Do Non Moving Violations Affect CDL?

Do Non Moving Violations Affect CDL?

What is a non-moving violation?

By definition, a non-moving violation is a traffic offense that breaks the law but it is not linked to actual driving.

Examples of non-moving violations include a broken taillight, lack of vehicle maintenance, lack of insurance/registration, expired insurance, and parking in front of a fire hydrant.

Because non-moving violations are not linked to actual driving of motor vehicles, they are not considered serious offenses.

For this reason, the penalties for these violations are often smaller fines when compared to moving violation fines.

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Does These Violations Affect Your CDL?

While non-moving violations are not considered to be very serious violations, they can seriously affect your CDL.

So if you have been thinking that non-moving violations do not affect your CDL, you are very wrong.

When you get severally cited for non-moving violations, especially when the violations occur within a short period, you could lose your commercial driving license. 

And even if you do not lose your license, the fact that the violations will be on your record, they will negatively affect your insurance and they will reduce your likelihood of getting certain trucking jobs. 

Common Questions / Answers!

Do non moving violations affect insurance?

Generally, non-moving violations do not affect your insurance.

So getting a parking ticket or a ticket for a broken taillight is not going to increase your insurance premium.

Do non-moving violations go on driving record in Texas?

Yes, they do. In Texas, and in many other states, both moving and nonmoving violations appear on your driving record.

In many states such as Florida, CA. every offense or citation also adds points to your record and too many points can result in the suspension of your license.

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How can I lose my CDL?

You can lose your CDL in a number of ways.

You can lose it when you operate a commercial vehicle under the influence, when you use your vehicle to commit a felony, when you flee an accident scene,or when you are involved in an accident that causes death.

What are examples of non-moving violations?

A broken taillight, failing to pay a parking ticket, and driving with an expired license. 

Do you get points for non moving violations?

What Are Examples Of Non-Moving Violations?Usually, you do not get demerit points for non moving violations.

But what exactly happens depends on the laws of the state you are in.

What is a non-moving violation speeding ticket?

A speeding ticket is given for speeding which is a moving violation.

So when you get a speeding ticket, you should expect harsher punishment than punishment for an equivalent non-moving violation.

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Non moving violations generally don’t affect CDL. However, too many of them can lead to a CDL license being revoked.