All You Need To Know About The Open Range Travel Trailers

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What are Open Range Travel Trailers?

Open range travel trailers are popular campers manufactured by Highland Ridge RV.

They are very high-quality, have all the basic amenities, and they are perfect for extended camping and off-grid camping.

In this post, I will share with you all you need to know about open range travel trailers especially the very best ones.

Is Open Range a Good Camper?

If you’re looking for a lightweight camper with a large interior that can house up to seven people comfortably, then you’ll enjoy the Open Range RV.

Depending on the model, it can come with two or three slides for added space.

Does Open Range Make a Toy Hauler?

Yes, Open Range has a line of fifth-wheel toy haulers. It’s called Open Range Rolling Thunder’s and comes with a patio.

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How big is the 2021 open range fifth wheel?

2021 Open Range Fifth-Wheel is much bigger than it appears at first glance with a full length of 40 ft 11 inches.

It has an interior height of 8 ft 4 inches, an external dimension of 13 ft x 8 ft 4 inches. 

Who makes Mesa Ridge travel trailers?

Mesa Ridge Travel Trailers are made by Highland Ridge RV, which is a subsidiary of the Jayco RV company.

Who makes Open Range Travel Trailers?

As mentioned above, Open Range Travel Trailers are made by Highland Ridge RV.

Highland Ridge was formerly known as Open Range RV, which is why its trailers are called Open Range trailers.

Open Range RV was founded in 2007 and made some pretty amazing and durable RVs. In 2014, it was acquired by the famous Jayco Company.

The Company changed its name to Highland Ridge RV.

While this new company is a subsidiary of Jayco, it runs separately from the Jayco Company and it makes superior quality RVs that are popular across the United States.

Despite the high-quality and the many features, amenities, and technologies in the Open Range RVs made by Highland Ridge, they are very affordable compared to similar quality RVs.

Why buy an Open Range Travel Trailer?

Is Open Range a good camper? If you have been thinking about this, you are about to find out the answer to your question.

There are many reasons why you should acquire an Open range travel trailer. The top ones include:

  • They are high-quality RVs

Open Range trailers are some of the best quality travel trailers currently available on the market.

They feature a tough exterior, quality finishing, ingenious floor plans, and best-in-class features and appliances.

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  • They are durable RVs

Open Range campers are made to last for a long time.

No matter where you take them or how aggressively you use them, you will always enjoy owning an Open Range trailer.

  • They have basic amenities plus extra features

The most enjoyable camping is that which you have everything you need, right?

Well, if you get a good Open Range model you will have everything you need and then some.

Good Open Range models include a big bedroom, a big shower, a toilet, a fully-equipped kitchen, an entertainment area, and a powerful AC.

  • They sleep many people

Open Range trailers are designed to accommodate families.

You can take your entire family of six or eight people on a camping trip, have fun throughout the day, and get everyone a comfy place to sleep at night.

  • They are affordable

Despite being high-quality campers, Open Range RVs happen to be some of the most affordable RVs when compared to other RVs of similar quality e.g. Keystone, Winnebago, and CrossRoads RVs.

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The best Open Range RV floor plans

  1. Open Range OT323RLS (2021 model price $47,000)
Is Open Range a good camper?

Credit: highlandridgerv

The OT323RLS is an amazing travel trailer with a massive body frame, two slideouts, and stabilizer jacks.

In other words, it is a camper that is big and spacious and you can use almost every inch of it without worrying about it tilting or getting wobbly.

Like all kitchens in Open Range trailers, this one too is fully-equipped.

It has a 21 cubic feet refrigerator, a power vent, a big microwave, an oven and range, and massive drawers. 

Of course, it also comes with a sink and a massive countertop.

The living area of this trailer includes a television, while the exterior entertainment area includes a BBQ grill, an outdoor kitchen area, and is Wi-Fi ready.

  1. Open Range OT310BHS (2020 model price $42,000)

Like the travel trailer above, this one too has a massive body and a spacious and fully-functional interior.

Among the many things I like about this travel trailer is its vinyl flooring (it has no carpet). This flooring makes it very easy to clean.

I also like this trailer’s automatic awning, its power stabilizer jacks, and its roof access ladder.

Select models of this vehicle have a 32-inch TV in the outside kitchen and the bunk room in addition to the TV in the living area.

As hinted, this trailer does come with an outside kitchen and it has everything you need to prepare a meal or BBQ outside.

The interior options include big drawers, a big microwave, a big oven and cooktop, a sizeable 8 cubic feet refrigerator, a table, and theater seats.

  1. Open Range OT328BHS (2021 model price $46,000)
Who makes Open Range Travel Trailers?

Credit: highlandridgerv

The Open RANGE OT328BHS has the same massive frame as the other two above.

Most of its features and amenities are similar to the one you will find in the models I have reviewed above.

Some of its notable features include nitrogen-filled wheels for more comfort, solar-panel readiness for solar panel fitting and off-grid living, a BBQ grill, dual pane windows for temperature stabilization, and interior LED lighting.

  1. Open Range OT322RLS

This Open Range light travel trailer is the same size as the above Open Range campers.

It also has pretty much the same features and amenities as the other vehicles.

Among its most notable features are frameless windows, a warranty protected PVC roofing membrane, a spare tire, two folding chairs, a private bedroom, and a big bathroom.

Buy new or used Open Range travel trailer?

A new Open Range ultra lite travel trailer will set you back around $45,000, while a used one will cost around $27,000.

If you can afford to get a new travel trailer, please do. The fact that it is new will give you a great feeling of owning it.

If you are on a budget right now, go for a used one.

It will save you about $20,000 because used Open Range travel trailers for sale are much cheaper than new ones.

And you could use this money on other things e.g. supplies and campsite expenses.

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Answering Your Open Range Questions

What is the best camper to live in year-round?

To live in a camper all year round, it should have enough space to accommodate all your needs.

It should have a floorplan under 27 feet to allow for easy parking in different areas since you’ll likely be moving a lot.

Besides, it should have at least two slideouts to give you extra room for movement.

The Forest River Flagstaff Super-Lite and Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite Travel Trailers are some of the best campers to live in year-round.

Who makes Highland Ridge Open Range?

The Jayco company is responsible for making all Highland Ridge Open Range vehicles. 

What are the worst travel trailers?

Based on customer complaints about the quality of their vehicles, some of the brands to stay clear of when looking for a travel trailer include Keystone and Winnebago.

Which travel trailers hold their value the best?

Which travel trailers hold their value the best?If you’re to resell your travel trailer after driving it for a while, then you need to select the kind that best holds their values.

Class B RVs are the best type of travel trailers that fulfill that requirement. 

Who is the Open Range RV made by?

Open Range RVs have been manufactured by the Jayco company since 2007.

Who makes the Highlander toy hauler?

The Highlander toy hauler is being manufactured by Highland Ridge RV which is a subsidiary of the Jayco company.

Who makes Mesa Ridge fifth wheels?

Highland Ridge RV is the company that produces the Mesa Ridge Fifth Wheels. 


Open Range trailers are great trailers for individuals looking for quality, durability, space, and standard plus extra features and amenities. Get one now to enjoy camping like never before.

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