Reviews of Keystone’s Outback Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

Keystone Outback Toy Hauler

What is an outback toy hauler?

An outback toy hauler is a toy hauler manufactured by Keystone.

There are several models of the outback camper trailers available on the market and they differ in terms of floor plan, features, and amenities.

What is the best travel trailer toy hauler?

Keystone Outback Toy Hauler Floor Plans and Specs 

Keystone Outback toy haulers are some of the most premium toy haulers on the market.

They are known for their refined features, their style, and the level of comfort they provide.

The different models of the Keystone toy hauler floor plans have different things that make them unique.

For instance, the Ultra Lite version is known for its high performance especially on the road and its ability to stay warm even when the temperatures go low.

Below are the standard features you can expect from a typical Keystone Outback toy hauler.

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  1. Living area standard features

In the living area you can expect a fireplace, a powerful AC, a USB charging port, a vaulted ceiling, a big HDTV, large panoramic windows, and LED floor lights.

You should also expect a massive stereo that is Bluetooth enabled, has MP3 hook-up, can play DVDs and CDs, and can work as a radio.

  1. Kitchen area standard features

In a Keystone Outback’s kitchen you will most likely find solid kitchen countertops, a skylight over each countertop…

… a three-burner range with microwave and oven, a high-rise faucet, a refrigerator, a trash can, and a deep sink.

For maximum convenience, most Outback trailer models come with utensil trays.

  1. Bedroom area standard features

They standard features include a massive bed with a residential-style mattress, windows with ventilation, TV hook-up, USB charging ports, and a washer/dryer prep.

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  1. Bathroom in Keystone toy hauler floor plans 

The things you should expect to find in a bathroom when you acquire a Keystone Outback include a radius shower, a tub surround, a foot-flush toilet, a skylight over the tub, and a power roof vent.

Outback Toy Hauler

Outback Trailers Spec. Credit: KeystoneRV

The exterior of a Keystone will typically have a heated underbelly, a backup camera preparation, a satellite connection preparation, a rear ladder…

… a foam insulation, a water docking station, tinted windows, entry/exit steps, exterior speakers, Dexter axles, and magnetic baggage door locks/

Utilities in a Keystone Outback will typically include safety chains, breakaway switch, a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, a 50-AMP converter and power line, a Wi-Fi setup, and 30-pound LP bottles.

New Keystone Outback for Sale: Average Prices

The average price of a new Keystone Outback is $50,000. This price, however, varies depending on the model and its features and amenities. It also depends on the location.

Used keystone Outback for Sale: Average Prices

The average price of a used Keystone Outback campers for sale is $35,000.

This price, however, varies depending on the model and its features and amenities. It also depends on the location and the condition of the model in question.

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Other Outback Travel Trailers Models

  • Outback Ultra Lite

This is one of the biggest Keystone Outback travel trailers.

It is a massive vehicle that can accommodate eight people without feeling crowded and provide each with a spacious sleeping area at night.

This Outback can provide everyone with plenty of sleeping space because it is a bunkhouse trailer.

And it does not feel crowded because of its design that includes a centre bathroom, a centre living area, and a centre kitchen.

These things make it easy for people to reach wherever they want very quickly in this travel trailer.

Among the features that you will love in this outback are its big TV, its mid-size fridge, its burner cooktop, and its oven. You will also love its awning.

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  • Outback Ultra Lite toy hauler
Are Keystone campers good quality?


This toy hauler is built to haul any toy you have in mind while at the same time giving you comfort and luxury.

It can handle even tough roads while carrying a heavy toy such as an ATV.

Among its notable features including a superior handling system, an enclosed underbelly, an air conditioner, a furnace, a roof access ladder…

… a walkable roof, a solar power prep, a big 50-inch HDTV, a USB charging port, modern cabinetry, big panoramic windows, and LED floor lights.

In this toy hauler’s kitchen you will find decent countertops, a three-burner range, a microwave, an oven, a utensil tray, a sink and a faucet, a two-door fridge, and a trash can. It is the perfect little setup for the creation even of fancy meals.

In this Outback’s bedroom is an innerspring mattress, a TV hook-up, and a porcelain foot-flush toilet.

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Outback Ultra Lite Vs Toy Hauler RV

The biggest difference between the Outback Ultra Lite and the Outback Ultra Lite Toy hauler is that the toy hauler has a compartment for hauling toys.

The other trailer does not have this compartment.

The trailer that does not have space for hauling toys has enough space for accommodating people.

It can accommodate a total of eight people at night and does not feel crowded even during the day because of its spaciousness.

In contrast, the toy hauler definitely cannot sleep eight people because much of its space is occupied by a toy hauling compartment.

So if you are going for a lightweight but family-friendly RV go for the Outback Ultra Lite and if you are going for a toy hauler that can sleep only two to three people, get the toy hauler.

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Questions / Answers Area

What is the best travel trailer toy hauler?

The Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 Toy Hauler is regarded as the best 2021 toy hauler.

It is a high-quality trailer designed with two axles to ensure that it can go virtually anywhere motorable (hence the name No Boundaries).

This rugged trailer provides storage big enough even for a massive side-by-side ATV.

There is virtually no hobby, sport, or fishing equipment that won’t fit inside this toy hauler’s garage.

Other features in this top trailer include a full kitchen, a fold-up sofa, a queen bed, and a full bathroom.

You can literally live comfortably inside this trailer if you have all your supplies or you cannot travel for some reason.

It is a home away from home and this is why it is regarded as the best 2021 toy hauler.

Are Keystone campers good quality?

Yes, Keystone makes some of the best quality campers on the market.

The company’s campers are known for being feature-rich, for lightweightness and maneuverability, and durability.

When you purchase any full-size Keystone camper, you will find that it has everything you need for luxurious camping. 

Everything you need includes a quality sleeping space, a complete bathroom, a complete kitchen, and a living space.

You will also find all sorts of appliances including a burner, a microwave, a refrigerator, and an oven. Most Keystone RVs also comes with a stereo and a quality TV.

The lightweightness and maneuverability of Keystone campers is also something they are quite known for as mentioned above.

This makes them easy to tow using virtually all types of powerful SUVs and trucks.

You do not need to spend money on an extra powerful Ford truck to get your Keystone RV moving.

Lastly, as mentioned above, Keystone campers are known for durability.

They are built to last for a long time.

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Does Keystone make a toy hauler?

Yes, it does. Keystone has several toy hauler models including the Keystone Fuzion and Keystone Carbon models.

Keystone Fuzion is a massive trailer. It is known for its warm grey interior, quality wooden cabinets, and dark wood flooring.

When you step into any Keystone Fuzion 2021 toy hauler, you would think you have stepped into a quality hotel apartment.

Two Fuzion models are available on the market. One has a double axle making it cable of carrying heavy toys very comfortably and for a very long time.

Keystone Carbon is another toy hauler from Keystone. It is a fifth wheel that is relatively easy to manoeuvre because of its compact size.

It measures 33-foot long and has a massive 10 feet garage for your toys.

Unlike most toy haulers, this modern toy hauler from Keystone also comes with a fuel storage system for toys that need to be refueled.

Is Keystone a good travel trailer?

Yes, it is. If you see a Keystone trailer that you like and you can afford, just get it.

Do not think too much about it.

Why? Because Keystone is one of the leading manufacturers of RVs in the United States.

The company makes brilliant RVs that are feature-rich, spacious, and easy to tow.

Not many brands make RVs as good as Keystone RVs.

The company’s RVs typically have quality features and amenities including a quality bed, sink, burner, TV, stereo, shower, toilet, and so on.

Are Keystone campers good?

Yes, they are very good because Keystone is one of the leading RV manufacturers in the United States.

The company makes high-quality RVs that often have a complete kitchen, a complete bathroom, a bedroom, and a living area.

They are often built to last for a long time.

This is the reason why you normally do not see Keystone owners complaining about their RVs falling apart or not lasting on social media and online forums.

What you will probably like the most about Keystone campers if you decide to buy one is that they retain their value.

So if you are purchasing a new Keystone camper today and you would like to sell it in the future after seeing everything you want to see across North America, you can do so and at a high price.

People love Keystone campers and normally purchase even used models at high prices.

Who is Keystone RV owned by?

Keystone RVs started making recreational vehicles in 1996. The company was bought by Thor Industries in the year 2001 and has been operating as part of Thor Industries ever since.

Thor owns most of the popular RV brands on the market including Keystone, Heartland, Dutchmen, and Jayco.

Popular Keystone RV models include the Alpine, Avalanche, Hideout, Raptor, Passport, Outback, Fuzion, Carbon, Laredo, Bullet, and Montana.

What is an Ultra Lite Travel Trailer?

It is one that is very lightweight to the degree that it can be pulled by a relatively standard truck or SUV.

Travel trailers tend to be heavy and to require powerful trucks to be towed. Ultra lightweight wants are preferable because they do not require powerful trucks.

What’s the difference between a Keystone Raptor and a Keystone Fuzion?

Both the Keystone Raptor and the Keystone Fuzion are toy haulers. The biggest difference between the two is that the Keystone Fuzion is more modern than the Raptor.

Its features include tuff-ply flooring, a pass-through door, a ramp door, a half bath, an air conditioner, and multiple TVs.

What is the best 20 ft. travel trailer?

The Starcraft Satellite is regarded as the best 20-foot travel trailer. It can be pulled even by mid-size SUVs because of its compact and lightweight design.

The trailer is very comfortable and feels like a mini condo. It comes with top-notch entertainment and comfort features such as a powerful stereo, a TV, and a powerful AC.