifty Lift TM42T. Its working platform can reach a maximum height of 62 feet.

In contrast, the working height of the TM42T is 42 feet. The working outreach of the TM64 is 39 feet, which is very impressive. In contrast again, the working outreach of the TM42T is 25 feet.

The only issue with the TM64 vs the TM42T is that is almost twice as heavy as the TM42T. But this is understandable considering how many feet tall and how many feet wide the TM64 can go.

What are the specs of nifty lift equipment?

Nifty Lift makes many products. The products differ in terms of specs. Perhaps the most famous Nifty Lift equipment is the Nifty120T.

It weighs 1,400 kg, its platform is 1.1 meters, its working height is 12.2 meters, and its horizontal reach is 6.1 meters. The equipment’s payload is 200 kilograms.


Nifty Lifts makes some serious aerial lifts. The lifts are perfect for utilities and for several other businesses.

If your business has good cash flow, you should not hesitate to purchase a Nifty Lift you like.

If your business does not have good cash flow and you need a Nifty Lift, you should rent one at an affordable rate.

Consider a short lease if you want to use a Nifty Lift for some months and you cannot buy it. It will be more beneficial for you to lease rather than rent a Nifty Lift for a couple of months.

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